May 20, 2018, 12:30pm.  About Me.  Whenever I feel easy button laser beam pressure on my intestines, I know, there’s some kind of coincidental alignment waiting for me in the bathroom, or, in the hall.  (Coincidental alignment other than Barbara Cutler, the satanic witch who is usually in the bathroom or the hall almost every time I’m in the bathroom or the hall.)  Who (besides Barbara Cutler) will be coincidentally aligned with me? I wondered.

I did not place this toilet paper in the toilet that I use (or in the waste paper basket), 11th floor bathroom Atlantic Avenue side of the building, YWCA Brooklyn, May 20, 2018.   Most probably the resident in room 1110 did.  She is assigned to stop up this American Standard brand toilet.  (Of utmost importance: American Standard Version is the translation preferred by God’s visible organization before publication of New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures—to be continued.)  She is being exploited.  Barbara Cutler, on the other hand, assigned to crumble toilet paper and then throw in the garbage receptacle, loves what she does, and was, as usual, roaming the hallway when I went to the bathroom.

Bathroom waste receptacle, 11th floor bathroom Atlantic Avenue side of the building, YWCA Brooklyn, May 20, 2018.

When I left the bathroom I went to my room, got my phone, went back to the bathroom and took the above picture, then I went to the kitchen to take a picture.  Quite coincidentally, Brenda, the resident who had the Kobe Bryant newspaper clipped photo taped to her door and the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital sticker and the “holy” cross made of two crisscross twigs which is still taped to her door (the resident who slipped The New York Times Magazine article about the Underground Weather bomber, under my door; the resident who had a mailbox in Times Plaza post office though why anyone living here at the YWCA Brooklyn would need an off-site mailbox, I do not know; the resident who, twice, was in the hallway carrying a knife in her hands when I walked by, and once carrying a pair of scissors; the resident who, when I walked by the kitchen three nights ago and, upon seeing the awe-inspiring sunset, said aloud, Oh Jehovah God, what a beautiful sight!, walked out of her door, cursed [I cannot remember exactly what satanic vulgarity she said], then slammed her door).

“Taking pictures, crazy bitch.  One by one, your grandkids will pay for what you do,” said Brenda, today, when I took a picture of the garbage receptacle in the kitchen.

“How do you know I have grandkids?” I asked Brenda.


(CIA-SHISH-KGB agent David Schafer: Who arranged to rent this Raid Bedbug bus to transport some of God’s servants from Wallkill and Patterson, to God’s visible organization’s Assembly Hall in Jersey City, for Annual Meeting 2016?  Do you know?  Sure you do!)

To be continued when I come back from making an important message from me announcement to theatergoers on line to see Mormon Church of Satan’s Hamilton musical.

May 20, 2018, 7:30pm.  About Me, continued I’ve not had time to document a picture that I took of a burlesque dancer on Fourth Avenue at Pacific Street, with her permission to do so (one week or so after someone placed a BLACK AMATUER STRIPPERS CAUGHT ON TAPE! videotape in the elevator vestibule, here at YWCA Brooklyn), a few days after my grandson Wesley told me he’s going to apply for a job as a stripper in a nightclub, because he can’t find any other employment—he said it’s either that, or selling drugs.  (I’ve not spoken with Wesley since that conversation, one day last week.)  I do not know what adversities my other two grandsons are faced with.   They three (and other relatives of mine) are constantly in my prayers to Jehovah.  The Mormon Church of Satan tries to paralyze me with fear of harm to my grandchildren; somebody told Brenda to say what she said to me, which she said with such passion, as though she herself would like to harm my grandchildren.  And when I was walking in the hallway to go to the elevator to go to 46th Street to make the an important message from me announcement, Brenda was in the hallway again (someone sent her to be in the hallway as I walked by), she yelling something or other about somebody in the street was going to knock me down, attack me—I cannot remember her exact words.  I’ve not written about it, that here lately three or four times while I’m making an important message from me announcement on 46th Street, a black male will brush against me (not the same black male, different black males) and one time one said, “Move out of my way” but so far, none have knocked me down or knifed me or stabbed me.  (How like the Mormon Church of Satan to have a black male do their dirty work!)  I cannot allow fear of harm to my family or myself stop me from doing this crazy woman work that I do.  I cannot live in fear of what the Mormon Church of Satan can do to my family or me.  Jehovah God is my Shepherd.  (Psalm chapter 23, a prayer for the living, not the dead.)

