December 12, 2018  1pm

I’m trying to copy and paste into Microsoft Word some pictures of some hunter red plaid shirts, pictures I would like to take with me when I go to Court about the eviction notice, but I can’t because Mormon computer gremlins are illegally preventing me from copying and pasting from here, my website picture gallery, to Microsoft Word to then transfer to a flash drive to take to UPS to print the picures in color.

Jehovah God did not answer my prayer; the stock market is sky high.  I feel that Jehovah God is not directing my steps.  I feel that I cannot continue to do this work.

Barbara Cutler is one of the most virtuous women at the YWCA Brooklyn.  Geoffrey Jackson is who he claims to be, a true servant of Jehovah God.

I’m going back to my room at the YWCA Brooklyn and I will read, or sleep.


2pm  I’m still at Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza.  Finally I was able to format the pages in Microsoft Word, and transfer to a flash drive, 26 pages.  Not the same flash drive I transferred the 30 pages and the 48 pages two days ago.  That flash drive is stuck in my computer.  I inserted the flash drive in my computer two days ago because I had planned to start saving pictures each day, on flash deives, rather than on my computer.  I cannot take the flash drive out of my computer.  No doubt when I take my computer to Best Buy Geek Squad, the flash drive will not be stuck; such as happened to me in the past if Mormon Danites/Danettes want me to go to Best Buy.  But maybe not.  Maybe my new computer, too, must now be sent to Best Buy Geek Squad in Louisville, Kentucky.

I’ve been thinking about what will I say when I’m standing before a judge in a court of law, after the official eviction notice is delivered to me (much to the glee of virtuous Barbara Cutler and CIA Molly and whomever else) and I decided I will listen again to a talk by one of my brothers, a talk at Gilead graduation where he talks about the rule of law, and principles.  I will listen carefully and I will ignore all his hand movements, and his tie, which I am certain he would not do if there was no pressure on him from Jackson and Ekrann and the rest of the swine.

When I’ve time to I will post information about 14 words, 5 words, four words, and extremely satanic three words.