November 9, 2018 11:15am

To CIA Danite Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader:   I’m typing this note to you on a computer at Pacific Public Library, on Fourth Avenue at Pacific Street, two blocks from where I live, YWCA Brooklyn.

The reason I’m typing this note to you here, and not in my room at the YWCA is because, my computer is broken.

I went to Best Buy Geek Squad, at Atlantic Terminal three blocks from where I live, yesterday, but when I saw that the other Geek Squad customers were four elderly black males and one middle age white male, whom I asked if he’s from Utah and he said no and I asked if he’s a Mormon and he said no, I decided I would not leave my computer because it was too much of a coincidence, the elderly black males and me and also another somewhat elderly black male wearing a FAITH (Fathers something or other) t-shirt with a licorice root in his mouth and the black female purchasing the Webroot, I decided to not speak with Geek Squad yesterday.  I went back to Geek Squad this morning.

Therefore, what?

Yes, Mitch.  It’s a hardware issue.

Therefore, where?

Yes, Mitch.  My computer must be sent to Best Buy Geek Squad Repair, in Kentucky.  I will be posting excerpts from Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, thoughout the year, next year.

This is the an important message from me announcement I announced yesterday to theatergoers on line to see your church’s Hamilton musical:

September 11, 2001, thousands of people were killed, including 343 firemen and 70 police officers.

Three hundred and forty three firemen.


One month later, a plane accidentally fell out of the sky and coincidentally landed in a community where a lot of firemen and police officers live.


Those are two of the many questions Mormon CIA will answer in an international criminal court of law, guaranteed!

Caroline Kennedy, President, 2020!

Jim Turner, former Congressman from Texas, Vice President!

Robert Kennedy, Jr., guaranteed, U.S. Attorney!

Robert Mueller, back at the FBI heading up a real investigation to find out, what really happened on “911”, including, why are 343 firemen dead, and what else is planned, for “Hell’s Kitchen” to Wall Street?

Mormon CIA, international criminal court of law, GUARANTEED!

Robert Mueller did not give me permission to mention his name.  God gave me permission, and nobody on earth can shut me up!

Like it or not Caroline Kennedy is our next President, she has the backing of God Almighty, on January 20, 2021, Caroline Kennedy will take the oath of office, GUARANTEED!

Mitch, effective this evening, I will also make an important message from me announcement about the significance of the number 19, in your (Mormon Danites/Danettes) secret society: Genesis chapter 19 and Revelation chapter 19, the Alpha and the Omega (Almighty God, Jehovah) and 19 hi-jackers, and 19 “hotshots”: Yarnell Hill Fire.

I cannot finish typing this note to you, my time is up.  No Mitch, not my time living.  My time on this computer.