Robert Peace

Rob with his father, Skeet Douglas, in 1985.
(The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace, Jeff Hobbs)

Clinton Pulver

Clinton Pulver

One of 2012’s Utah’s Most Fabulous People, Clint has performed on America’s Got Talent and at Stadium of Fire.  He’s played percussion and drums for most of his life – touring, recording and traveling the country playing for professional groups and large venues – and currently directs both the UVU drumline he founded in 2010 known as the Green Man Group and the drumline for the Utah Jazz. A professional motivational speaker, every year Clint travels the world speaking to thousands of teens on the importance of self-discovery and striving for true significance in life.


I’m at Starbucks Atlantic Terminal.  I asked a Starbucks customer if I could take a picture of his t-shirt.  He and his family are from New Zealand. He did not give me permission to post this picture here at my website.  Some of the Mormon CIA-DIA-FBI agents who’re pretending to be Jehovah’s Witnesses gave me permission. He and his wife are plaintiffs in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Accenture, Bain, Citicorp, Verizon and many other corporations including and most especially the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon barristers

June 22, 2017. About Me. I had wanted to post some more striped shirt pictures, including the following pictures:

Mormon Church of Satan KSL advertisement featuring a black boy with a demonic expression on his face, dressed in a striped shirt, holding in his hand a huge knife, for carving a turkey, with the headline “The McLeans Thanksgiving”;

Jersey City Liberty Hospital website picture of a white boy wearing a short sleeve striped shirt over a long sleeve white shirt, his arms folded as though the white shirt is a straight jacket; Liberty Hospital which is where my grandson Wesley was in therapy after he was hospitalized at St Mary’s Hospital in Hoboken (now known as Hoboken Hospital) for depression;

Newark Star Ledger picture of a black male teenage prisoner standing with his arms folded as though he’s in a straight jacket as he speaks to a group of white high school students about life in jail or prison; the accompanying advertisement: Carol’s Daughter;

Mormon Church of Satan Deseret News article/photo of J Reuben Clark founder of BYU School of Law, accompanying advertisement: Carol’s Daughter hair products.

I cannot post the above pictures because Mormon computer gremlins deleted the pictures and I did not know until right now that, my other website,, has been taken off the internet.  It’s just a matter of time before this website will be shut down, too.  I feel extremely discouraged.  It is in vain that I do this work that I do!


TWO ARMS of the criminal justice system—the county prosecutor’s office and the office of the public defender—had already begun moving.  As usual, both moved glacially, the former a little less so.

Thomas Lechliter, the Essex prosecutor assigned to the case, immediately began interviewing the police officers who had first encountered and searched the crime scene and the detectives investigating the murder that had occurred there. He did not need much time to assemble the police department’s version of the events that unfolded between the night of Friday, August 7, when Georgianna Broadway, Estella Moore, and Charlene Moore convened at the Moores’ apartment for a night of liquor and cocaine, and the morning of Sunday, August 9, when Robert “Skeet” Douglas was arrested in a friend’s home near Branch Brook Park, the loaded murder weapon reportedly tucked into his belt.
(The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace, Jeff Hobbs, page 34)


March 3, 2008

Victoria Marmolejos                                                                                                    
Queen Hardy
Wesley McLeon
“One Land, Two Worlds” 
Keyshawn-(starts kissing her neck)
Ty’ Reisha-(squeamish) What do you have to show me?
Keyshawn-(pulls out a condom) You ready for me?
Ty’ Reisha-Um……NO!!!!!
Keyshawn-What you mean NO?
Ty’ Reisha-I mean I ain’t ready for that.  I got a future and a life and I ain’t gonna ruin it just for you. You never wanted me for me anyway.  You only wanted me for what you call my greatest asset (touching her butt) and guess what.  You ain’t getting it so why don’t you go mess around with one of them tricks that you always be with cuz I aint got time for you.
Keyshawn-Look. I’m doing you a favor.  You either take it or leave it.
Ty’ Reisha-Can’t you comprehend? I DON”T WANT YOU OR IT!!!! (walking towards the door)
Keyshawn-(runs toward the door and grabs her risk [sic])  You aint going no where until I get some.
Ty’ Reisha-(struggling loose) Get your hands off of me.
Keyshawn-(being aggressive, puts her on the wall and handcuffs her to the closet rod) You aint going no where now is you?
Ty’ Reisha-No…(crying) Please.. Get off of me.
Keyshawn-NO.. You won’t give it to me so I guess Imma have to take it……..

( 8th grade class assignment.  I typed this script (with added emphasis, bold lettering) and I’ve posted it several times here at my website, without my grandson Wesley’s permission to do so.  Wesley played the role of KeyShawn, the drug-dealer gang-member rapist.  Wesley did not think up this script and neither did either of the other two students nor did their teacher.  cc all Mormon attorneys)