About Me: Am I Crazy??

December 7, 2017, 3pm. About Me.  For the pass several weeks I had been making an important message from me announcement to subway riders and theatergoers, stating that, the Senate minority leader and the Senate majority leader, are Mormons.

I was mistaken.

CIA Mormon Mafiaman Harry Pinky Reid is no longer Senate minority leader. New York Senator Chuck Schumer is now the Senate minority leader.

I was very mistaken.

Maybe I’m mistaken about Mitch McConnell.  Maybe Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is not a Mormon and maybe he has nothing whatsoever to do with the first page of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, one of my very favorite books the author of whom I greatly admire and feel immensely indebted to, and her primary character, Uncle Tom, one of my heroes.

Maybe I’m mistaken about Kirsten Gillibrand. Maybe Kirtsten Gillibrand is not a Mormon, insider to the Mormon Church’s entire hidden agenda.

Maybe I’m mistaken about everything.

I feel extremely depressed.

I feel that this work that I do is nonsense work.

The shooting in New Mexico, I feel that many people, perhaps most people, are of the same mindset as the theatergoer woman, who, when I was making an important announcement about NYPD Commissioner of Police James O’Neill is a Mormon insider to the next planned attack on New York City, informed me that they (she and the rest of the people on TKTS line) don’t live here. In other words, if there’s another attack on New York City, it’s no concern of theirs because they don’t live here.

Is it me?  Am I crazy??

I know I’m depressed, and I think I must be crazy, too.  Yesterday when I went to Grand Central Station I was not able to make an important message from me announcement to commuters because Salvation Army employee or volunteer was blasting Christmas music (and standing stationary dancing to the music).  I walked to Times Square 3 Ring Circus, drank a cup of coffee, took some pictures, and at approximately 7pm I went and stood in front of Eugene O’Neill theater, not sure that anybody is really interested in hearing any important message from me—nobody wants a “doomsdayer” yelling in the street about a Mormon church CIA planned attack on New York City and nonsense about the Commissioner of NYPD is a Mormon insider to the next planned attack on New York City and nonsense about the Mormon Church CIA will be brought before an international criminal court.  Nobody wants to hear any such garbage when they’re standing on line for some music and some laughter, to see a musical production that ridicules God’s Word the Holy Bible (in order to ridicule God’s Word the Holy Bible, the Mormon church of Satan must also ridicule their “holy” scriptures, and that’s okay with them, and okay with Satan).

While I was standing in front of Eugene O’Neill theater waiting for the line to form for the Mormon Church of Satan’s Book of Mormon musical production, a police officer approached me and beckoned for me to come to where he was, in the street at the curb.  He explained to me that the sidewalk under the marquee is private property, I cannot stand on the sidewalk.

Then he explained to me that people have complained about me harassing them.  I explained to him that I do not say anything to any theatergoers, one on one, I simply make a public announcement to all, which I must.  He asked me what do I announce.  I explained to him that I do not have one on one conversations with anybody, adding that, if he was formally arresting me, then I would of course answer questions, but I do not have one on one conversations because I try to speak to many people, not individual people.  And then I told him I did not harass any theatergoers standing on line any of the few times I was there and he told me he saw, on camera, me harassing people.  A lie.  And that’s when I looked at his name badge to see his name, Officer Perez.

(Why Officer Perez? I wondered.  And then I thought about Felix Perez, the member of the Mormon Church’s Sixth Avenue Baptist Church who was assigned, with Nat, to go to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, summer 2005, to participate in a Baptist choir.  Nat rented a car and we followed Felix and his family in their car.  Felix, who came all the way from Brooklyn or Manhattan to Hoboken to use my computer to send an email to his daughter who was away at college—for what purpose it was important for Felix to use my computer, I do not know, and when Nat asked me to let Felix use my computer because he did not have access to any other computer (evidently, not even the public library computers or FedEx computers) I did not know how to say no.  I have no idea why Felix and Nat were told to use my computer to send an email to Felix’s daughter, Ariel(to be continued)  Atlantic Terminal side entrance is on Hanson Place between Ashland Street and St. Felix Street.  Officer Perez and Felix Perez and his family are plaintiffs in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.  Nat is a primary plaintiff as is FBI agent Clyde McDaniel, the FBI agent assigned to be Nat’s friend. cc all Mormon barristers)

Officer Perez told me I am allowed to stand on the sidewalk in front of the Mayflower (hotel or restaurant or both) but not on the theater sidewalk.  I told him I will stand in the street, at the curb.  He told me I would be blocking traffic (really there is not traffic, there’s a solid white line, and little traffic of people getting out of cars or cabs).  He was using some hand gesturing which sort of indicated his impatience with me, so, I thanked him (I hope I thought to thank him) and I walked to the Mayflower and waited for more people to get on line.  I made the announcement, about the fact that Dick Cheney is a Mormon CIA agent, one of the masterminds of “911”, one of the Mormon CIA masterminds of the next planned attack on New York City; the current Commissioner of Police, James O’Neill, and Dick Cheney are in the same secret society of Mormon CIA agents.  NYPD Commissioner of Police James O’Neill is an insider to the next planned attack on New York.  I named the names of four Mormon U.S. Supreme Court Justices who are pretending to be Catholic when they are in fact Mormons, (again, mistakenly stating that both the Senate minority leader and the Senate majority leader are Mormons) and the fact that, Kirsten Gillibrand is a Mormon insider to the Mormon church’s entire hidden agenda, and the fact that, the Mormon Church, the CIA and some Yale Bonesmen are going to be brought before an international criminal court of law.

And then I went to 46th Street to make an announcement to people on line to see the Mormon church’s Hamilton musical production.  While waiting for a longer line to form, I decided to go to the Mormon Church of Satan’s Hamilton musical store. I purchased a desk calendar (which includes quotes supposedly by the Founding Fathers but spoken in black ghetto language) and a large booklet with pictures of the cast (mostly the black cast) and I will post the pictures of the entire picture book, as soon as I can.

Less than 1% of the people on line to see the Mormon Church of Satan Hamilton musical are black people.  One of the reasons is because most black people cannot afford to go to the theater.  A lot of white parents are bringing their white children to see Hamilton musical, to see African Americans and Hispanic Americans rapping and hiphopping, impersonating the Founding Fathers.

Yes, the Mormon Church of Satan’s Hamilton production is a really big hit with White Anglo Saxon Protestants from the South and the Midwest, and the U.K. and Australia, too.


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December 7, 2017.  About Me, continued If I am arrested on any trumped up charges, I will not request an attorney.  (I cannot have attorney representation until the LEGAL CASE reaches its destination: The Hague, Netherlands.)  I will simply make sure I understand fully the charges against me, which I will then post here at my website immediately upon release.