Chaos Magic Teleconferencing

July 31, 2018, 1pm.  About Me.  I have so much information to post, I feel overwhelmed, and frustrated because Mormon computer gremlins are playing computer gremlin pranks on my computer, causing computer screen freeze!  I need to post information a lot of information, really, a lot.  I will post as much information as I possibly can today and the next day or two, about six topics:

>> Chaos Magic Teleconferencing
>> Slam
>> The Kennedy Center Dining Floor: Genesis chapter 1
>> Times Square street performers
>> Unhinged
>> The Turning Point/Seeds of Destruction
The Turning Point


These three pictures I took at the Kennedy Center, Sunday, July 29, 2018.  I wanted to get really close up pictures, but I did because I was afraid to.
I was afraid security would tell me I must leave the premises. Going forward I must not shrink back, I must be unafraid.  Jehovah God forbids me from shrinking back.  (Hebrews 10:39)  When I see something I must say something, with my camera lens.  I should have taken a closeup of this, what I saw:

Magnum ice cream advertised on bus, and man and woman and videocamera, The Kennedy Center, July 29, 2018

Magnum ice cream advertised on bus and a man and a woman and a videocamera and a car with BYU Y sticker, The Kennedy Center, July 29, 2018

While I stood on the other side of Atlantic Avenue (in front of  YWCA Roulette Theater PERFORMANCE DANCE ART etc. engraved on exterior of building) taking pictures of a parade of cars and trucks driving by, on Thursday, July 26. 2018, this man was on the other side of Atlantic Avenue, videotaping but of course it would be paranoid of me to think that he was videotaping me coincidentally aligned with some of the cars and trucks.

Picture of Magnum ice cream advertised on bus, and a car with BYU Y (Brigham Young University, Utah) sticker and JHH (John Hopkins Hospital) sticker, The Kennedy Center, July 29, 2018

(This is the Place, Heritage Park, Utah,

This is a picture of the slide projector that someone from the maintenance department (someone sporting a Blink key chain that someone else gave him) set up in the conference room where I was sitting, a unique space on the lobby floor; I met with Merle yesterday and signed a lease, my lease expires today.  (I won’t be evicted!)  I do not know the maintenance employee’s name; he told me his name once but I cannot remember his name and I should have asked him yesterday. I did ask him if he’s originally from Russia and he told me no, he’s Puerto Rican. I did not want to ask too many questions, but I should have asked him what is his name. I do not know if he could see how my heart was beating really fast, my dress where my heart is, was moving a lot, because of the pulsating heart beat [somebody was pressing an easy button laser beam].  Incompetent me, I did not take a picture of the projection screen!  Christie joined us (Merle and Me) for that brief meeting. (I could not of course take a picture of Merle’s new hairstyle which looks a lot like Ms. Millett’s, but I really wanted to.)   Merle did not ask me if I have an alias name, for some kind of criminal activity.  (More mail is delivered to my mailbox addressed to Katherine Scott than to me.  I am not Katherine Scott! I taped a note inside my mail box requesting that only mail addressed to me, Leitha McLeon, be put in my mailbox; postal employees continue to put mail addressed to Katherine Scott in my mail box!  Why, I do not yet know, and neither do the postal employees know.)  Last night I snipped and saved a picture of Australia Stock Exchange advertisement for Blink fitness.  The picture disappeared.  Why Blink picture disappeared and PeerSpace picture did not disappear, I do not know:

Australia Stock Exchange, July 31, 2018 Sydney; July 30, 2017 New York,
This is a picture of a slide projection screen:

(Pret a Manger, Times Square, July 28, 2018, the day of teen/preteen dance event at Times Square and the video gamers event on Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn)

A Vision of Magick for the 21st Century
Conway Hall, London 6th September 2008
(URL ?)

Symbol of Chaos

Symbol of Chaos and Starbucks, next to Millenium hotel, across the street from “The Oculus”, across the street from Century 21, July 29, 2018

Definition of CHAOS
1 a : a state of utter confusion • the blackout caused chaos throughout the city
b : a confused mass or mixture • a chaos of television antennas
2 a often capitalized : a state of things in which chance is supreme; especially : the confused unorganized state of primordial matter before the creation of distinct forms — compare COSMOS
b : the inherent unpredictability in the behavior of a complex natural system (such as the atmosphere, boiling water, or the beating heart)
3 obsolete : CHASM, ABYSS
(Merriam Webster Dictionary,*mid_5E1FA733C4B95ED112B81C426AF9CA1DE4A6EAA7*simid_607992884252313584*thid_OIP.7FLUHG1C5adIBBNe8iP98wHaHa&iss=VSI

[Two “hoodies:]
Franklin, first black ‘Peanuts’ character, hits a milestone
Woman opens up on surviving encounter with suspected serial killer
New York Daily News
(MSN News, July 31, 2018,,

Three “hoodies” and Toyota Let’s Go Places Kentucky license plate number 243 TXP, New Hampshire Avenue, a few doors from ARC hotel, across the street from Mormon Church of Satan’s Marriott Residence Inn, enroute to and from The Kennedy Center, July 29, 2018

Elaine Chao official portrait.jpg
Elaine Lan Chao (Chinese: 趙小蘭; pinyin: Zhào Xiǎolán; born March 26, 1953)[2] is the 18th and current United States Secretary of Transportation. A member of the Republican Party, she was previously a cabinet member in the administration of President George W. Bush.

On November 29, 2016, President-elect Donald Trump nominated Chao to serve as the Secretary of Transportation.[3] She was confirmed by the Senate on January 31, 2017, in a 93–6 vote.[4]

Chao served as the 24th United States Secretary of Labor under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009, and as Deputy Secretary of Transportation and Director of the Peace Corps under President George H. W. Bush.[5][6] Chao served as president of the United Way of America from 1992-1996 and served as a Distinguished Fellow with The Heritage Foundation before and after her service as U.S. Secretary of Labor. Prior to being sworn in as the U.S. Secretary of Transportation on January 31, 2017, she was a Distinguished Fellow with the Hudson Institute.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, to Chinese parents who had left mainland China in 1949, Chao was the first Asian American woman and the first Chinese American in U.S. history to be appointed to a President’s Cabinet. Chao is married to U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who has been the Senate Majority Leader since January 3, 2015.[7] [emphasis added]
When the going gets tough the tough get a HAIRCUT!
(Chinese musclegirl Rosie the Riveter protecting Anglo Aryan women, Parlor Hair salon, Atlantic Avenue between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue [Beauty Road], Brooklyn, 2016-2017)

July 31, 2018, 9pm.  About Me.  I’m back from in my room;  (I went to 46th Street, Times Square, to make an important message from me announcement to theatergoers on line to see Mormon Church of Satan’s Hamilton musical and Mormon Church of Satan’s Donna Summers musical.)  This is a picture of  a man using a videocamera, videotaping passengers already in the subway car, and passengers boarding the subway car:
This guy in one sweeping motion took his videocamera and slowly moved it from left to right, videotaping passengers already in the subway car and also passengers entering the subway car door on his left and the subway door on his right.

MTA subway, N train, Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn, July 31, 2018