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June 1, 2018, 6am.  About Me.  Yesterday I posted (in a post titled Spartans) the following:


Mormon cosmology is the description of the history, evolution, and destiny of the physical and metaphysical universe according to Mormonism, which includes the doctrines taught by leaders and theologians of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), Mormon fundamentalism, the Restoration Church of Jesus Christ, and other Brighamite denominations within the Latter Day Saint movement. Mormon cosmology draws from Biblical cosmology, but has many unique elements provided by movement founder Joseph Smith. These views are not generally shared by adherents of other Latter Day Saint movement denominations who do not self-identify as “Mormons”, such as the Community of Christ.

According to Mormon cosmology, there was a pre-existence, or a pre-mortal life, in which human spirits were literal children of heavenly parents.[1] Although their spirits were created, the essential “intelligence” of these spirits is considered eternal, and without beginning. During this pre-mortal life, two plans were said to have been presented, one championed by God the Father, and another presented by Lucifer (Satan) that would have involved loss of moral agency. When Lucifer’s plan was not accepted, he is said to have rebelled against God and been cast out of heaven, taking “the third part” of the hosts of heaven with him to the earth, thus becoming the tempters.

According to the plan of salvation as described by God the Father, Jehovah (the premortal Jesus) created the earth, under the direction of God the Father, as a place where humanity would be tested. After the resurrection, all men and women—except the spirits that followed Lucifer and the sons of perdition—would be assigned one of three degrees of glory. Within the highest degree, the celestial kingdom, there are three further divisions, and those in the highest of these celestial divisions would become gods and goddesses through a process called “exaltation” or “eternal progression. The doctrine of eternal progression was succinctly summarized by LDS Church leader Lorenzo Snow: “As man now is, God once was: As God now is, man may be.”[2][3] According to Smith’s King Follett discourse, God the Father himself once passed through mortality as Jesus did, but how, when, or where that took place is unclear. The prevailing view among Mormons is that God once lived on a planet with his own higher god.[4][5]

According to Mormon scripture, the Earth’s creation was not ex nihilo, but organized from existing matter. The Earth is just one of many inhabited worlds, and there are many governing heavenly bodies, including the planet or star Kolob, which is said to be nearest the throne of God.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mormon_cosmology [emphasis added]

Besides the twelve Olympians, there were many other cultic groupings of twelve gods.

The Spartan army stood at the center of the Spartan state, whose citizens trained in the disciplines and honor of a warrior society.[1] … Under the agoge the young boys or Spartiates underwent intense and rigorous military training.[3] Their education focused primarily on cunning, sports and war tactics, but also included poetry, music, academics, and sometimes politics. Those who passed the agoge by the age of 30 achieved full Spartan citizenship.

The term “spartan” became[when?] synonymous with fearlessness, harsh and cruel life, endurance or simplicity by design.[4] www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spartan_army [emphasis added]

Today, June 1, 2018, the Mormon Church of Satan responded:

Essential Intelligence
Reading between the lines
(Market Watch, June 1, 2018, 6am, www.marketwatch.com/)

FOR THE RECORD.  According to the beliefs of the Mormon Chruch of Satan, the CIA is God:

Brigham Young University medallion.svg
Former names
Brigham Young Academy
Motto No official motto[1]
Unofficial mottoes include:
The glory of God is intelligence[2]
Enter to learn, go forth to serve
The world is our campus[3]

Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency.svg

Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency

Flag of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.svg

Flag of the Central Intelligence Agency
Intelligence agency overview
Formed September 18, 1947; 70 years ago
Preceding Intelligence agency
Headquarters George Bush Center for Intelligence
Langley, Virginia, U.S.
Motto “The Work of a Nation. The Center of Intelligence.”
Unofficial motto: “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)[2]
Employees 21,575 (estimate)[3]
Annual budget $15 billion (as of 2013)[3][4][5]
Intelligence agency executive
Parent Intelligence agency None (independent)
Website cia.gov


22,400,000 resultsAny time

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Utah Matters – Home | Facebook
Utah Matters, Salt Lake City, Utah. 155 likes. Utah Matters is no longer in production. Enjoy the episodes we’ve posted here, and thank you all for your…

Utah Matters
I just finished a lunch with Brad Daw, Utah State Representative, and Howard Headlee President of the Utah Bankers Association. Among the topics discussed were Loan Modification Regulation, and Short Sale Investment Scams.
(Bing search results, “utah matters“,
(Market Watch, June 1, 2018, 6am, www.marketwatch.com/)
cc Authorizers of Torture Techniques For Troublemakers (like me) And Other Targets, authorizers including CIA Mormon Danite Angry Bird Dick Cheney of Casper, Wyoming and Salt Lake City, Utah; CIA Mormon Danite Jay Bybee of Louisville, Kentucky (his son committed “suicide” in the Mormon Church of Satan’s temple in Las Vegas, Nevada, but I doubt that Jay or his wife were involved in that human sacrifice to Satan right in one of  Satan’s temples!); CIA Mormon Danite Mitch McConnell of Kentucky; CIA Mormon Danite Harry Reid of Nevada; CIA Mormon Danette Kristen Gillibrand of New York (U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services, subcommittee on strategic forces); CIA Mormon Danette Gina Haspel, Director, CIA, and many others!  cc all Mormon barristers!!

