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, June 28, 2017

June 28, 2017, 2pm.  About Me.  I’m back at Starbucks. Signed new lease at YWCA.  I met with Meryl Steel, YWCA Housing Coordinator. I did not know that I would also be meeting with Carleta Harry-Diaz, Coordinator of Resident Services-YWCA Brooklyn, after signing the lease. After mentioning to me two programs for qualified New York City residents to not have any increase in rent (I am not interested) Carleta told me that, at least four residents have complained about me, accusing me of taking pictures of them.  I assume one is Barbara Cutler, Molly’s flunkey, the witch with the pink soap dish.  Another, Peggy, who said to me that she can be violent if she has to.  I do not know who else.  I do not know if Brenda—the resident who, not once but twice, was coincidentally aligned with me in the hallway while holding in her hands a knife—is one of the other two.  Carleta asked me what do I plan to do with the pictures.  I did not mention to her that I have a website.  Why mention something she already knows?

Carleta told me that I should document incidents, so the YWCA can have a paper trail, should the police come or should anything wind up in court, and I will, if I can get my thoughts together.  I told her I have no complaint against YWCA administration however I have no confidence that YWCA administration or anyone else can protect me.  And I told her that, though I do not claim to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I leave the matter in Jehovah’s hands. (Whatever happens at the YWCA Brooklyn won’t stay at the YWCA Brooklyn.  Whatever the Mormon Church of Satan has planned, is not foolproof.)   I told Carleta that, if the YWCA wants to evict me (or prosecute me), or if anyone wants to violently attack me, I leave the matter in Jehovah’s hands.

I probably sounded angry, and I am angry, but not at her.

Coincidentally today, the day I signed a lease, is the day the mailroom is being painted.

Coincidentally when I went to meet Meryl is when the mailman came to deliver the mail.

Coincidentally the painter and the mailman were in the mailroom at the same time, coincidentally the painter is painting the mailroom today, the day I meet with Meryl to sign a new lease; the safe was moved and Molly’s tenant meeting sign on the wall above the safe, was also removed from the wall.There are several smiley face WET PAINT signs in the mailroom.  

Coincidentally after I met with Carleta, a meeting that I was not aware of beforehand, an Asian female carrying a painting, walked from the stairwell into the lobby.   I took a picture of the USPS We Deliver For You boxes at the security desk.

When I came back here to Starbucks, Atlantic Terminal, I took a picture of the Relax It’s FedEx boxes in front of Starbucks glass door.  I telephoned YWCA to leave a message on Carleta’s answering machine, to let her know that, if I sounded angry, I am not angry at her.

Coincidentally YWCA answering machines are malfunctioning today.  I thought about boarding the MTA to make an important message from me announcements, but nobody wants to hear from me, most especially after the derailment. A few days ago three black females ridiculed me, while I was making an important message from me announcement, and the following day one white male told me, loudly, to, “SHUT THE F*** UP!”.

Coincidentally, there was a train derailment on one of the train lines that I’d said I would be making a lot of an important message from me announcements, a subway to and from Harlem, an important message from me about music and the widening racial gap between blacks and whites.  I’m back here at Starbucks, not knowing when I’ll make any more an important message from me announcements.  I feel extremely discouraged.

Coincidentally Molly was here, at Starbucks, when Beyonce or another female rapper was singing a song about “Jump it baby work it baby work your body jump it baby shake it baby”.  I took a picture of Molly.  Actually, I took two pictures of Molly, but I was not able to take a picture of her face, only her hat. One of her on line, and another picture when she left, a picture of her walking down the steps.

Coincidentally the Relax It’s FedEx boxes were no longer in front of the glass door when Molly left and turned left and walked down the MTA/LIRR steps.

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April 2017
Song of Songs – for the Sabbath of Passover
(2017 Calendar, Spectrum Pharmacy, McDonalds Avenue, Brooklyn)
(Elongated fingers ⇑⇓)

The redeveloped stretch of the Hudson River Walkway through Jersey City, offers spectacular views of the West Side of Manhattan. The business district around Exchange Place in particular is a popular vantage point. But amidst the modern gleaming buildings, bars, and park benches lining the waterfront is a truly disturbing memorial.

Coincidentally there is or was a plaque on Martin Luther King Drive at Ege Avenue, next to Nostalgia Lounge, a plaque featuring a black child and a 1984 ,motto, WORK IS PLAY or PLAY IS WORK.  The child’s fingers are elongated, like the Katyn soldier’s fingers.

Katyn movie poster.jpg

Where it regards the prevalence of worldly influences and ideologies, there is no more capable opponent than the army of the Lord.Detroit-based rap group God’s Army are the personification of the strength and victory that God has given his people in the war against the devil.
(Mormon church’s/CIA’s “God’s Army” rap group, )