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Intelligence Chief Dan Coats Finds His Voice. Will It Anger Trump?
The New York Times

(Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Sydney, Australia, https://www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au/about-us/meet-our-commissioners, note Adidas pure white pride pure white power stripe on Justice Jennifer Coat’s jacket. I continue to remind CIA ASIS Geoffrey Jackson and everybody else who is involved in planning and executing the well-orchestrated almost fool-proof sex abuse scandal surrounding God’s visible organization: each and every one of you will be exposed, GUARANTEED.  Reminder to Australia Royal Commission: You do not have the authority to change any arrangement in God’s visible organization.  I write under inspiration from and with authority from, God, Jehovah. cc all Mormon barristers!)

(Microsoft MSN “News”, July 18, 2018, http://www.msn.com)

July 18, 2018.  About Me.  My 1968 Camaro was forest green, not red.  If I owned a Ford instead of a Chevrolet, would there be a Ford AngloAryan American Revolution instead of a Chevrolet AngloAryan American Revolution??  I wonder.

(Microsoft MSN “News”, July 18, 2018, http://www.msn.com)

[the face of wickedness, evil: (not her, him, Buffett the wizard)]
Market Watch, July 18, 2018 4pm, https://www.marketwatch.com/

July 18, 2018. About Me.  In my opinion, there is no good witch, nor is there any good sorcerer. All wizardry/sorcery (including Harry Potter and Mormon Danite Warren Grand Imperial Wizard of Omaha) and all witchcraft (including Glenda “the good witch”) is bad, evil, wicked.  I know it sounds like it’s just my opinion, and that, my opinion does not matter.  But the fact of the matter is that, my opinion does matter; what I write, matters.  I write under inspiration from, and with authority from, God, the true God, Jehovah.  Nobody on earth has the power to prevent me from writing.


That which does not conform to God’s standard of moral excellence is wicked, bad, evil, or worthless. Like the Greek word po·ne·riʹa (Mt 22:18; Mr 7:22; Lu 11:39; Ac 3:26; Ro 1:29; 1Co 5:8; Eph 6:12), the Hebrew verb ra·shaʽʹ and related forms designate that which is wicked. (Ge 18:23; 2Sa 22:22; 2Ch 20:35; Job 34:8; Ps 37:10; Isa 26:10) Po·ne·rosʹ (related to po·ne·riʹa) often signifies that which is evil or wicked in a moral sense (Lu 6:45) and can apply to something that is bad or worthless in a physical sense, as when Jesus Christ spoke of “worthless fruit.” (Mt 7:17, 18) This word can also describe something that is hurtful and, at Revelation 16:2, has been rendered “painful” (AT, TEV) and “malignant.”​—NE, NW.

Why has God permitted wickedness?

Satan the Devil, who caused the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, to rebel against God, stands in opposition to God’s righteous standard and is appropriately termed “the wicked one.” (Mt 6:13; 13:19, 38; 1Jo 2:13, 14; 5:19) The rebellion initiated by Satan called into question the rightfulness and righteousness of God’s sovereignty, that is, whether God’s rulership over his creatures is exercised righteously and in their best interests. The fact that Adam and Eve rebelled also raised another issue: Would all other intelligent creatures prove unfaithful and disloyal to God when obedience appeared to bring no material benefits? Satan’s claim respecting faithful Job implied that they would do so. Satan said: “Skin in behalf of skin, and everything that a man has he will give in behalf of his soul. For a change, thrust out your hand, please, and touch as far as his bone and his flesh and see whether he will not curse you to your very face.”​—Job 2:4, 5; see SOVEREIGNTY.

Time was required to settle the issues that had been raised. Hence, Jehovah God, by permitting wicked persons to continue living, made it possible for others to share in proving Satan’s claim false by serving God faithfully under unfavorable and trialsome circumstances. God’s permission of wickedness has also provided an opportunity for individuals to abandon a wrong course and to subject themselves willingly to God’s righteous laws. (Isa 55:7; Eze 33:11) So God’s holding back for a time from destroying the wicked serves to spare the righteously disposed ones by allowing time for them to prove their love and devotion to Jehovah.​—Ro 9:17-26.

Additionally, Jehovah God makes use of circumstances in such a way that the wicked themselves unwittingly serve his purpose. Though they oppose God, he can restrain them to the extent necessary for the preserving of his servants in their integrity, and can cause the actions even of such persons to bring his righteousness to the fore. (Ro 3:3-5, 23-26; 8:35-39; Ps 76:10) This thought is expressed at Proverbs 16:4: “Everything Jehovah has made for his purpose, yes, even the wicked one for the evil day.”

A case in point is the Pharaoh on whom Jehovah, through Moses and Aaron, served notice for the release of the enslaved Israelites. God did not make this Egyptian ruler wicked, but he did allow him to continue living and also brought about circumstances that caused Pharaoh to manifest himself as being wicked and deserving of death. Jehovah’s purpose in doing this is revealed at Exodus 9:16: “For this cause I have kept you in existence, for the sake of showing you my power and in order to have my name declared in all the earth.”

The Ten Plagues visited upon Egypt, climaxed by the destruction of Pharaoh and his military forces in the Red Sea, were an impressive demonstration of Jehovah’s power. (Ex 7:14–12:30; Ps 78:43-51; 136:15) For years afterward the nations round about were still talking about it, and God’s name was thus being declared throughout the earth. (Jos 2:10, 11; 1Sa 4:8) Had Jehovah killed Pharaoh immediately, this grand display of God’s power to His glory and for the deliverance of His people would not have been possible.

