Chasing Amy

By Jeff Vice

After three films, Kevin Smith still hasn’t toned down the foul language or sex jokes.

The writer and director of “Clerks” (which was funny in a crude way) and “Mallrats” (which was unfunny in a crass way) has scripted another nonstop flow of profanities and vulgarities with “Chasing Amy,” a much more intimate and personal comedy.

That said, it is surprisingly warm, charming and even thoughful at times, although the ending feels forced and the whole thing seems at least 10 minutes too long. Audiences without extreme tolerance for the brusque tone may find it insufferable.

With “Chasing Amy,” the supposed third part of his “New Jersey Trilogy,” Smith attempts to examine perceptions of romantic relationships not only from those involved but from friends and other outside observers as well.

His average-guy protagonist, Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck), is a sensitive, twentysomething writer/artist working with his lifelong friend, Banky Edwards (Jason Lee). The duo’s comic book “Bluntman and Chronic” is an underground cult hit and is beginning to enjoy some small success.

At a comics convention, Holden meets a fellow artist, Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams), to whom he is immediately attracted. But in one devastatingly funny sequence, his romantic aspirations are shattered when he discovers that she is gay (specifically, he sees her kissing another woman).

Despite that humiliating experience, Holden agrees to be friends with Alyssa. But in spite of his best attempts to remain “just friends,” his feelings for her intensify. To his surprise, she reciprocates, and the two quickly fall head over heels for each other.

Meanwhile, Banky, irked that his friend isn’t putting his best efforts into the comic — and even more so that he isn’t hanging out with him anymore — decides to dig up some dirt on Alyssa in order to destroy the budding romance.

At that point, the film dissolves somewhat, with some extremely contrived situations (such as the unconvincing homosexual subtext to Banky and Holden’s friendship). But the film is redeemed somewhat with a more open-ended conclusion than you’d expect for a romantic comedy.

Fortunately, Smith avoids sappy sentiments for the most part, and when it’s not peppered with four-letter words, his dialogue rings true.

The movie also benefits from some strong performances, especially from Adams (who was memorable in a bit part in last year’s “Michael”), Affleck and Dwight Ewell (as a tart gay artist who writes a tough-talking, “Black power” comic book and whose diatribe about the inherent racism in the “Star Wars” trilogy is particularly hilarious).

“Chasing Amy” is rated R for almost nonstop profanities and vulgar references and jokes, some violence, racist epithets and two brief sex scenes.

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(MSN News, June 6, 2018,

© KUTV Terrance Mannery fought with a group of men who had chased people into the store where he worked during Utah’s Pride festival.

Terrance Mannery was getting ready to close up at the Salt Lake City dessert shop where he works when four scared-looking men ran in.

The men were going home from the Utah Pride Festival on Saturday night when a group of at least seven white men started chasing them and shouting anti-gay slurs, according to Salt Lake City police.

“I noticed some men come in and they seemed distraught and afraid so I asked them what was going on,” 21-year-old Mannery said. “They said they were being harassed and followed.”

When the group following the men attempted to come inside, Mannery confronted them, thinking they might damage the store or hurt the customers inside.

Mannery tried to close and lock the shop’s doors, but somebody punched him and a fight broke out. He was pushed outside in the commotion and several other men joined the mob.

They pushed him into the shop’s door hard enough to break the hinge.

Hit at least seven times

Irie Cao, the owner of the Doki Doki dessert shop, said customers and staff inside felt scared and helpless. The people who had sought shelter there called the police.

“It was really dark, but we could see he was being overpowered,” Cao said. “He was getting hurt.”

Cao said people inside tried to help Mannery, but a stack of chairs between the doors fell over, blocking the entrance.

Mannery said he was hit at least seven times before bystanders were able to break up the fight.

He suffered minor cuts to his eye and lip.

“I’m just really happy and proud that he stepped out and helped,” Cao said.

Reward offered

Detective Robert Ungricht from the Salt Lake City Police Department said they are looking for the suspects and have asked the public for help.

There was no video of the incident.

The Utah Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has offered a $5,000 reward for “information leading to the prosecution and arrest of the perpetrators,” said the UGLCC’s chairwoman, Tracey Dean.

“We have a local hero in Terrance Mannery,” she said.

The UGLCC also has an anti-violence fund to help the victims of homophobic or trans-phobic crimes and “to provide resources for the prosecution of perpetrators of such crime,” according to a news release.

“I was just doing the right thing,” Mannery said. “At the end of the day, I’m just glad everyone’s safe.”

(A mob chases gay people after Utah’s pride festival, MSN News, June 6, 2018,



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