A Picnic in the Woods

If it’s a sunny day with no sign of wind or rain, I know a surefire way to get my kids away from the TV and ready to spend time in the great outdoors within minutes. All I have to ask is…

Would you like a picnic in the woods?”

Now with grown ups picnics without fail mean lots of planning ahead. Usually they entail lots of preparation with wonderful food for eating outdoors. Too often you also have to worry about bringing along a cooler filled with beer and wine, hampers of food, chequered blankets and various accoutrements to present that ideal notion of a picnic in the wild.

June 8, 2018. About Me.  My youngest daughter asked me to not mention her name or anything about her but sometimes I must because too much is at stake for me not to.  When my daughter’s employer, Abyssinian Baptist Church school in Harlem, asked for proof of residence for the past five years, after she had been employed at Abyssinian Pre-School for one year, I thought it very suspicious.  And even moreso when I went to 38th Street to find out the address of the loft where we lived (during what I refer to as the nightmare) and I saw in the street a Watchtower magazine and license plate number which I cannot remember, maybe a license plate JAH or JHA or something or other.  It was a case of Mormon Danites/Danettes demonstrating their ability get me to go somewhere they want to send me.

During that time, 2006-2007, my daughter had a Facebook page, a picture of her standing alongside a tree; the picture was taken at Abyssinian school annual picnic.


PICNIC TIME plaid something or other, mini baby carrier and CAUTION ribbon and blue duct tape, 471 State Street across the street from YWCA Brooklyn, June 7, 2018

CAUTION ribbon and blue duct tape, 471 State Street across the street from YWCA Brooklyn, June 7, 2018

blue duct tape on Brenda’s door, as of yesterday, June 7, 2018.  (Brenda is the resident who told me that, one by one, my grandkids will pay for what I do.)

Two St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital stickers, Kobe Bryant newspaper photo, “holy” palm branches, cartoon sticker, “holy” cross made of two twigs stuck together with tape.
Brenda’s door, from approximately 2012 until approximately April 2018

“Get off of me”
(What one student said to another student [my grandson Wesley, who played the role of the gang-member drug-dealer rapist] during an 8th grade classroom skit)


Focus on little moments
Not mosquitos
(Australia Stock Exchange, June 8, 2018 Sydney; June 7, 2018 New York, www.asx.com.au)