September 30, 2018, 9:3pm.  About Me.  I feel extremely depressed, because the Futures market is up, and mostly because I think I offended some people, including my brothers, when I wrote that I understand why some white people do not want black neighbors.  I feel incapable of doing this work that I do.  Very incapable.  I am incapable.  I went to FedEx (after I went to Amtrak, Target store and Uniqlo; before I went to Port Authority Bus Terminal, and Stop & Shop) but was not able to print color copies of the doors that I posted yesterday, because the color printer was broken and the employee told me I could email the pictures to FedEx email address but I decided to copy the pictures to Microsoft Word because I did not want any extra printing or wording on the pages of pictures, and then put the pictures on a flash drive but I forgot how to format in Microsoft Word—I think I was having trouble concentrating because I was wondering if the only other customer using a computer—a black male with an African accent, speaking on his cell phone—is Nigerian and if so, will he and I one day be accused of transferring money to or from Sterling Bank in Nigeria.

During presidential campaign 2004 CIA-DIA Danite Dick Cheney, during a television interview (which one, I cannot remember) stated that, concerning another attack, “It’s not a matter of if.  It’s when.”  Today, 2018, that transcript is nowhere on the internet.  It’s “Like it never happened.”

Not if. When.
(Market Watch, Futures, September 30, 2018, 9pm,

Mormon computer gremlins are ILLEGALLY preventing me from posting picture of tourist bus advertising:

We’re going places (and we’re going on time).

I got a picture of the Mormon Danite, front and back, as he walked across the street coincidentally at the moment the bus drove by and two police officers got out of their police car, right there in front of Roulette Theater.  I explained to the police officers that I was not taking a picture of them, and then I said, “Caroline Kennedy, 2020.”

[Barbara Cutler]
orange/red maze,
YWCA Brooklyn, September 26, 2018

orange/red/blue shirts, Performance Food Group,

[Mormon computer gremlins are illegally preventing me from posting this picture:]

[Mormon computer gremlins are illegally preventing me from posting this picture:]