January 20, 2018,  5:30pm. About Me.  This is my opinion of the Women’s March held nationwide today:

>>> An event to promote lesbianism and all LGBT culture;
>>> An event to castrate heterosexual males;
>>> An event to promote CIA Mormon Danette Kirsten  Gillibrand’s #MeToo organization, her presidential campaign 2020, she who is an insider to the Mormon Church of Satan’s hidden agenda.

I know, my opinion doesn’t count, yes, I know.

[CBCNews middle person: transgendered male or transgendered female??]



Pink Pussy Car sex store, 6th Avenue
[Avenue of the Americas], Greenwich Village, New York City,

Kristen Jordan Shamus, Detroit Free Press
Published 6:06 p.m. ET Dec, 14, 2017

(Photo: Carolyn Cole, TNS)
Pink pussyhats on the Vegas strip? You can count on it.