To Danites Coats and Wolf: Halloween Lunch

November 1, 2018  4pm

To CIA Danites Coats and Wolf:  I was thinking about not going to make an important message from me announcement to theatergoers on line to see your church’s Hamilton musical and your church’s Donna Summer musical.  What’s the use? I wondered (it’s so obvious that the stock market is never going to crash, worldwide; the stock market will continue to climb higher and higher and there is no way possible that Caroline Kennedy will be elected President, in the year 2020), especially considering the fact I don’t feel well, I’m still suffering from physical torture, needle injected flu.  I thought about just staying here in my room, working here at my computer, uploading and saving newspaper front pages, but I can’t. A force, God’s active force (His holy spirit) impels me to go to 46th Street and make the an important message from me announcement, even if I feel that it’s useless.

The following is, as you know, your church boasting and bragging about the most recent human sacrifice to Big Belly (Satan);

Halloween lunch party

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