To CIA Danite McConnell: “It’s Payback Time”

October 16, 2018 12noon, midday

To CIA Danite Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader:  I don’t know exactly what shocking news will cause the stock market to crash, worldwide, I only know that, it wil be something about your church, your religion.  My guess is, a newspaper or newspapers will suddenly obtain information, and report, exactly how many Mormons are in Congress and on the Bench (U.S. Supreme Court), pretending to not be Mormons—that’s my calculated guess.

I’m going to post some pictures that I took earlier (pictures that I did not already post in the “It’s Payback Time” note to you), but before I can do that, I must first upload and label the pictures from my Google Photos to my website picture gallery.

We’re almost at Union Station.  I just had a confrontation with the guy sitting behind me.  I asked him to please not rattle his chips bag so much, because for someone, me, suffering from our government’s easy button laser beam torture, the sound makes the pain worse.  The Mormon CIA agent sitting in front of me jumped in and told me he has a right to make noise, that I’m not the only one on the bus and I told him to take his claw hand out of my face (I was standing up and he was sitting down) and he told me to take my mouse off his seat (actually, I had my hand on the back of the empty seat next to him, balancing myself so I would not fall) and now I know, I must avoid confrontations lest I be told I cannot ride the bus, from New York to Washington, DC.  I said to the guy in back of me, go ahead and rattle, your boss (the CIA Mormon sitting in front of me) gave you permission to!  Mitch, I am typing this very quickly.

I see the black children graphics on the wall (modern art, scary looking black children singing and dancing).  We’re here, Union Station!

Mitch, the time is now 2pm.  I just finished having lunch here, the Russell Senate building, and on my walk here, and here, I now have even more pictures to upload and label before I can post!  Have you any idea how overwhelmed I feel, and how depressed I feel because the stock market is acting like it’s never going to crash, worldwide?!

(Market Watch, October 16, 2018, 2pm,

I’m going to head on over to the Capitol; I’ll probably have coffee in the café before getting on line to enter the Senate gallery.  And then it’s back to Union Station, back to New York!  (The bus ride to and from here is like two or so hours or so each way, so engrossed am I, working on my computer, here at my website.)

Mitch, I cannot tell you how very much I look forward to the day when you, plural, are exposed!


… disclosed. … exposed. …
(Mormon Church of Satan’s Bible Gateway satanic misuse of Holy Scripture in God’s Word the Holy Bible,

Market Watch, October 16, 2018, 3:15pm,