October 4, 2018, 9:30pm.  Mormon computer gremlins: I need to access all of the pictures in my Goggles Photo gallery; I need to upload picture I t0ok of Target Stores’ three runners posed like Accenture’s Taoism black white runner (tomorrow, in a note to CIA Mormon Senator Rob Portman of Ohio or CIA Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana or CIA Senator John Neely Kennedy of Louisiana, both of whom are also Mormon Danites, I will write about Tao and Jain [elements of Babylon the Great] and Jane and don’t you try to prevent me from doing so!). I need you to stop illegally preventing me from accessing my pictures.  I will not ask CIA Mormon Danette Gina Haspel to tell Gerry next door to stop pressing an easy button transmitting perspiration to my face and upper body, sporadic shooting pain in my right foot, tinnitus ringing in my ears.  I am being tortured.  Gerry next door is being exploited. I do not ask to not be tortured.  Jehovah God gives me the strength to bear the tortuous pain.  I must be tortured, so I can testify in a criminal court of law to be established in The Hague, Netherlands.  Gerry next door, her testimony will also be required, so she, too, will be traveling to The Hague.

Again, I need you to STOP illegally preventing me from accessing my pictures!



Super Guardian

You want to make a difference.
FDA wants to hire you.
[Food & Drug Administration advertisement, Metro subway stop, Union Station, summer 2018]



Pacific Street, October 2, 2018


update: thank you, Mormon computer gremlins, for heeding my warning to stop illegally preventing me from accessing my pictures.

cc CIA Mormon Danite John Ekrann

to be continued tomorrow