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Homeland Security
(Atlantic Avenue at Third Avenue, Brooklyn, August 11, 2017)

Jeh Charles Johnson (first name pronounced “Jay”, born September 11, 1957)[1] is an American civil and criminal trial lawyer, who was the fourth United States Secretary of Homeland Security 2013 to 2017. He was the General Counsel of the Department of Defense from 2009 to 2012 during the first Obama Administration. Johnson is a graduate of Morehouse College (B.A.) and Columbia Law School (J.D.), and is the grandson of sociologist and Fisk University president Dr. Charles S. Johnson.

Johnson’s first name is taken from a Liberian chief, who reportedly saved his grandfather’s life while he was on a League of Nations mission to Liberia in 1930.[2]

Mecca Halal Meat Inc., … RAYMOND BLVD. NEWARK, NJ
(Third Avenue at Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, August 11, 2017)

VON ROHR [Verizon red check], East Orange, NJ
(Broadway at 47th Street, August 11, 2017)

Third Avenue at Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, August 11, 2017

WISE SNACK … Little Ferri, NJ
(Flatbush Avenue, Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn, August 11, 2017)

LIMO GATEWAY, Fourth Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue, August 11, 2017

The Gateway Center is a commercial complex in Newark, New Jersey. Located downtown just west of Newark Penn Station between Raymond Boulevard and Market Street, skyways and pedestrian malls interconnect all of the office towers, a Hilton Hotel,[8] the train station, and the Newark Legal Center. Built in phases in the late 20th century the complex comprises some of the tallest buildings in the city, two designed by Victor Gruen Associates and two by Grad Associates.[2][3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gateway_Center_(Newark

Flatbush Avenue, Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn, August 11, 2017)

Julius Caesar‘s crossing the Rubicon was an event in 49 BC that precipated the Roman Civil War, which ultimately led to Caesar’s becoming dictator for life and the rise of the imperial era of Rome. Caesar had been appointed to a governorship over a region that ranged from southern Gaul to Illyricum (but not Italy). As his term of governorship ended, the Roman Senate ordered Caesar to disband his army and return to Rome. He was explicitly ordered not to bring his army across the Rubicon river, which was at that time a northern boundary of Italy. In January of 49 BC, Caesar brought the 13th legion across the river, an act that was considered insurrection, treason, and a declaration of war upon the Roman Senate. According to some authors, he is said to have uttered the phrase “alea iacta est” — the die is cast — as his army marched through the shallow river.

The phrase “crossing the Rubicon” is today often used as an idiom to mean passing a point of no return.

(Flatbush Avenue, Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn, August 11, 2017)

Royal Blue Royal Rubicon or blue Jeep, Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, August 11, 2017

THE COUNTER [2 + 2 =] Forks [American Fork, Utah] H&M [Hudson & Manhattan Tubes] Times Square, August 11, 2017

(Times Square, August 11, 2017)
CIA’s Sisters: SIS (British intelligence), ASIS (Australia intelligence), CSIS (Canada intelligence), CSIS (New Zealand intelligence), BND (Germany intelligence)

[chemical symbol]

(Mormon Church of Satan Book of Mormon Musical, Broadway at 47th Street, August 11, 2017)
HH: Heil Hitler

Hellboy poster.jpg

Theatrical release poster

Hellboy is a 2004 American dark fantasysuperhero film directed by Guillermo del Toro and starring Ron Perlman, loosely based on the Dark Horse Comics graphic novel Hellboy: Seed of Destruction by Mike Mignola. In the film, a demonic beast-turned superhero known as Hellboy, secretly works to keep the world safe from paranormal threats with his team, the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.

The film was a minor box office success, and was favorably received by critics.[2] A sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, was released on July 11, 2008.[3]

(Mormon Church of Satan Marriott Marquis hotel, Times Square, August 11, 2017)

(Broadway at 47th Street, August 11, 2017)

This bus drove by after the Arab Muslim family were standing there looking at handbags, Broadway at 47th Street, August 11, 2017

Bags (“in the bag”) and umbrella decorated with palm trees (an occult “code word”; Joseph Smith was born in Palmyra, New York) and Corona and DR
FOR THE RECORD.  Mormon computer gremlins deleted the pictures I took of an Arab Muslim who were in Starbucks (and are now plaintiffs in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Verizon and other corporations including and most especially the Mormon Church of Satan).  When they left, and I saw from the window a yellow cab advertising Book of Mormon musical, quickly I went outside and took pictures.  I took a picture of the Arab Muslim family looking at handbags, while a yellow cab advertising Book of Mormon musical followed by an NYPD van followed by another yellow cab advertising Book of Mormon musical, drove by.  MORMON COMPUTER GREMLINS ILLEGALLY DELETED THOSE PICTURES! cc all Mormon barristers

(Times Square, August 11, 2017)


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http://money.cnn.com/data/afterhours/, August 11, 2017, 4:30pm

PUBLIC NOTICE.  The Mormon Church of Satan/CIA is plotting an nuclear bomb attack on the Hudson River.  If successful in executing the attack, former President Barack Hussein Obama will be the primary scapegoat, falsely accused of being a non-U.S. citizen Muslim. Also scapegoats: Jeh Johnson, former Director of Homeland Security; Ras Baraka, current Mayor, Newark, New Jerrey, and others.  (The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.)  cc all Mormon barristers

The purpose of this website is to expose the Mormon Church of Satan and all enemies of Jesus Christ the Way the Truth the Life, the Prince of Peace. This website is also the beginning of a presidential campaign to elect Caroline Kennedy President of the United States. I prayed to Jehovah God to please, by means of His son Christ Jesus, please, arrange national events and world events in such a manner such that Caroline Kennedy is elected President of the United States.  I know Jehovah God hears my prayer and will answer my prayer because that particular prayer of mine is one of my deepest desires and Jehovah God has promised me that he will satisfy all of my deepest desires.  All of the information posted at this website is interconnected; directly connected to the Mormon Church of Satan’s illegal sting operation surrounding Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, and me. The illegal sting operation that encompasses every human being on earth, and has resulted in the LEGAL CASE, unlike any other, ever. The LEGAL CASE, headed to The Hague, Netherlands. cc all Mormon attorneys

As the Storm Approaches,
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