June 1, 2018.  About Me, continued Many mornings when I wake up, I see that sometime during the middle of the night, someone while in this room ( YWCA Brooklyn, room 1115) pulled one of the corners of the fitted sheet off the mattress—one example of the many psychological messages of intimidation that I personally experience.  Another example: a few days ago there was a red blood-like stain on my pillow (and in the kitchen, two pillows, one with red blood-like stain atop the garbage receptacle, and another pillow inside the garbage receptacble).  When I woke up this morning, my night shirt, the length of which is below my knees, was all the way up to my chest and my upper back; a psychological message of intimidation to let me know somebody was in this room last night.

Somebody with government clearance to enter this room.

That somebody is Gerry Coleman, the resident in the room next door to me.

Gerry Coleman is assigned to press an easy button laser beam on a hand-held device (probably her cell phone), transmitting shocks to my body (including my head) and pain to my head and other parts of my body, and a variety of other sensations: twitches, burps, sneezes, snap crack pop sounds, images in my head, sounds in my head (no, I do not hear voices in my head), gurgles with sound in my throat and in my stomach, bubbles in my vagina, smacking sound on my vagina when I walk, my hand knocking against sink faucet.  A few times excruciatingly painful shooting pain in various parts of my body; in particular, one of my feet, and my left breast.  Burning extremely painful pain on my rectum.  And narcolepsy.

(Mormon Church of Satan’s KSL, May 30, 2018 article; advertisement: June 1, 2018,

Gerry Coleman, one of the residents whose pictures (and quotes by Mormon Danettes) were showcased on the second floor, 2017



Gerry Coleman, the resident in room 1114, is being terribly exploited.  I am being tortured.  Gerry Coleman is being exploited.  Gerry Coleman’s testimony is required when the LEGAL CASE reaches its destination, The Hague, Netherlands.  Mormon Danites/Danettes are absolutely forbidden from getting rid of Gerry Coleman via “natural causes” or “accidental” this or “random” that.  I’ve warned Mormon Danites/Danettes several times about the fact that they must not try to get rid of Gerry Coleman.  The reason I mention that warning again today is because, one or two days after I wrote about what Brenda said to me (that, one by one my grandkids will be punished for what I do), blue duct tape appeared on her door.  I do not know if Brenda was moved to another location here in the YWCA Brooklyn, or sent to Plum Island for some kind of lab experiments performed on human beings.  (Some people who disappear are abducted for lab experiments on human beings.)

Monday, May 28, 2018, I wrote about what Brenda said to me, that, one by one my grandkids will pay for what I do.  Tuesday, May 29, 2018, blue duct tape was (is) taped around Brenda’s door:

This is Brenda’s door, as of Tuesday, May 29, 2018.  I also took a picture of the blue duct tape showcased on an empty office door on the ground floor, next to the alcove.  The door was decorated with three strips of blue duct tape (like the blue duct tape on Brenda’s door) placed horizontally over the open door (the room had just been painted or the floor waxed); however, I cannot post the picture because, Mormon computer gremlins deleted the picture!  Reynaldo the painter was painting or waxing the room next door to the door decorated with the blue duct tape stripes.  Why Mormon computer gremlins deleted the picture of the blue duct tape on the door in the lobby and did not delete the following picture that I took a few minutes before I took a picture of the blue duct taped door, I do not know:

FedEx (The World, On Time) and Benjamin Moore paint, Atlantic Avenue at Third Avenue YWCA Brooklyn, Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[paint, or blood??] https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=paint+company+with+paint+logo+red+paint+cover+the+world&FORM=HDRSC2

June 1, 2018.  About Me.  Last night before I went to bed, I posted a note to one of the Fearless Girls, CIA Mormon Danette Sadist Gina Haspel, Director, CIA.

Fearless Gina Liano for women
May 31, 2018, 11:40PM.  About Me.  I live at the YWCA, Young Women’s Christian Association building, on Third Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and State Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Fearless Girl and CIA agent Warren Wilhelm aka Bill de Blasio, URL: ?

(STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS [SSGA], https://www.ssga.com/content/ssga/softlinks/global/en/our-insights/viewpoints/wall-street-meet-fearless-girl.html)

Midcap companies.
(Market Watch, Futures, June 1, 2018, https://www.marketwatch.com/)

June 1, 2018m 10:30am.  About Me.  Last night after I posted the note to CIA Mormon Danette Goddess Torture Authorizer Gina Haspel, I prepared to go to bed, and while doing so, I felt extremely painful pain in my right chest.  I prayed fervently to Jehovah God asking Him to please give me the strength to endure the pain.  Jehovah God (the one and only true God) answered my prayer.  Earlier this morning, male voice in hall (Johnny?) announced, “Man on” (an unnecessary announcement—maintenance men are often on this floor) at which time a car horn honked outside, just one example of synchronization preparedness practice sessions though “preparedness” for what, I do not know.  What I do know is, whatever is planned starring me, it will backfire guaranteed!  (A few minutes ago [10:25am] loud talking in kitchen at which time pain began paining my head.) Instead of so many practice drills, why not just go and execute whatever is planned?!  Please, just do it, without further delay—I really want to go to The Hague!

