December 8, 2018  1pm

About Me.  Yesterday late afternoon I telephoned 311 to inquire to find out if a landlord can be required to give a tenant 30 days eviction notice instead of 19 days.  The woman whom I spoke with was very helpful.  She suggested I go to family court, here in Brooklyn, and bring pertinent information.  She mentioned rent receipts; I just find out this morning when I went to Sterling National Bank website, YWCA Brooklyn did not withdraw from my checking account December rent.

I cannot bring with me posts that I posted shortly before and shortly after the 80 times happened, because, Mormon computer gremlins deleted my posts for the months of May, June and July 2016, which I did not realize until this morning.

I need to print pictures of the decorated doors here at YWCA Brooklyn, and I don’t know why I’m having such a difficult time doing so.  I must go to Brooklyn Public Library (but not today, hopefully tomorrow) to use Microsoft Word, and to FedEx to use a color printer.  (Several years ago I purchased Microsoft Office, and I purchased a color printer, but both kept malfunctioning.)