To CIA Danite Lenny Curry

Lenny Curry
Mayor of Jacksonville
Assumed office
July 1, 2015
Preceded by Alvin Brown
Chairman of the Florida Republican Party
In office
Governor Rick Scott
Preceded by David Bitner
Succeeded by Leslie Dougher

Leonard Boyd Curry (born July 19, 1970) is an American politician and businessman who is currently Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida. He assumed office on July 1, 2015, after defeating incumbent Alvin Brown in the city’s 2015 mayoral election. A Republican, Curry formerly served as chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and co-founded the professional services firm ICX Group.

Life and career

Curry was born in Key West.[1] He later grew up in Middleburg, Florida and graduated from Middleburg High School. Curry began his higher education at St. Johns River Community College, then transferred to the University of Florida and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in accounting.[2] He married his wife, Molly, in 2005. They have three children: Boyd, Brook, and Bridgett.[3]

From 1994 to 2002, he practiced as a certified public accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. In 2002, he co‐founded a Jacksonville-based professional services firm, ICX Group Inc., providing finance and accounting consulting, executive recruiting, and staffing services.

On June 3, 2014, Curry filed to run in the Jacksonville mayoral election in 2015. He decided to enter the race because beginning in late 2012 and early 2013, he began hearing about “leadership troubles” under incumbent Democratic mayor Alvin Brown.[3]

To CIA Mormon Danite Lenny Curry, Mayor, Jacksonville, Florida:  I’m at The Kennedy Center, in Washington DC.  You’re probably in front of a microphone, commenting on what happened, the latest tragedy.

A variety of vegetable curries from India

Curry (plural curries) is an umbrella term referring to a number of dishes originating in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent. The common feature is the use of complex combinations of spices or herbs, usually including turmeric, cumin, ginger, and fresh or dried hot chilies. The use of the term is generally limited to dishes prepared in a sauce.[1] Curry dishes prepared in the southern states of India may be spiced with leaves from the curry tree.[2]

Turmeric inflorescence.jpg
Turmeric (Curcuma longa) (/ˈtɜːrmərɪk/)[2] is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial flowering plant of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae.[3] It is native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, and requires temperatures between 20 and 30 °C (68 and 86 °F) and a considerable amount of annual rainfall to thrive. Plants are gathered annually for their rhizomes and propagated from some of those rhizomes in the following season.
Cuminum cyminum - Köhler–s Medizinal-Pflanzen-198.jpg
Cumin (/ˈkjuːmɪn/ or UK: /ˈkʌmɪn/, US: /ˈkmɪn/) (Cuminum cyminum) is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae, native to a territory including Middle East and stretching east to India.[2] Its seeds – each one contained within a fruit, which is dried – are used in the cuisines of many cultures in both whole and ground form. Although cumin is thought to have uses in traditional medicine, there is no high-quality evidence that it is safe or effective as a therapeutic agent.[3]

I asked a Pret a Manger customer if I could take a picture of her dress which to me reminded me of sage which reminded me of the Mormon Church of Satan’s turmeric cumin advertisement.  She is now a plaintiff in a legal case.  (I must type quickly; it is almost time for me to go outside to make an important message from me to theatergoers entering The Kennedy Center, here in Washington, DC.)
Looks like MARIAM but it’s actually MARJAM

Honest T
(Atlantic Avenue at Third Avenue, across the street from YWCA, Brooklyn, August 25, 2018)


To CIA Mormon Danite Lenny Curry, Mayor, Jacksonville, Florida, continuedLenny, I don’t know too much about, or actually, anything about, golf.  Does the golf cart have anything to do with the tee??

You probably already know about the death of Senator John McCain, and the shooting that happened in Jacksonville earlier today.  I found our about it when I was on the Greyhound bus from New York to Washington, DC.  I saw the headline at Microsoft News, so I went directly to your church’s (Mormon Church of Satan) KSL website, and I posted the tragedy news in an earlier post I posted to CIA Danette Kirstjen Nielsen (To CIA Danette Kirstjen Nielsen),  This is an updated report from your church’s (Mormon Church of Satan) KSL:

Pile on the smiles.  
Top your dinner with McCain Smiles Mashed Potato Shapes.

Authorities: Multiple dead in shooting at Jacksonville mall

By The Associated Press | Updated – Aug 26th, 2018 @ 3:22pm | Posted – Aug 26th, 2018 @ 2:30pm

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — A gunman opened fire Sunday during an online video game tournament that was being livestreamed from a Florida mall, killing multiple people and sending many others to hospitals, authorities said.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office did not immediately confirm the number of dead at the Jacksonville Landing, a collection of restaurants and shops along the St. Johns River.

But a source close to the investigation said four people were killed and the gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The source spoke on the condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to release information.

Sheriff Mike Williams said authorities had yet to identify the suspect who attacked the video football tournament, which was held in a gaming bar that shares space with a pizzeria. Viewers could watch the games online and see the players.

Investigators were looking into online video that appeared to capture the scene right before the shooting began, Williams said.


A red dot that appears to be a laser pointer is visible on the chest of a player seconds before the first of a dozen gunshots rings out.

The sheriff’s office used Twitter and Facebook to warn people to stay far away and to ask anyone who was hiding to call 911.

“We are finding many people hiding in locked areas at The Landing. We ask you to stay calm, stay where you are hiding. SWAT is doing a methodical search inside The Landing. We will get to you. Please don’t come running out,” the sheriff’s office said via Twitter.

The sheriff’s office did not provide any other information, but also warned reporters to stay away from the area.

Police barricaded a three-block radius around the mall. Officers and Coast Guard boats patrolled the nearby river. Many ambulances could be seen in the area, but the mall area appeared empty of all but law enforcement. Police also took up positions on a bridge overlooking the river.

The Jacksonville Landing, in the heart of the city’s downtown, also hosts concerts and other entertainment. It was the site of a Donald Trump rally in 2015, early in his campaign for the White House.

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