Music: Soul II Soul

June 29, 2017, 5:30pm.  About Me.  It was not until after my sweater fell on the floor, that, a woman stood in back of me—her toddler in a stroller, next to me, seated on a stool here in Starbucks, Atlantic Terminal—tapping on her device, texting.  I do not know if she is willingly or forced to be a part of the “14 words” to “protect” to the future for Aryan women and children. My sweater—that I had wrapped on my shoulders because I am freezing!—became unwrapped, via somebody pressing an easy button laser beam, fell off my shoulders onto the floor. I’m wearing one sweater,and another I wrapped around my shoulders and neck.

I’m not sure but I don’t think she was yet in here when that happened. I asked her what kind of necklace around her neck. It’s a mala.

However you want me is the name of the raphiphop songs that played here in Starbucks while she and her son were here.

I cannot remember if she was making dance moves to the Back to Life-However You Want Me by Soul II Soul or another raphiphop song titled Don’t Sweat the Technique by Eric B and Rakim.


THE WAY OF THE WIZARD A Guide to Re-Awakening the Magic in Everyday Life
ALCHEMY The Art of Spiritual Transformation

Deepak Chopra books are anti-Christians, EXTREMELY satanic.
(to be continued)

No Molly today.  Instead, YWCA resident who wears a leather motorcycle jacket was sent here to be coincidentally aligned on line in back of a police officer.  I typed what happened when the police where here because of the Italian male who wore the Gotti it-shirt last week.  (I suspect that he is a victim of Mormon Church/Vatican/CIA drugs industry.)  I must retype because what I typed disappeared. He had refused to leave Starbucks, and even after the police spoke to him he kept coming back.  I went outside and took pictures of three vehicles; one, REAL PLACE REAL FLAVOIR Indiana Popcorn.

I keep documenting the fact that, whatever the Mormon Church of Satan is orchestrating to happen here in Starbucks or at thew YWCA starring or co-starring me, or at the YWCA,it’s going to backfire, GUARANTEED.

(The wrath of Jehovah is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.)
cc all Mormon barristers