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January 9, 2017, 9:30pm.  About Me. Yesterday while shopping in Stop&Shop, I had a brief conversation with another customer, a resident here at YWCA Brooklyn (whose name I cannot remember [Michelle?] and was too embarrassed to ask her again what is her name because over the years I’d already asked her more than once).

Michelle asked me to help her choose what to eat for dinner, chicken or ground beef.

I explained that I am not much of a meat eater—very seldom do I eat meat.

Michelle is the resident who has the colorful skirt decorated with Russian landmarks, which she wore yesterday.

Russian landmarks on navy blue satin, YWCA Brooklyn lobby, November 2017.  I’m not sure if the fabric is satin or not. Maybe it’s the same fabric as this fabric:

Louise Walsh, Future Generation
(Australia Stock Exchange, January 10, 2018 Sydney; January 9, 2018 Salt Lake City,

Michelle is of course a plaintiff in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorganChase, Citi, Bain, American Express, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.  Also plaintiffs: the two Russian CIA-KGB agents who, two weeks ago, were coincidentally aligned with me and the avocados; two avocados, a quart of yogurt and I cannot remember the other food item that I paid for, were missing from my shopping bags when I returned to my room at the YWCA; those food items “magically” disappeared  sometime between being rung up on the register and me reaching my room at the YWCA.  (Every week I purchase two or three avocados.)   Yesterday a white male wearing a blue/white checker shirt was coincidentally at the avocados when I was in the next aisle, the potatoes garlic onions aisle.  (Missing from my shopping bags yesterday when I returned to my room here at YWCA: a potato and an onion, a “magic” trick not involving him.)

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FOR THE RECORD.  January 9, 2018.  Yesterday or the day before during telephone conversation my grandson Wesley said to me something or other about what “triggers” his manic episodes: When he doesn’t have his medication.  I cannot remember exactly what he said, other than the word trigger, it was so emotional.  I cannot predict what Mormon Danites/Danettes plan to execute starring Wesley, I only know that Wesley is the primary plaintiff in a legal case against JPMorgan Chase, American Express, Bain, Citi, Universal Music, Verizon and many other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon barristers

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BAE Systems logo.svg

BAE Systems has offices in the Farnborough Aerospace Centre business park. Senior managers are based at the registered office in Carlton Gardens, City of Westminster.
BAE Systems plc is a British multinational defence, security, and aerospace company. Its headquarters are in London in the United Kingdom and it has operations worldwide. It is among the world’s largest defence companies; it was ranked as the third-largest based on applicable 2015 revenues.[5] Its largest operations are in the United Kingdom and United States, where its BAE Systems Inc. subsidiary is one of the six largest suppliers to the US Department of Defense. Other major markets include Australia, India, and Saudi Arabia, which account for about 20% of BAE’s overall sales.[6] It is the biggest manufacturer in Britain.[6] The company was formed on 30 November 1999 by the £7.7 billion merger of two British companies: Marconi Electronic Systems (MES) – the defence electronics and naval shipbuilding subsidiary of the General Electric Company plc (GEC) – and British Aerospace (BAe) – an aircraft, munitions and naval systems manufacturer.

Frances Densmore with Blackfoot chief Mountain Chief during a recording session for the BAE

The Bureau of American Ethnology (or BAE, originally, Bureau of Ethnology) was established in 1879 by an act of Congress for the purpose of transferring archives, records and materials relating to the Indians of North America from the Interior Department to the Smithsonian Institution. But from the start, the bureau’s visionary founding director, John Wesley Powell, promoted a broader mission: “to organize anthropologic research in America.” Under Powell, the bureau organized research-intensive multi-year projects; sponsored ethnographic, archaeological and linguistic field research; initiated publications series (most notably its Annual Reports and Bulletins); and promoted the fledgling discipline of anthropology. It prepared exhibits for expositions and collected anthropological artifacts for the Smithsonian United States National Museum. In addition, the BAE was the official repository of documents concerning American Indians collected by the various US geological surveys, especially the Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region and the Geological Survey of the Territories. It developed a manuscript repository, library and illustrations section that included photographic work and the collection of photographs.

His (the white male wearing the blue/white checker shirt) companion, a black female had her shopping cart, in which she had a package of peppers, in the same aisle as me and my shopping cart, while she and the white male talked while he was standing in the next aisle, in front of the avocados.  I think probably they’re grammar school or high schools teachers.  They’re both plaintiffs in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon barristers


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(Emma Booker Elementary School, Sarasota, Florida, September 11, 2001,


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I will finish posting the information tomorrow.  The Mormon Church of Satan can cause all kinds of computer gremlin glitches, slowing me down weighing me down trying to make me feel defeated, but they don’t have the power to prevent me from continuing to post information.

Jehovah God is backing this work that I do.

Nobody on earth has the power to prevent me from posting information.

That I continue to post information is proof positive that the wrath of Jehovah God really is upon the Mormon Church of Satan.

If Mormon Danites/Danettes shut down this website, my website, Jehovah God will make a way for me to continue to disseminate information.

(The wrath of Jehovah is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.)

cc all Mormon barristers