Summer Camps

June 19, 2018.  About Me.  While I appreciate the historical images, I do not agree with the website’s ideals or goals. (I want no part of the “black is beautiful”/”black ‘power’ ” movement or the black Muslim movement or the Yoruba village in South Carolina.)

GOP pressure grows to end family splits
The hilarious reason one young girl didn’t want to leave a department store
(MSN News, June 19, 2018,  [Really, hilarious! You wiseguys and wisegals think you’re so very clever!] Sophie's Choice1.jpg
After Nathan discharges a firearm over the telephone in a violent rage, Sophie and Stingo flee to a hotel. She reveals to him that, upon arrival at Auschwitz, she was forced to choose which one of her two children would be gassed and which would proceed to the labor camp. To avoid having both children killed, she chose her son, Jan, to be sent to the children’s camp, and her daughter, Eva, to be sent to her death.

June 19, 2018.  About Me.  I used to wonder if Stingo is from Alabama.  He’s from the south, but which state, Bama??   I still wonder about that.  Stingo, what an unusual name.  I still wonder if Stingo is a Nazi.  Is Stingo related to that senior member of the new and improved KKK, Attorney General CIA agent Jeff Sessions??  These new and improved Nazis are much more dangerous than the old Nazis.  Why?  Because they’re experts at pretending to not be new and improved Nazis!

Laura Ingraham Compares Child Immigrant Detention Centers to Summer Camps
(MSN News, June 19, 2018,

Sisak children’s concentration camp officially called “Shelter for Children Refugees” was a concentration camp during World War II located in Sisak, set up by the Ustaše government of the Nazi-puppet state, the Independent State of Croatia, for Serbian, Jewish and Romani children. It was part of the Jasenovac extermination camp[1][2].

The camp’s commander was Dr Antun Najžer, a physician known as the “Croatian Mengele“.[3][4]

The camp

The concentration camp was opened on 3 August 1942 following the Kozara Offensive.[14] It was part of an assembly camp, officially named the “Refugee Transit Camp”,.[14] The concentration camp at Sisak was officially called “Shelter for the refugee children,” under the auspices of the “Ustasha Female Lineage” and “Ustasha Security Service”, and under the direct control of Dr Antun Najžer, a physician. The camp was located in several buildings in [[Sisak]: the former Yugoslav Falconry Association (the so-called “Sokolana”), the Sisters of St. Vincent nunnery, the saltwork Rice warehouse, the Rajs Saltworks warehouse, the Novi Sisak elementary school and the so-called “Karantena” (Quarantine). All these buildings were totally unsuitable for housing children. For example, in the Falconry association, there were no doors; it was drafty because the whole construction was set up for drying salt. Children, even the smallest ones who were only a few months old, had to lie on the floor with only a thin layer of straw, with no clothes or blankets.[citation needed]