Prep – Cancer o’ the Balls

156 / Curtis Sittenfeld

“Were you part of the pimp thing?” Cross said.

“No, but they’ve clashed other times,” Aspeth said.

“Lee, I didn’t know you were so”—Cross paused, and we made eye contact, and I thought that depending on what he said next, this might be a flash of the other Cross, the one I’d thought I liked—”angry,” he said.  It hadn’t been a flash.

“I’m not.” I probably sounded angry in this moment, but I didn’t care.

“Marinade was never a first-draft pick, though, right?” Cross said.

“Shut up,” Aspeth said.

“I thought everyone knew.”

“Will you seriously shut up?” Then Aspeth seemed to reconsider something—apparently, me—because she said, “Okay, Lee, you can’t tell this to anyone, but Ms. Moray was a list-minute addition to the faculty. I guess they’d hired this other woman to be the English intern, and she was super-smart, she went to Yale, she was black and everything so they were psyched for that, and then at the last minute, in August, her fiance, who lives in London, got testicular cancer and she went to be with him.  They were totally scrambling to find a replacement, and here’s Ms. Moray who, big coincidence, wants to teach but has no job lined up for the fall.  So they hire her and, like, two days later she drives out from South Dakota.”

None of us spoke—I had even stopped cutting Aspeth’s hair—and then Cross said, “Cancer o’ the balls. Ouch.”

(Prep, Curtis Sittenfeld, page 156)


Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, addresses the Hinckley Institute of Politics regarding the state of the 2016 presidential race during a speech at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City on Thursday, March 3, 2016.
Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
ShadeFX [ancient Egyptian] (Mitt Romney was treated for prostate cancer over summer, by Lisa Riley Roche, Mormon Church of Satan Deseret News, January 8, 2018,
cc CIA Mormon Danette Kirsten Gillibrand, New York Senator; Democrats’ frontrunner, presidential campaign 2020
cc CIA Mormon Danite Phil Murphy, New Jersey Governor-Elect
cc CIA Mormon Mitt Romney, soon to be elected Utah Senator; Republicans’ frontrunner, presidential campaign 2020

“If ancient Egyptians (Pharaoh of Moses’ day] had the Blackberry, what would have changed?”
(Sprint advertisement/commercial, 2006-2007)

This picture of a berkshire hog, a really sickly diseased berkshire hog with German shepherd dog ears and large gray exposed testicles on a wooden background, is complements of the Mormon Church of Satan, three days before news about Mitt Romney prostrate cancer:

Buddy, a black Mulefoot boar, relaxes at Bill White Ranches in Park City on Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017. Kristin Murphy, Deseret News 5/9
(Park City’s White knight feeds both bodies and souls, by Lee Benson, Mormon Church of Satan Deseret News, January 6, 2018,
cc CIA Mormon Danette Kirsten Gillibrand, #MeToo Presidential Campaign 2020
cc CIA Mormon Danite Phil Murphy, Governor Elect, New Jersey
[BALLS advertisement advertised one day after news about Mitt Romney prostrate cancer:]
Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs face off in the 1973 Battle of the Sexes tennis match.
(Market Watch, January 9, 2018,

FOR THE RECORD.  Lisa Riley Roche is a made up name of a reporter for the Mormon Church of Satan Deseret News.  Roche is the name of one of the top pharmaceutical companies, worldwide.  Pharma is one of the top tools in the new and improved KKK/new and improved Nazi terrorists’ arsenal of weaponry.  I cannot right now remember in what year my oldest daughter, Lisa, died of MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  I think it’s part of the emotional blackout that I sometimes experience.  Supposedly Ann Romney is also stricken with MS.  Is there a cure for MS?  Yes.  There is.  However it more advantageous for the powers that now be in power (but not for long) to pretend that more runs and more walks and so on is needed for more research to find cures, that have already been found.  Cancer walks (including children’s cancer) and cancer runs and news stories about cancer survivors (real or pretend; for example, Mitt Romney), and cancer fatalities, are one of the top messages of intimidation, one of the top attempts to control people, including the media.  Case in point: Notice how 7-Eleven hepatitis outbreak causes stir and NYT response to Mormon orbit criticism was found in a search for “Mitt Romney Prostrate Cancer Deseret News”:


Mitt Romney treated for
prostrate cancer over the 
By Lisa Riley Roche, KSL  |  Posted Jan 8th, 2018 @ 6:34pm

SALT LAKE CITY — Mitt Romney was treated for prostate cancer last year, according to an aide to the likely candidate for the Utah seat in the U.S. Senate now held by retiring Sen. Orrin Hatch.

Rep. Mia Love demands President Trump apologize for vulgar remark about Haiti

Audi Lehi SHOP NOW
Mitt Romney, December 2016. (Photo: CNN) Open Full Size Photo: 1 of 1
Reinventing an icon.
(Mitt Romney treated for prostrate cancer over the summer, by Lisa Romney Roche
, Mormon Church of Satan KSL, January 8, 2018,

You can’t tell the story of the US without telling the story of Haiti
cnn CNN
(MSN News, January 12, 2018,

Mike Pence
Vice President Pence Official Portrait.jpg

Michael Richard Pence (born June 7, 1959) is an American politician and lawyer serving as the 48th and current Vice President of the United States, in office since January 20, 2017. He previously was the 50th Governor of Indiana from 2013 to 2017 and a member of the United States House of Representatives from 2001 to 2013.

Born and raised in Columbus, Indiana, …


(MSN News, January 12, 2018,