Black Boy Flying High

(Market Watch, September 2017,

HomeAway [U.K.] What if they book your perfect beach house?
(Market Watch, January 10, 2018,
Sarasota’s Newest Community
(Australia Stock Exchange, January 10, 2018,
Surprisingly, Australia Stock Exchange did not include a picture of some black kids; maybe the kids of the students who were  in Emma Booker Elementary School classroom (Sarasota, Florida) on the morning of “911”?  I am not implying that the students are now drug addicts, though I must document the fact that, they’ve no privacy, no freedom, no free will, absolutely no control over their lives, and neither do the teachers. They’re all plaintiffs in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Boeing, Carlyle Group including Bectel, Verizon and many other corporations including and most especially, the Mormon Church of Satan.  (As an aside, the poor people of  Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen are plaintiffs in a legal case against every corporation that profited from the “war” in Afghanistan [as of the “911” war, Afghanistan is now the world’s largest producer of heroin] and the “war” in Iraq.  I know I sound worse than a crazy woman, I sound like a treasonous traitor, yes, I know.)  cc all Mormon barristers

(Market Watch, August 24, 2017,

(Market Watch, September 2017,

You know we flying high
(Ay ay, ooh, ooh, ay yeah)
I got ’em singing like
(Ay ay, ooh, ooh, ay yeah)
Ten bottles today man
Let’s drink two and spray eight
Yep, all over the damn place
Or in a haters damn face
Dolce and Gabanna, I ain’t into bandana’s
Might fly to Barbados, try and find some Rihanna’s
I’m running this jungle, can’t touch me I’m hammer
And I’m a lion king, hakuna matata
No worries at all, no footy, I ball
I’m on my Apple shit, women I’m macking ’em all
Capital summertime ball
Yeah I can rock a crowd, you saw that hook coming
Chip and Dale: two cartoon chipmunks
cc CIA Mormon Danite Rick Dale Snyder, Governor, Michigan
cc LDS Academy of Dentists with Microchips Unlimited
cc all Mormon barristers

The Temptations are an American vocal group who released a series of successful singles and albums with Motown Records during the 1960s and 1970s; their work with producer Norman Whitfield, which started with the Top 10 hit single “Cloud Nine” in October 1968, pioneered psychedelic soul, and was significant in the evolution of R&B and soul music.[1] The band members are known for their choreography, distinct harmonies, and flashy wardrobe. Having sold tens of millions of albums, the Temptations are one of the most successful groups in music history.[2][3][4]

Featuring five male vocalists and dancers (save for brief periods with fewer or more members), the group formed in 1960 in Detroit, Michigan under the name The Elgins. [emphasis added]

“Cloud Nine”

A-who, who, awho, who…

[Dennis:] The childhood part of my life wasn’t very pretty.
You see, I was born and raised in the slums of the city.
It was a one room shack we slept in, other children beside me.
We hardly had enough food or room to sleep.
It was a hard times, needed something to ease my troubled mind.

[Paul:] Ooo, listen.
My father didn’t know the meaning of work.
He disrespected Mama and treated us like dirt.
I left home seekin’ a job that I never did find.
Depressed and down-hearted, I took to Cloud 9.
I’m doing…(fine)
Up here. (On cloud nine)
Listen one more time.
I’m doing…(fine)
Up here. (On cloud nine)

[Dennis:] Folks now they tell me.
They say, give yourself a chance and don’t let life pass you by.
But the world around you is a rat race.
Where only the strong survive.
It’s a dog-eat-dog world and that ain’t no lie. (Ain’t no lie)
Listen, it ain’t even safe no more, to walk the streets at night.

[Eddie:] I’m doing fine on Cloud 9.
[Dennis:] Let me tell you about Cloud 9.

(Cloud 9) [Paul:] You can be what you wanna be.
(Cloud 9) [Dennis:] You ain’t got no responsibility.
(Cloud 9) [Eddie:] Every man, every man is free.
(Cloud 9) [Dennis:] You’re a million miles from reality.

(Reality) I’m gonna sail (up, up) higher (up, up… up, up and away) Cloud 9.

[Eddie:] I wanna say I love the life I live.
And I’m gonna live the life I love.
Up here on Cloud 9.
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, I’m riding high on Cloud 9.

[Dennis:] You’re as free as a bird in flight.
(Cloud 9) [Melvin:] There’s no diff’rence between day and night.
(Cloud 9) [Eddie:] It’s a world of love and harmony.
(Cloud 9) [Dennis:] You’re a million miles from reality.

(Reality) I’m gonna sail (up, up) higher (up, up… up, up and away) Cloud 9.

[Paul:] You can be what you wanna be.
(Cloud 9) [Dennis:] You ain’t got no responsibility.
(Cloud 9) [Eddie:] Every man in his mind is free.
(Cloud 9) [Dennis:] You’re a million miles from reality.
(Cloud 9) [Paul:] You can be what you wanna be.

[Eddie:] I’m feeling fine on Cloud 9.
(Cloud Nine, The Temptations,, emphasis added)

“The Red 9” in front of the Solow Building by Ivan Chermayeff

January 10, 2018.  About Me.  I was employed in the Nine West 57th Street building (JPMorgan Private Banking rented office space) when I resigned in December 1993.  cc all Mormon barristers
Citigroup, the biggest drug money launderer on the planet
cc all Mormon barristers

(Market Watch, January 10, 2018,

Missing U Penn student’s body found, death considered a homicide
Immigration agents descend on 7-Eleven stores in 17 states
What Did People Eat in the 1800s?
(MSN News, January 10, 2018,

[black male, blue/white checker shirt:]
police, parents speak after missing student found

Video by CBS News

LAKE FOREST, Calif. – A 19-year-old college student who went missing last week has been found dead, reports CBS Los Angeles. Blaze Bernstein’s body was discovered during a search Tuesday afternoon in brush near Lake Forest’s Borrego Park, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department confirmed.

Authorities are investigating Bernstein’s death as a homicide. An autopsy is being performed Wednesday.

Deputies had been scouring Borrego Park and nearby Whiting Ranch Park for days looking for Bernstein, who vanished Jan 2.

“Based on what we know, I believe Blaze was probably killed that night,” said Lt. Brad Valentine, the chief of police services for the City of Lake Forest, at a Wednesday press conference.

Valentine gave few other details on what he described as an active investigation during the press conference, but confirmed a search warrant had been executed Tuesday night in the city of Newport Beach. No suspects are in custody, Valentine said.

Bernstein’s parents gave an emotional statement to reporters, thanking the sheriff’s department and crying as they embraced.

Bernstein, who was visiting with family on winter break from the University of Pennsylvania, went to the park the night of Jan. 2 to meet an unknown person for unknown reasons, said Annee Della Donna, an attorney and friend of the family. Earlier that night he had texted a friend asking for a ride to the park in order to have the meeting, she said.
Valentine wouldn’t speak to whether police have identified any suspects or persons of interest, but said no suspect is in custody.  Valentine didn’t give more details about the Newport Beach search warrant.

Valentine wouldn’t comment on the condition of the body but said that recent rains helped in locating the remains. Valentine said he hoped the autopsy would provide investigators with more clues.

In an interview with CBS Los Angeles, Bernstein’s parents pointed to the left behind items as evidence that the teen planned on coming home that night.

“The fact that he didn’t tell us he was going out tells us that he wasn’t planning to be gone very long,” said his mother, Jeanne Pepper Bernstein.

The family realized Bernstein might be missing the next morning when he missed a dentist appointment.

A cause of death remains unknown.

(MSN News, January 10, 2018,
cc LDS Academy of Dentists With Microchips Unlimited