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November 30, 2018  1:30pm

About Me.  I cannot attempt to explain the significance of the above information and the following information.  It’s too overwhelming.  And it doesn’t matter anyhow because, all of this information that I post is pure nonsense.

3 Stocks Going Up In Price Tomorrow

(ASX, November 30, 2018 Sydney, November 29, 2018 New York,
Mormon Church of Satan’s BOND 45 [spoon], 46th Street, Times Square “Hell’s Kitchen”,  next door to Mormon Church of Satan’s Church of Scientology and Mormon Church of Satan’s Donna Summer musical, across the street from Mormon Church of Satan’s Hamilton musical next door to Mormon Church of Satan’s Marriott Marquis de Sade hotel, September 2018)

(ASX, November 30, 2018 Sydney, November 29, 2018 New York,


(Quiz: Fun facts about the celebs at FanX Salt Lake City,
Mormon Church of Satan’s Deseret News,

(ASX, November 30, 2018 Sydney, November 29, 2018 New York,

(ASX, November 30, 2018 Sydney, November 29, 2018 New York,

[Little girl dresses for sale at Mormon Church of Satan’s Stoops Manufacturing, now known as Figtree,

[Geoffrey the giraffe] TODAY WE PLAY
(Broadway at 42nd Street, winter 2018)

(Mormon Church of Satan’s Deseret News, April 3, 2016,

WollongongNew South Wales
Overview of figtree.JPG

Figtree is an inner western suburb of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. It is southwest of West Wollongong and connected to Wollongong by the Princes Highway and The Avenue.

At the junction of the highway and The Avenue is Figtree Grove, a two storey indoor shopping centre with a Woolworths, Coles and Kmart. The shopping centre was opened in 1965. The second story is used by a couple of businesses and a second storey to its carpark facilities. Adjacent to the centre is a park which contains sports facilities, a baby health centre and a small sculpture garden.

There is a small commercial district near this junction and another connected area of mainly food stores further north on the highway near the freeway entrance. There is also another commercial area with a chicken food shop, liquor store and video rental store at on the east side of the highway at the O’Briens Road junction.

Figtree has a hotel, an oval, many specialty stores, a dog park, a private hospital and several schools.

A smaller area of residences in Figtree is Figtree Heights, a neighbourhood which is slightly raised above the general level of Figtree. To the suburb’s south between Figtree and Unanderra is Cobbler’s Hill, where houses have been built on its side.,_New_South_Wales

(Mormon Church of Satan’s Stoops Manufacturing now known as Fig Tree Marketplace,

On Christmas Day, they once again loaded into Florry’s Lincoln and drove to Whitfield.  A year earlier, they had made the trip, only to be denied access to Liza.  Those days were over now because Pete was certainly out of the way and Joel was now his mother’s legal guardian.  They sat with her in one corner of a large activity room, and gave her gifts and chocolates sent by Nineva and Marietta.  Liza smiled a lot and talked more and seemed to enjoy the attention.

(The Reckoning, John Grisham, page 321)

Lynn Whitfield 2014.JPG

(Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Sydney, Australia,, note Adidas pure white pride pure white power stripe on Justice Jennifer Coat’s jacket, cc all Mormon barristers)

Zoe McLellan (born November 6, 1974) is an American television actress, known for her roles as Petty Officer Jennifer Coates in the CBS procedural JAG, as Lisa George in the ABC comedy-drama soap Dirty Sexy Money, and as Meredith Brody in the CBS series NCIS: New Orleans (2014–2016). Recently, she starred in the role of Kendra Daynes in the ABC political drama Designated Survivor.

8 “The sound of my dear one!+ Look! This one is coming,+ climbing upon the mountains, leaping upon the hills.
9 My dear one is resembling a gazelle+ or the young of the stags. Look! This one is standing behind our wall, gazing through the windows, glancing through the lattices.+
10 My dear one has answered and said to me, ‘Rise up, you girl companion of mine, my beautiful one,+ and come away.+
11 For, look! the rainy season*+ itself has passed, the downpour itself is over, it has gone its way.
Blossoms themselves have appeared in the land,+ the very time of vine trimming+ has arrived, and the voice of the turtledove+ itself has been heard in our land.
13 As for the fig tree,+ it has gained a mature color for its early figs;+ and the vines are abloom, they have given [their] fragrance. Rise up, come, O girl companion of mine,+ my beautiful one, and come away.
14 O my dove+ in the retreats of the crag, in the concealed place of the steep way, show me your form,+ let me hear your voice, for your voice is pleasurable and your form is comely.’”+
Do YOU people grab hold of the foxes+ for us, the little foxes that are making spoil of the vineyards, as our vineyards are abloom.”+
16 “My dear one is mine and I am his.+ He is shepherding+ among the lilies.+
17 Until the day breathes and the shadows have fled, turn around, O my dear one; be like the gazelle+ or like the young of the stags upon the mountains of separation.*

Matthew chapter 25
31 “When the Son of man+ arrives in his glory, and all the angels with him,+ then he will sit down on his glorious throne.+
And all the nations will be gathered before him,+ and he will separate+ people one from another,+ just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.
33 And he will put the sheep on his right+ hand, but the goats* on his left.+

Market Watch, November 30, 2018,

To CIA Danite Rick Dale Snyder: Inadvertently I deleted JPMorgan Chase’s rocket girl advertisement advertised at Market Watch.  But that’s OK because this that I post is sheer nonsense, including this: All of you guys and gals will be exposed, guaranteed.
cc CIA Danite William Weldon, Board Member, JPMorgan Chase
cc all Mormon barristers