June 8, 2018, 11am.  About Me. I’m typing on a laptop at the main library, Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street.  Last night my laptop broke, and my other laptop, I neglected to take to Geek Squad, weeks ago, for repair. I took pictures of TRUTH statue and BEAUTY statue, one each side of library main entrance, the steps above the two lions, however I cannot post because I need a mouse to print screen or snip the pictures from my Google Photos to my website picture gallery.   I cannot type on this laptop; I am not familiar with typing without a mouse.  I must go to Staples to use a computer.

(With my right hand I keep reaching for my mouse.)

I must telephone Board of Elections and League of Women Voters, to find out if either can tell me what I need to do to start a petition, signatures, put Caroline Kennedy’s name on the ballot.  (The positive responses I get from theatergoers [“Would you vote for Caroline Kennedy for president in the upcoming presidential election?” “Yes.”] is very encouraging!)

I will format the two posts that I posted, two posts that I was working on last night before my computer broke down, when I go to Staples, that is, if I can.

UPDATE: I’m at Staples. Mormon computer gremlins illegally prevented one of the two posts from posting, the post that is now before this post.  I might not be able to go to Washington DC.  I need to buy a new laptop.  (I don’t like the laptop that needs repair.)  I cannot describe how very overwhelmed I feel.