I had a lot of difficulty posting all of the information today, most especially, WILLIAMSBURG – POTTSVILLE information.

MORMON COMPUTER GREMLINS ARE ILLEGALLY PREVENTING ME FROM CHANGING or the Catholic church to of the Catholic church, and or the Mormon church to of the Mormon church. 

About Me.  While there are Catholics whom I love dearly, in no way am I supportive of the Catholic church.  There are also some Mormons whom I love dearly, and in now way shape or form am I supportive of the Mormon church that falsely claims to be the church of Jesus Christ.  Does it matter?  I feel that it does not matter. The time is now 7:50pm.  I feel extremely depressed.  The stock market is never going to crash.   I feel that this work that I do is nonsense work, crazy woman work.  And yet, I cannot stop. I will resume tomorrow morning where I left off tonight.

The time is now 8:30pm.  I cannot spend any more time trying to reformat what Mormon computer gremlins illegally unformatted.