May 7, 2018, 3:30pm.  About Me.  Earlier I went to Proctor University (WordPress training), at 1441 Broadway, Times Square.  Terry, the proprietor, helped me build a website. I will meet with Terry on Wednesday for one hour more training because the website name is not what it should be ( and it takes time for BlueHost to change the name of the website. (As soon as I can I will post a list of web hosting companies with headquarters in Utah, and a list of some of the top employers in Utah.)

When I came back (to YWCA Brooklyn) from Times Square, when I put the key in the door to my room, I heard a male voice.

Is there a man in my room?!

Two of the roofers are working outside right in front of one of the windows to my room; I’d left the window slightly open.

The part of the roof directly over this room and the brick wall right outside this room, get a lot more attention than the rest of the building!

SKY CLIMBER, YWCA Brooklyn, May 7, 2018.  Two roofers installing copper on one, and only one, window sill: the window sill for the two windows to this room, 1115.  (If my windows are open during the summer months will the heat from the sun activate some sort of crippling toxic super technology sadism??  I do not know.)

No hammering today while somebody else is pressing an easy button laser beam transmitting burning stinging pain to my head; instead, constant talking (Spanish) and constant scraping, and intermittent sirens blaring.

When I went to the kitchen to a picture of the roofers right outside my windows, Barbara Cutler was roaming the hallway (as usual).

Barbara Cutler, wearing T-Mobile No More Mr. Nice Girl pink/black, roaming the hall, May 7, 2018, approximately 3pm.  When I went back to my room I telephoned the security desk to report the foul stench in the hallway, a stench that is even more foul at 3pm than when I was in the hallway on my way back to my room when I came back from Times Square, at approximately 2pm; evidently somebody put excrement in the waste receptacle.