August 5, 2018, 5:45pm.  About Me. I’m at the Kennedy Center, sitting in one of the dining rooms, KC Café.  I read a few pages from the book I am currently reading, Mississippi Blood by Greg Iles, while eating a bowl of minnestrone soup.   Earlier, while I was making an important message from me announcement to theatergoers who were exiting the Center after seeing the Mormon Church of Satan’s Hamilton musical, the head of security, Mr. Walker, and another security officer whose name I did not note, approached me.  Both offices were very polite.  Before he said anything to me immediately I knew why.  Because, besides saying Caroline Kennedy, President, 2020.  Robert Kennedy, Jr., U.S. Attorney General.  I was also saying, Mormon CIA international criminal court of law guaranteed.  I had forgotten that I had realized that it would not be wise to make such a statement, about the fact that the Mormon Church CIA will be brought before an international criminal court of law, here at the Kennedy Center.

I asked Mr. Walker if I do not continue to say that, about the CIA, could I continue to stand outside for the remainder of  (Mormon Church of Satan’s) Hamilton performances.  I told Mr. Walker I will not mention anything about the CIA.  Mr. Walker told me if they allowed me to make political statements, they would have to allow others, too.  Point well taken.  My hands are tied.

Mr. Walker told me someone higher up than him will evaluate the situation and get back to me.  I asked him if he was referring to God.  (I was not trying to be a wiseguy.)  No.  Someone in security.  Mr. Walker wears a Navy thing around his neck.

I had explained to Mr. Walker that, Caroline Kennedy will most definitely be elected president, and that, while I do not want to sound like a religious nut, God directs this work that I do.  I mentioned that I am not Catholic, I do not believe the Catholic religion is the true religion.  If I am not mistaken I mentioned that God (Jehovah) will use men and women on earth to bring about the events that will culminate in Armageddon.  (I cannot remember if I mentioned Jehovah God’s Witnesses, though if I did, I did not claim to be one because God’s Witnesses to not engage in this sort of crazy work that I do.)  I leave this matter in Jehovah God’s hands.

But what if I’m mistaken?  What if Jehovah God is not directing this work that I do?

I asked an employee in the dining area where the Genesis musicals are on the wall.  There is not Day 4 mural. There is information about the artist in a tour brochure; I will read the information or take the tour next time I am here, to see if I could find out why Day 4 is missing.  I will  I took pictures of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, and the curtain, drape, next to Day 5 and the curtain, drape, next to Day 7.