T-shirt, Starbucks, 8th Avenue at 47th Street, May 30, 2018.  This man is now a plaintiff in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Accenture, Citi, IBM, JPMorganChase, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc Mormon President Russell Nelson, Cardiologist, cc all Mormon barristers)

Starbucks, 8th Avenue at 47th Street, May 30, 2018
(A tourist from London, she is now a plaintiff in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Accenture, Citi, IBM, JPMorganChase, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan. Also a plaintiff, the man with the huge one wheel skateboard. cc all Mormon barristers)

I’ve taken several pictures of Valerie’s flip flops in the hall next to her door, May 2018. Valerie is a primary plaintiff in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Accenture, Citi, IBM, JPMorganChase, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc Mormon President Russell Nelson, Cardiologist, cc all Mormon barristers)


[seeksucker shorts, Skull & Bones logo, I took this picture with his parents’ permission to do so (I explained that I like seersucker fabric, that my grandson had seersucker pants)] Starbucks, 8th Avenue at 47th Street, May 30, 2018.  Tourists from Kentucky, this boy’s parents, and his grandparents, are plaintiffs in legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Accenture, Citi, IBM, JPMorganChase, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon barristers)

[skeleton top (and leggings) dancer costume, I took this picture with her parents’ permission to do so (I explained that I like the colors)] (MTA Fourth Avenue subway station, Brooklyn, May 31, 2018.  Whether locals or tourists, this girl’s parents are now plaintiffs in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Accenture, Citi, IBM, JPMorganChase, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon barristers)


No matter how many people think otherwise, Jehovah’s Witnesses really is God’s visible organization.
The wrath of Jehovah God really is upon the Mormon Church of Satan, no matter how many people think otherwise.
The stock market really is going to crash, worldwide, no matter how many people think otherwise.
No matter how many people think otherwise, Caroline Kennedy will be elected President in the year 2020; Jim Turner of Texas will be elected Vice President; Robert Kennedy Jr. will be nominated and confirmed U.S. Attorney General; Robert Mueller will be nominated and confirmed Director of the FBI.
No power on earth has the power to prevent this prophetic message that I write from becoming reality, not even these four people themselves.  I write under inspiration from and with authority from, God, the true God, Jehovah.  cc all Mormon barristers

Mayor Warren Wilhelm aka Bill de Blasio is the clean-up man, if the Mormon Church of Satan/CIA succeed in their planned nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River.  His administration is already prepared to hold tribunals and immediately execute some of the “troublemakers” (30,000 bananas; nationwide: 30,000 guillotines, to be continued)

Partial List of Scapegoats, if the Mormon Church of Satan/CIA succeed in their nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River:

Former President Barack “Hussein” Obama
Former Advisor to the President, Valerie “June” Jarrett
Former Homeland Security Director “Jeh” Johnson
Newark Mayor Ras Baraka
Minnesota Congressman FBI agent Keith “Ellison”
New York Congressman FBI agent Hakim Jeffries
Former leader of the CIA’s Black Panthers: FBI agent “Malik Zulu Shabazz”
Former Public Relations Spokesman for Mormon Church, FBI agent “Ahmad” Corbitt (now assigned to the Dominican Republic)

[greasy looking Latino American man and African American man made up to look like former President Barack Hussein Obama wearing Joseph Smith’s white shirt] https://www.vividseats.com/theatre/hamilton-tickets.html
[Former presidential candidate Joseph Smith (1844), author of “U.S. Constitution hanging by a thread” prophecy:] Portrait of Joseph Smith Jr.

The purpose of this website is to expose the Mormon Church of Satan and all enemies of Jesus Christ the Way the Truth the Life, the Prince of Peace. This website is also the beginning of a presidential campaign to elect Caroline Kennedy President of the United States. I prayed to Jehovah God to please, by means of His son Christ Jesus, please, arrange national events and world events in such a manner such that Caroline Kennedy is elected President of the United States.  I know Jehovah God hears my prayer and will answer my prayer because that particular prayer of mine is one of my deepest desires and Jehovah God has promised me that he will satisfy all of my deepest desires.  All of the information posted at this website is interconnected; directly connected to the Mormon Church of Satan’s illegal sting operation surrounding Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, and me. The illegal sting operation that encompasses every human being on earth, and has resulted in the LEGAL CASE, unlike any other, ever. The LEGAL CASE, headed to The Hague, Netherlands. cc all Mormon attorneys

As the Storm Approaches,
Maintain Your Focus on Jesus!
(Matthew 14:22-34; Hebrews 12:2)
(Concluding talk, Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention 2015, worldwide)