Note to FBI

May 15, 2018

Note to FBI in New York who are not insiders to the Mormon Church of Satan’s planned nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River:

I do realize that, some people view me as just another one of the circus acts at Times Square, but even so, I must continue to hold in my hand a laminated paper announcing my website while I verbally make an important message from me announcement to theatergoers on line to see Mormon Church of Satan’s Hamilton musical and Donna Summers musical.

Today I will go to FedEx or Staples to have a laminated sign made announcing both of my websites:

The reason I am writing this note to you is because I need you to make sure Mormon Danites/Danettes are not allowed to tell FedEx or Staples employee(s) to

Use a font that’s difficult to read
Print the sign in gray letters instead of black letters
Use gray lamination that makes it difficult to read the print

Please, do not allow Mormon Danites/Danettes to interfere with the production of a sign advertising a website to nominate Caroline Kennedy, President, 2020.

Thank you.  (My thank you to you has nothing to do with the many “Thank you” and “Happy Mother’s Day” and “Good Mornings”[morning, mourning, Georgetown, to be continued] greetings to me this past weekend.)