Cole Schotz Connecting With You

August 13, 2018.  To Cole Schotz:  Some of you know why I’m posting this note to you.  (Remember my other website?!)  I do not yet know to whose attention I should post this note, and future notes, but I will know, when it is time to.

I don’t know what happened to my wallet, that was in my handbag when I left my room here at the YWCA Brooklyn, and in my handbag when I paid for my groceries, but a few of you know.  I already asked BJ, a resident here at the YWCA who was coincidentally standing at Stop & Shop entrance, if she saw a wallet, but she did not see a wallet and I doubt that she, like you, knows what happened to my wallet.

I already telephoned Astoria Bank (now Sterling Bank) and closed my VISA debit card.  A new debit card will be mailed to me within seven to ten business days.  Tomorrow I will go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and MTA.  I will go to Astoria Bank (Sterling Bank) in person to find out if I should close my checking account, and to find out what happens to monthly automatic withdrawals from my checking account that might be withdrawn before I receive new VISA card.   I Filled out a form for a new room key, and a “key card” to enter the building, this building, YWCA Brooklyn, and until a new room key is made for me I will have to ask security to lock my door when I go out and unlock my door when I return because, incompetent me, when someone removed my key from my purse a few months ago and I got a new key, I kept putting off having a spare key made.

Tomorrow or later tonight I will document who (besides Barbara Cutler) was coincidentally aligned with me in the lobby, today, the day my wallet mysteriously disappeared from my handbag, and who was coincidentally aligned with me outside.

Futures, August 13, 2018, 8:15pm,