To Jewish Women, and All Women

To Jewish women, and all women:  Why is the Mormon Church of Satan’s #MeToo presidential campaign strategy to elect CIA Mormon Kirsten Gillibrand targeting primarily Jewish men? Are we to believe that Jewish men in high places are more likely to be sex predators than other men in high places?? 

Market Watch Futures, May 7, 2018, 11:30pm,

Market Watch Futures and Microsoft “super heroes” popup, May 7, 2018, 11:45pm,

POWER POSSE PRODUCTIONS and Mormon Church of Satan “ADRENALINE PACKED” “Super Heros”, 46th Street at Broadway, May 6, 2018

I’m looking for some stout hearted women (and men) to help me campaign for Caroline Kennedy, President, 2020.  No response required, just silently do what you can (to promote website that will soon be up and running to draft Caroline Kennedy, President, 2020; up and running that is, unless Mormon Danettes/Danites illegally prevent me from publishing website).