Asset Management


Anytime the president of the United States drives through a crowded city, there is a careful balance between protecting his life and ensuring the spectacle of the chief executive intermingling with the American people. Security is the act of getting him through the crowds alive, which is difficult on those days when the bubble-top roof is not buckled onto the convertible. A perfect motorcade route is devoid of the high windows from which a sniper can poke a gun, offers alternative routes in case something goes wrong, features wide streets that keep crowds far back from the vehicle, and has few, if any, tight turns.

The Dallas motorcade route violates every one of these principles.

The process of turning the presidential vehicle forces William Greer, the Secret Service agent who most often serves as JFK’s driver, to slow the limousine down considerably. This makes the president an easier target for a marksman to hit. Secret Service protocol stipulates that whenever a motorcade must slow down for a turn, agents must do a security check of the entire intersection ahead of time. Something as simple as a ninety-degree turn, which the Dallas motorcade route features at the corner of Main and Houston, can cause Greer to step hard on the brakes. A  sweeping 120-degree turn, such as the one at the corner of Houston and Elm, can slow Kennedy’s Lincoln down to just a few miles per hour.

(Killing Kennedy—The End of Camelot, Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, pages 242-243)


Robie walked down the metal steps, and his feet hit American soil for the first time in a month. He looked straight ahead and saw the man in a rumpled trench coat standing next to the rear door of the black Suburban. It was as though a Cold War-era movie was unspooling in front of him in clickety-clack black-and-white film.

The vehicles were always black, and they always seemed to be Suburbans. And the people were always wearing rumpled trench coats, as though they felt inclined to confirm the stereotype.

He walked over to the SUV and climbed inside. The door closed, the trench coat got in the driver’s seat, and the Suburban pulled off.

Only then did Robie look to his right.

Blue Man gazed back at him.

His real name was Roger Walton.

But to Robie he would always be Blue Man, which had to do with his color level of leadership at the Agency. Not the highest there was, but plenty high enough for Blue Man to know all, or at least nearly all, there was going on.

(The Guilty, David Baldacci, page 15)

Hours later the small jet lifted off into the clear sky over southern Mississippi.

Robie, Reel, and Blue Man were the only passengers on board.

Robie looked out the window as the rugged terrain of the Magnolia State fell away.

He silently said good-bye to the forests, the abundance of chickens, and the Pearl River. And the gators lying in wait therein.

And to the ghosts of his past that had haunted him so, but a bit less now.

As the plane leveled out Blue Man rose and poured out three drinks from the small bar. He handed glasses to Robie and Reel before retaking his seat.

Robie said, “You never did say why you came down here.”

“Didn’t I? Well, perhaps I didn’t.”

“And?” said Reel expectantly.

“It’s all about asset management,” said Blue Man, taking sip of his drink. “You are my assets and it’s my job to manage you properly. That involves me inserting myself in situations that, at first blush, seem of a personal nature but may impact the professional.”

“Well, that’s an answer that says nothing,” replied Reel.Then she lifted her glass in silent praise.

(The Guilty, David Baldacci, page 527)

FOR THE RECORD.  A Russian man was accused of assassinating President Kennedy.  Some African American men (unbearded men, including former President Barack Hussein Obama), will be falsely accused of bombing the Hudson River, if the plan (the”vision”) goes as planned.  (The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.)  cc all Mormon barristers, April 18, 2017

Plastic bag with Amazon box marked BO (Barack [Hussein] Obama??], on sidewalk atop GS sign, Atlantic Avenue nearer to Fourth Avenue than Third Avenue, near Islamic Library, April 18, 2017
Plastic bag with Amazon box marked BO (Barack [Hussein] Obama??), in front of DeVito Electric Company, and cracked flat screen television on sidewalk atop GS sign, Atlantic Avenue nearer to Fourth Avenue than Third Avenue, near Islamic Library, April 18, 2017

There are two signs marked Islamic Library. One is next door to DeVito Electrical, the other is next door to U.S. Post Financial Post Office. That’s what the sign on Times Plaza Post Office across the street from the new post office says, that the new post office is the Finance or Financial Post Office. I will search my picture gallery to see if I can find a picture of the sign.

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