May 6, 2018, 9:15pm.  About Me.  I have so many pictures to post, and am not making any progress in doing so.  I feel so very overwhelmed.  The following is a list of events this weekend, the weekend of CIA Mormon Danite Warren Imperial Wizard of Omaha Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting, and Kentucky Derby:

1. Murder on Third Avenue in front of YWCA Brooklyn, May 4, 2018  (Friday, May 4th at approximately 4pm I wrote in a post here at my website that, no doubt Mormon Danites/Danettes would celebrate the sky high market close with fireworks in the Hudson River near the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, in Sunset Park, or, at Liberty Park in Jersey City; little did I know that, gunfire was planned instead of fireworks)
2. My refrigerator stopped working, May 5, 2018; I must purchase a new refrigerator
3. Hawaii Earthquake, May 4, 2018
4. American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, May 4-6, 2018, Mormon Church of Satan Marriott Marquis hotel
5. 200 Navajo horses died, May 6, 2018
6. MTA R and N 47th Street subway station closed, May 4-5, 2018; today, delay at 57th subway station because of a sick passenger at another subway station (the announcement was not made by Mr Mormon CIA Courtesy Is Contagious Thank You For Your Patients Next Planned Attack on New York City insider, an MTA employee made the announcement which could barely be heard because of the EXTREMELY loud train engine, the Q subway train; I waited for the R subway)

Market Watch, May 6, 2018, [I cannot find URL for exact webpage])

Empire City Subway
140 West St.
(46th Street between American Eagle clothing store and Mormon Church of Satan Marriott Marquis hotel, May 6, 2018)

Verizon Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Address: 140 West Street
New York, NY …

Graying hair …
191 horses die searching for water
(MSN News, May 6, 2018,

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Nearly 200 feral horses, besieged with famine and dehydration, were found dead on a dried-up stock pond on Navajo land in Arizona.

The animals went to the pond in Gray Mountain, an unincorporated community in Coconino County in north central Arizona, in search of water. But they somehow found themselves burrowed into the mud and too weak to escape, said Jonathan Nez, vice president of the Navajo Nation, which is the largest Native American tribe in the country and covers parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.
(MSN News, May 6, 2018,’-parched-land/ar-AAwRlpn?ocid=spartanntp, emphasis added)

Graying hair
NHRA community mourns driver killed in crash
Woman wins $1.2 million off Kentucky Derby bet
(MSN News, May 6, 2018,

Toyota, Indian Motorcycle sticker, parked in front of YWCA entrance, State Street, May 6, 2018

May 6, 2018.  About Me.  I oppose racists exploiting Native Americans with names like Indian Motorcycles, Redskins baseball team, Utes baseball team and so on and so forth—really, I am very opposed!  (To be continued when I post the Lighthouse/Searchlight information.)

(46th Street across the street from Mormon Church of Satan’s Marriott Marquis hotel, May 6, 2018)

(Mormon Church of Satan’s Urban Dictionary,