Sunday, October 28th, two passengers on the MTA Brooklyn bound 2 or 3 subway gave me permission to take a picture of their ice cream, both ice creams in one picture. Once passenger was sitting next to me eating an ice cream cone and ice cream in a cup, another passenger was standing in front of him also eating ice cream in a cup; they two were not together; the man standing and his wife or companion, boarded the subway at a later stop.  I cannot remember if either of the two passengers were eating Cold Stone Creamery brand ice cream.  I need to upload that picture from my Google Photos to my website picture gallery so I can post it first thing tomorrow morning with the following information and some information about trees.




An open letter to the president signed by more than 40 “members of the Pittsburgh Jewish Community” welcomed the president and expressed “gratitude to you and your administration for your unwavering support of Israel.”

“How dare they blame Trump for this,” said Tova Weinberg, a registered Democrat and Orthodox Jew who voted for Mr. Trump. “We love what he’s doing for Israel, we love what he’s doing for the economy. I’m just crazy about him.”

Dominick Candelore, the co-owner of a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream shop at the heart of Squirrel Hill, disagreed with some Jewish leaders who opposed a presidential visit.

“To me, I welcome him, I welcome him with open arms,” he said. “I don’t have to agree with all his views, but it’s a stand-up thing for him to do.”

Dissent over the president’s visit extended even to the grieving. The family of Daniel Stein, a victim of the attack who was buried on Tuesday, explicitly told inquiring federal officials that they did not want to meet with the president. They cited Mr. Trump’s comments immediately after the shooting that the Tree of Life should have had an armed guard.’s-visit/ar-BBP6MA9?ocid=spartanntp

I asked this young man wearing a Spartan guard or Spartan warrior costume for a costume party at Roulette Theater October 27, 2018, if I could take this picture.  He is now a plaintiff in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Microsoft, Accenture, Marriott International including W Hotels and all hotels and other corporations owned directly and indirectly by the Mormon Church of Satan, The Trump Organization Incorporated, Apple, Bain, Citi, Disney, Halliburton, IBM, JPMorganChase, T-Mobile, Verizon and many other corporations. cc all Mormon barristers

11:44pm  Mormon computer gremlins are still ILLEGALLY preventing me from seeing my picture, except two or three, so tomorrow morning I will post the following with a caption that the ice cream picture is one of the pictures Mormon computer gremlin wiseguys are illegally hiding!  (The sadists want me to feel psychologically terrorized by the one unhid photo.)

MTA 49th Street subway poster; photo: October 28, 2018
(My Google Photos picture gallery, pictures taken on Sunday, October 28, 2018)