City Chemist

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City Chemist (continued)
The Big Fight

August 25, 2017, 9:35am.  About Me.  I’m at Starbucks, on the corner of Wall Street at Front Street.  Earlier I sat outside, across the street at one of Gregory’s Coffee outside tables.  I was not able to connect to the internet with the new device that I purchased from Verizon which supposedly allows me to connect to the internet anywhere.  While I was sitting I noticed a family sitting at a table across from me, husband and wife, three year old son and six or seven year old daughter, a healthy looking family, both parents puffing away on cigarettes. I asked where are they from.  She said “Ireland.”  “Ireland?” I asked, amazed, because what little I heard of their conversation sounded to me like they were speaking Spanish.   I expected her to say they’re from Brazil.  “Are you from Ireland?”  “Yes”, she said.  I said, “We love the Kennedys. We love all Irish people.”  She smiled and continued talking to her children.  What they were speaking was not English and did not sound Gaelic.  I did not notice when they left, I was busy trying to connect to the internet with the device I purchased yesterday; I was not able to.  Approximately ten to 15 minutes later when I came here, she and her children were walking out of Starbucks as I was entering.  Before I write or post anything else I must relieve my mind of this somewhat anguish I feel because I feel that I was rude to someone who attended some sort of transportation group meeting last evening at the YWCA.  I was standing on the entrance step, observing vehicles that drove by, when he entered the building.  I tried to not show in my voice or facial expression what I was feeling inside when I asked him if I could take a picture of his shopping bag: City Chemist.  When I saw his shopping bag, I saw red; I thought about the ambulance and CVS and the black woman carrying a child while wearing a “hoodie” with the name A Johnson 80, my oldest grandson’s name, Anthony Johnson.  His name is Anthony Kaleef Johnson.  Neither of his parents were interested in black Muslim culture.  His parents called him by his middle name, Kaleef.  When their second son, my grandson Jason, was born, my daughter was (is*) a servant of Jehovah.  (*Lisa is deceased, but she is not in heaven.  She is not of the elect class of Christians who have the privilege of going to heaven. Lisa is not one of the “little flock”, she is one of the “other sheep”; one flock, but two types of sheep. [Luke 12:32; John 10:16]  Lisa is in the grave; she will be resurrected, right here on earth.  [Revelation 21:1-5])  Jason is a biblical name.  My heart aches so much every time I think of Lisa’s sons, my grandsons, Kaleef and Jason.  That I am their grandmother will prove to be a blessing or a curse. Jehovah God has promised me, it will be a huge blessing for them.  cc all Mormon barristers

Though this man might be an attorney (he is a member of a transportation organization that attended a meeting at Brooklyn YWCA, August 24, 2017), he is now a plaintiff in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Verizon and other corporations including the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon barristers

IndianR Motorcycle – Special Offers
PERLE VISION [black boy]

This is the second time this CVS truck drove by, on Montague Street while I was taking pictures when I left Starbucks, August 18, 2017

B.GOOD restaurant, next door to Custom House restaurant, across the street from Perle Vision and Daphne Custom Frames, Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, August 18, 2017.  The picture I took of a Starbucks customer who looks remarkably like Chuck Berry (the singer who recorded the song about Go, Go, Go Johnny Go, Johnny Be Good), disappeared from my photos gallery.  cc all Mormon barristers

August 25, 2017.  About Me, continued. When I asked the man carrying the City Chemist shopping bag if I could take a picture of his shopping bag I explained to him that I’m trying to become a photographer. I inquired about City Chemist. He said something or other that City Chemist delivers, like CVS, or something or other.  Silently I was wondering, Why would a man carry a City Chemist shopping bag from Brooklyn Heights, to a meeting being held in the YWCA?  Who at that meeting is targeted? I wondered. And I wondered about CVS store on Fulton Street in Manhattan, and the ambulance and the A Johnson “hoodie”.  I was feeling such anger, I might have sounded sarcastic when I asked the man who was carrying the City Chemist shopping bag, if he lives here (at the YWCA); he looked at me, surprised by my question.    I explained that there are male residents in the building. Ms. Phillips was at the front desk. She said something or other to let me know I was pestering a visitor, or slowing him up from signing in and going where he was headed to.  I was feeling furious!

I went to the mailroom, to see what envelopes were showcased. (As of Wednesday evening, the ECPAT envelope was no longer showcased atop the Cutler brand mail chute.) Ms. Phillips walked in the mailroom. When I walked out of the mailroom, I said, “I wasn’t committing any suspicious activity, I was only looking in my mailbox.” or some such statement. Two or three people were signing in to go to the transportation meeting. That was last night, at approximately 7pm. I was very surprised to see Ms. Phillips was still on duty this morning at approximately 7am! Now I’m worried about her! There is something very sinister (something very occultish, something very evil, something very Nauvoodoo) going on at Brooklyn YWCA. Molly knows all the details, and Danette members of YWCA board know all the details. And Kelly in ECPAT office knows some of the details.  (The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.)  cc all Mormon barristers

CVS truck driving by past Bentley’s and ANI SUSHI while I was taking pictures when I left Starbucks
Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, August 18, 2017

Verizon and Bentley’s shoe store featuring Mormon BIG LOVE heart
Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, August 18, 2017
FABIO SCALIA [A few doors from Custom House restaurant. I made a mistake.  The correct name of the museum in the former Customs House at Bowling Green is the National Museum of the American Indian [not the Museum of the Native Americans) to be continued]
Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, August 18, 2017

CVS truck driving by for the third time when I left Starbucks on my way to subway.  An elderly woman with disabilities, who was in Starbucks earlier, was crossing the street, Clinton Street at Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, August 18, 2017.  (Before I took this picture I’d just left the Chinese restaurant. When I walked outside after purchasing Chinese food, a bolt of lightning flashed, but it did not actually strike me.  cc all Mormon barristers!)

This picture of Monty Q’s I took early that morning, on my way to Starbucks, Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, August 18, 2017***IT IS ILLEGAL FOR MORMON COMPUTER GREMLINS TO DELETE LINE SPACE BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS.***Monte N. Redman is President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Astoria Financial Corporation and its subsidiary Astoria Bank. A magna cum laude graduate of New York Institute of Technology, he is a director and former Chairman of the Board of the US Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA, renamed in 2015 to Tourette Association of America).[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]
[In Mormon culture the surname Redman is not as common as the surname Allred.  cc all Mormon barristers]CONTINUED IN THE NEXT POST: