2018 Make or Break Year for Pharma – 3

January 8, 2018, 11:30am.  About Me.  Several years ago Wesley told me he’s broke.  He meant that he had no money, but I knew, he was broken in spirit.  (to be continued)

I went to Australia Stock Exchange website to try to find the webpage for Nu Farm, one of the stocks advertised last night while Wesley was telling me Kolliesha (his wife) called the police or might call the police and later when he told me he had burned his birth certificate and his marriage certificate.  This woman looks like Oprah (who is in the news today, the entertainment news, the Golden Globes Award event news, the CIA Mormon Danette Kirsten Gillibrand #MeTwo presidential campaign event which is today the most important news in the nation) and she also looks like Kolliesha:


(Market Watch, January 8, 2018 Sydney; January 7, 2018 New York http://www.asx.com.au)

Last night the above advertisement (featuring a black female who looks like Oprah who last night spoke in defense of women who have been been or claim to have been sexually harassed, a black female who looks like my grandson Wesley’s wife who called the police because he hit her or was thinking about calling the police—Wesley was in jail last week because he hit and or kicked and or punched Kolliesha) was advertised at Australia Stock Exchange website.

This morning the following advertisement was advertised at Australia Stock Exchange website.

Sex trafficking is a problem with a solution.
Join the movement.
(Australia Stock Exchange, January 8, 2018, http://www.asx.com.au)

When I clicked on the advertisement, this popped up:

404 CLOSED [brick wall] Instapage 
Looks Like You’re Lost
The page you’re looking for is no longer available.
(I will write about Shade FX and bricks and straws and ancient Egyptians and modern Newark, as soon as I possibly can.  Count on it, Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon barristers)

FOR THE RECORD.  The number 404 is a code word for DOD, Department of Defense, and it is also a code word for professional African Americans nationwide—Atlanta, Georgia area code.  Wesley was conceived in Atlanta, Georgia.  His mother, my youngest daughter, left Howard University and moved to Atlanta, Georgia where her boyfriend, Victor Davis (one of several connections from the Davis family to me; to be continued), was a student at Morehouse University, and she, while working as a checkout girl in Kroger supermarket, met Wesley’s father who worked in the produce department.  Wesley does not know his father and I am so glad my daughter decided to not have an abortion.  She later graduated from Fordham University.

I have a gnawing dreaded feeling that both Wesley and Kolliesha are victims of some sort of sex trafficking.

I don’t know for sure.  Actually, considering the sex traffic prevention organization that now has an office here at YWCA Brooklyn (ECPAT USA), and the decades ago crafted and artfully acted out and expertly executed sex abuse cases against God’s visible organization, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the sex harassment cases in the news here lately and the speeding traffic popups on my computer screen, on second thought, yes, I am very sure that Wesley and Kolliesha are victims of sex trafficking.  (My heart aches so much.  The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.)  cc all Mormon barristers

Shortly before or shortly after “911” a movie called Traffic was released.  It was a message of intimidation movie:
Film poster with five people shown from the neck up. The man on the left has his pointer finger pressed against his lips; the woman to his right has long hair and is smiling; the three man at the right have grim looks as they stare to the right. Below them are several vehicles and a man holding a gun that is getting shot. The top of the image includes the starring credits, while the bottom includes the title of the film and the main credits.

FOR THE RECORD.  I went to Bing and searched to see if there is a sex trafficking prevention organization called Restore, and there is, though why the advertisement advertised at Australia Stock Exchange website did not connect to RestoreNYC.org website, I do not know.





I doubt that any of the following young people have anything to do with sex trafficking though it is a fact that some sex trafficking prevention organizations are fronts for sex trafficking (the same is true about some drug prevention organizations) and it is also of note the Chinese female in the bottom lower left corner is wearing a pair of CIA “Good Shepherd”/Gordon Hinckley eye glasses though in no way am I suggesting that she is involved in the Mormon Mafia’s/CIA’s drug trafficking/human trafficking industry.


Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, PepsiCo

Founder and Executive Director, Freedom House

Co-Founder and CEO, Sanar Wellness Institute

L. Richardson Preyer Distinguished Chair for Strengthening Families, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work

President and CEO, Allies Against Slavery

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer, Rising Tide Capital

Managing Director, Hilco Global

Vice President of Corporate Security, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Former Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Monitor Capital

VP of Marketing, Sticker Mule
http://restorenyc.org/team-and-board [emphasis added

1. A carrier of things for someone else; often used to refer to a carrier of illegal drugs, …

WEST VILLAGES FLORIDA [advertised at Market Watch website and Australia Stock Exchange website] (Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary,

[a donkey or a mule:]
photo 18 of 67

[photo 63 of 67, a runner, probably she is Japanese, although Chinese or Japanese or Korean I am not suggesting that she is a runner of drugs though the Mormon Mafia/CIA has many such runners] (Mormon Church of Satan General Conference photos, I will post URL as soon as I can find it]
(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary,

[Drug czars including the biggest drug czars, Mormon CIA Mafia, use messages of intimidation to keep their underlings in line, underlings including parents/grandparents.  Zoom in and stare at this Latino boy’s right arm:]
(Mormon Church of Satan General Conference October 2, 2016,