I took this picture when I came out of the subway station, R N subway, 6th Avenue at 47th Street, May 20, 2018

13 “Articles of Faith”
1. We believe …
2. We believe …
3. We believe …
4. We believe …
5. We believe …
6. We believe …
7. We believe …
8. We believe …
9. We believe …
10. We believe …
11. We claim …
12. We believe …
13. We believe …
(Mormon Church of Satan’s “13 Articles of Faith”,
FOR THE RECORD.  Abercrombie & Fitch (AF) and also Astoria Federal Bank (AF, now Sterling Bank) are now Mormon church (the church that falsely claims to be the Church of Jesus Christ) code words for their “Articles of Faith” which is a code word for the 13 Articles of the U.S. Constitution.  cc all Mormon barristers

Toyota Connecticut license plate AF, parked in front of Roulette Theater, YWCA Brooklyn, the day that became the night one black male shot another black male, May 4, 2018 (the wife of the deceased black male, was a resident here at YWCA Brooklyn; the dead body was right in front of the barricade, on Third Avenue at State Street).  I have not yet had time to document two other events that happened this weekend, the weekend of the Royal Wedding: a youth choir performance at Roulette Theater YWCA Brooklyn, and a runners race at Coney Island.  Recap: weekend of Royal Wedding: Texas school shooting; Cuba plane crash; grammar school students and high school students choral recital at Roulette Theater (Brooklyn Youth Choir); Brooklyn Marathon. (to be continued)

Tour bus driving past YWCA Brooklyn barricade, Third Avenue at State Street, November 2016

GERRY CREAMER is one of the managers at Astoria Federal Savings during the time my checking account was closed and my Visa card voided because someone (Mormon Danites/Danettes) used my Visa card to purchase Afriqiyah (Libya) Airline tickets, November 2010.  Gerry Creamer, probably an FBI agent, is a plaintiff in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Accenture, Citi, JPMorganChase, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.   All Astoria Bank employees on Fifth Avenue at 10th Street, from 1998 (or whatever year it was that I opened a savings account [which is now closed] and a checking account) onward, are plaintiffs.  cc all Mormon barristers

TRAFALGAR bus, 47th Street at 6th Avenue, May 20, 2018


Trafalgar may refer to:







  • Trafalgar was one of the GWR 3031 Class locomotives that were built for and run on the Great Western Railway between 1891 and 1915; renamed Lambert in 1901.
  • Trafalgar Tours, a travel company


TRAFALGAR bus on 47th Street and MORMON ON BROADWAY on 6th Avenue, May 20, 2018

Mormon Danite wearing striped t-shirt (similar to my striped dress) and a pair of flipflops, got out of MORMON ON BROADWAY yellow cab on 6th Avenue while TRAFALGAR white bus on 47th Street

(46th Street while theatergoers were on line to see Mormon Church of Satan’s Hamilton musical, May 20, 2018)

Toyota New Jersey
license plate number Y99 FMR
(46th Street while theatergoers were on line to see Mormon Church of Satan’s Hamilton musical, May 20, 2018)
[A farmer’s tractor:]
Let’s put smart to work.TM
IBM Find out how 
(Market Watch, May 20, 2018, 8:15pm,

Toyota New Jersey license plate number Y99 FMR DE PEA
(46th Street while theatergoers were on line to see Mormon Church of Satan’s Hamilton musical, May 20, 2018)

Not to be confused with Phillips Academy Andover.

Phillips Exeter Academy
Phillips Exeter Academy Seal.png
20 Main Street
Exeter, New Hampshire

Phillips Exeter Academy (often called Exeter or PEA) is a coeducational independent school for boarding and day students in grades 9 though 12, and offers a postgraduate program. Located in Exeter, New Hampshire, it is one of the oldest secondary schools in the United States. Exeter is based on the Harkness education system, a conference format of student interaction with minimal teacher involvement. It has the largest endowment of any New England boarding school, which as of June 30, 2016, was valued at $1.15 billion.[5][6]

Phillips Exeter Academy has educated several generations of the New England establishment and prominent American politicians, but has introduced many programs to diversify the student population, including free tuition for families whose income is $75,000 or less. In 2015–2016, over 45% of students received financial aid from grants totaling over $19M. The school has been historically highly selective, with an acceptance rate of 17% for the 2017–2018 school year, and many graduates attend the Ivy League universities, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Chicago, and Georgetown University, among others.[7][8]

Student body
The Academy claims a tradition of diversity.[8] During the Civil War, four white students from Kentucky confronted the then-principal Gideon Lane Soule over the presence of a black student at Exeter. When they demanded that the black student be expelled on account of his skin color, Soule replied, “The boy is to stay; you may do as you please.”[46][47]

The Class of 1945 Library

PeaPod Stop & Shop 
(March 14, 2018.  For the record.  There is no Stop&Shop supermarket in or anywhere near “Hell’s Kitchen”.  Stop&Shop PeaPod was sent to 49th Street solely for the purpose of imparting confidence to Mormons on line to see their musical.  The driver of the Stop&Shop truck is a plaintiff in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan. cc all Mormon barristers)

When I saw a woman had walked past the Toyota New Jersey license plate number Y99 FMR DE PEA, carrying on her shoulder an Astoria tote bag, quickly I walked to catch up with her.  I explained to her that I like the name Astoria and I asked her if I could take a picture of her tote bag.  She said, no; she explained to me that she was in a hurry to take her daughter to the theater or something or other.  While I usually do not take a picture if someone says no, I took a picture anyhow because too much is at stake.

FROM ASTORIA with love
[blue t-shirt:] A & F
(The girl is looking at something in the Mormon Church of Satan’s Marriot Marquis Theater, Escape to Margaritaville)
May 20, 2018
Astoria Federal Bank (now Sterling Bank) corporate headquarters: Lake Success, New York