The Scriptures give assurance that the time will come when wickedness will no longer exist, as all those who stand in opposition to the Creator will be destroyed when his permission of wickedness will have served its purpose.​—2Pe 3:9-13; Re 18:20-24; 19:11–20:3, 7-10.

(INSIGHT on the Scriptures, God’s visible organization’s Watchtower Online Library, https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1200004603, posted here at my website with permission from some of the federal agents who’re pretending to be Jehovah’s Witnesses, cc all Mormon barristers)

Market Watch, July 18, 2018, 4pm EST,

2018 Russell Investments/ASX
Long Term Investing Report
The journey matters as much as the destination
Nissan Intelligent Mobility
Australia Stock Exchange, July 18, 2019, 4pm EST,

The modern-day organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses began at the end of the 19th century. At that time, a small group of Bible students who lived near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States, began a systematic analysis of the Bible. They compared the doctrines taught by the churches with what the Bible really teaches. They began publishing what they learned in books, newspapers, and the journal that is now called The Watchtower—Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom.

Among that group of sincere Bible students was a man named Charles Taze Russell. While Russell took the lead in the Bible education work at that time and was the first editor of The Watchtower, he was not the founder of a new religion. The goal of Russell and the other Bible Students, as the group was then known, was to promote the teachings of Jesus Christ and to follow the practices of the first-century Christian congregation. Since Jesus is the Founder of Christianity, we view him as the founder of our organization.—Colossians 1:18-20.

(God’s visible organization’s Watchtower Online Library, https://www.jw.org/en/jehovahs-witnesses/faq/founder, emphasis added, posted here at my website with permission from some of the federal agents who’re pretending to be Jehovah’s Witnesses, cc all Mormon barristers)

Bones logo.jpg
Skull and Bones is an undergraduate senior secret student society at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. It is the oldest senior class landed society. The society’s alumni organization, the Russell Trust Association, owns the society’s real estate and oversees the organization. The society is known informally as “Bones”, and members are known as “Bonesmen”.[1]

Jolly Roger is the traditional English name for the flags flown to identify a pirate ship about to attack, during the early 18th century (the later part of the Golden Age of Piracy).

The flag most commonly identified as the Jolly Roger today, the skull and crossbones symbol on a black flag, was used during the 1710s by a number of pirate captains including Black Sam Bellamy, Edward England, and John Taylor, and it went on to become the most commonly used pirate flag during the 1720s.


(I have no complaint against Prince Harry or Meghan Markle, the royal couple who will visit here as part of the Anglo Aryan silent revolution propaganda mind control arranged royal marriage (the deception is sickening!):]
(Microsoft MSN News, July 18, 2018, http://www.msn.com)



No matter how many people think otherwise, Jehovah’s Witnesses really is God’s visible organization.
The wrath of Jehovah God really is upon the Mormon Church of Satan, no matter how many people think otherwise.
The stock market really is going to crash, worldwide, no matter how many people think otherwise.
No matter how many people think otherwise, Caroline Kennedy will be elected President in the year 2020; Jim Turner of Texas will be elected Vice President; Robert Kennedy Jr. will be nominated and confirmed U.S. Attorney General; Robert Mueller will be nominated and confirmed Director of the FBI.
No power on earth has the power to prevent this prophetic message that I write from becoming reality, not even these four people themselves.  I write under inspiration from and with authority from, God, the true God, Jehovah.  cc all Mormon barristers

Mayor Warren Wilhelm aka Bill de Blasio is the clean-up man, if the Mormon Church of Satan/CIA succeed in their planned nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River.  His administration is already prepared to hold tribunals and immediately execute some of the “troublemakers” (30,000 bananas; nationwide: 30,000 guillotines, to be continued)

Partial List of Scapegoats, if the Mormon Church of Satan/CIA succeed in their nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River:

Former President Barack “Hussein” Obama
Former Advisor to the President, Valerie “June” Jarrett
Former Homeland Security Director “Jeh” Johnson
Newark Mayor Ras Baraka
Minnesota Congressman FBI agent Keith “Ellison”
New York Congressman FBI agent Hakim Jeffries
Former leader of the CIA’s Black Panthers: FBI agent “Malik Zulu Shabazz”
Former Public Relations Spokesman for Mormon Church, FBI agent “Ahmad” Corbitt (now assigned to the Dominican Republic)

[greasy looking Latino American man and African American man made up to look like former President Barack Hussein Obama wearing Joseph Smith’s white shirt] https://www.vividseats.com/theatre/hamilton-tickets.html

[Former presidential candidate Joseph Smith (1844), author of “U.S. Constitution hanging by a thread” prophecy:] Portrait of Joseph Smith Jr.

The purpose of this website is to expose the Mormon Church of Satan and all enemies of Jesus Christ the Way the Truth the Life, the Prince of Peace. This website is also the beginning of a presidential campaign to elect Caroline Kennedy President of the United States. I prayed to Jehovah God to please, by means of His son Christ Jesus, please, arrange national events and world events in such a manner such that Caroline Kennedy is elected President of the United States.  I know Jehovah God hears my prayer and will answer my prayer because that particular prayer of mine is one of my deepest desires and Jehovah God has promised me that he will satisfy all of my deepest desires.  All of the information posted at this website is interconnected; directly connected to the Mormon Church of Satan’s illegal sting operation surrounding Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, and me. The illegal sting operation that encompasses every human being on earth, and has resulted in the LEGAL CASE, unlike any other, ever. The LEGAL CASE, headed to The Hague, Netherlands. cc all Mormon attorneys

As the Storm Approaches,
Maintain Your Focus on Jesus!
(Matthew 14:22-34; Hebrews 12:2)
(Concluding talk, Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention 2015, worldwide)