Victoria Marmolejos                                                                             March 3, 2008
Queen Hardy
Wesley McLeon
“One Land, Two Worlds”

Concept: A teenage girl named Ty’ Reisha Hernandez who is Dominican / African American undergoes the life of racism and prejudice.  She turns to people for guidance but no one is able to help her so she has to learn how to be dependent of herself instead of relying on others.  Her father has been in jail since she was 11 months old.  She has an abusive boyfriend, Keyshawn Williams, who is a drug dealer and gang member.  Her father, Roshoun Thompson, finally gets out of jail and comes home to his legal spouse (who is not Ty’ Reisha’s mother) to find out that she has male twins that are 13 years old.  He goes to Anais, his girlfriend and Ty’ Reisha’s mother, to tell her about the news and Nikki, the mother of the twins, knocks on the door of their small apartment in Booker T. Washington Projects…..

Scene 1….

Narrator: Ty’ Reisha is walking in Sassy’s to apply for a job.  She walks up to the counter.
Ty’ Reisha-Hi…My name is Ty’ Reisha Hernandez and I am here to apply for a job.
Katrina: Uh huh.  Your resume’.
Ty’ Reisha-(hands her resume’ and Katrina reviews it). Sooo.  What do you think?
Katrina-Look you are not getting a job here so why are you wasting my time?
Ty’ Reisha-(full of tears)  What?  I don’t understand.
Katrina-Lets see if I can make this easier for you.  I don’t hire your kind.
Ty’ Reisha-What do you mean, “your kind”?
Katrina-If you don’t leave my store now, I will call security.
Ty’ Reisha-Runs out the store crying.

Scene 2…..

Narrator: Ty’ Reisha is walking down Jackson Avenue surprised and upset.  While walking, her boyfriend stops her on the corner of Bostwick and Jackson in front of the liquor store.


Ty’ Reisha-(she wipes away her tears as quickly as she can and smiles) Hey baby!
Keyshawn-Yo where you going?  And why was you crying?
Ty’ Reisha-(sobbing) I just went to Sassy’s to appy for a job to help my mama out but she ain’t hire me because I was black and I’m going home.
Keyshawn-You want me to get my crew and pay that chick a little visit cause you know I will.
Ty’ Reisha-No!!! Look I’m fine.
Keyshawn-Are you sure?
Ty’ Reisha-Yes.  Look. Why don’t we go back to your house.  I ain’t got to be home until 10:30 today and it is 2:40 right now sooooo….
Keyshawn-Oh iight baby…Look give me a minute to say bye to ma crew.
Ty’ Reisha-Iight.

Scene 3

Narrator: Ty’ Reisha is in Keyshawn’s house and she is terrified of what he might do to her or with her.

Keyshawn-Come here baby.  I want to show you something.

Ty’ Reisha-What you got to show me?
Keyshawn-Come here and you’ll see.
Ty’ Reisha-Iight.
Keyshawn-(starts kissing her neck)
Ty’ Reisha-(squeamish) What do you have to show me?
Kayshawn-(pulls out a condom) You ready for me?
Ty’ Reisha-Um……NO!!!!!
Keyshawn-What you mean NO?
Ty’ Reisha-I mean I ain’t ready for that.  I got a future and a life and I ain’t gonna ruin it just for you. You never wanted me for me anyway.  You only wanted me for what you call my greatest asset (touching her butt) and guess what.  You ain’t getting it so why don’t you go mess around with one of them tricks that you always be with cuz I aint got time for you.
Keyshawn-Look. I’m doing you a favor.  You either take it or leave it.
Ty’ Reisha-Can’t you comprehend? I DON”T WANT YOU OR IT!!!! (walking towards the door)
Keyshawn-(runs toward the door and grabs her risk [sic])  You aint going no where until I get some.
Ty’ Reisha(struggling loose) Get your hands off of me.
Keyshawn-(being aggressive, puts her on the wall and handcuffs her to the closet rod) You aint going no where now is you?
Ty’ Reisha-No…(crying) Please.. Get off of me.

Keyshawn-NO.. You won’t give it to me so I guess Imma have to take it……..

(8th grade class assignment.  Wesley, my grandson, played the role of the gang-member drug-dealer rapist.  Wesley did not think up this script and neither did the other two students nor did their teacher.  [The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.] cc JPMorgan Chase INK legal department
cc all Mormon barristers