June 16, 2017, 1:45pm.  About Me.  I’m still at Starbucks on 7th Avenue between West 23rd Street and West 24th Street, and I am freezing!  I am a victim of super technology torture.  Earlier, when I was at Starbucks in Atlantic Terminal, I asked another customer if her racquets were tennis racquets or squash.  I’ve not seen a tennis racquet in decades, I honestly didn’t know.  She told me the racquets are tennis racquets. I told her I used to play tennis but I was never really good at it, in fact, I very seldom was able to hit the ball over the net. She told me she’s doesn’t play tennis well either, but I’m sure she does.

http://www.marketwatch.com/, June 16, 2017, 9:25am

http://www.marketwatch.com/, June 16, 2017, 2:45pm

This is a picture of one of “The Givers” playing paddle ball or table tennis:


Killer Spin, Tennis History [note KickAss foot sign], https://www.killerspin.com/blog/whats-the-difference-between-table-tennis-and-ping-pong/
This is a picture of  the two “Givers” playing paddle ball or table tennis:



1.a short pole with a broad blade at one or both ends, used without an oarlock to move a small boat or canoe through the water.
synonyms: oar, scull, blade
“use the paddles to row ashore”
1. move through the water in a boat using a paddle or paddles.
“he paddled along the coast”
synonyms: row gently, pull, scull, canoe, kayak
“we paddled around the bay”
beat (someone) with a paddle as a punishment.
“he was firm in his conviction that his children would never be paddled”

I thought it unusual that her racquets were not in racquet covers and I would have asked her if I could take a picture of her two tennis racquets but I didn’t because my camera is not working. (I need to purchase a backup camera, definitely I must do so before Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Annual Meeting, the first Saturday in October.) 

Not only is the air conditioner on high where I’m sitting (Starbucks, 7th Avenue), also, somebody is pressing an easy button laser beam transmitting chill to the bone to my upper body!   My shoulders actually ache, from the freezing chill to the bone—I can barely type! Also, I am suffering from easy button laser beam pain in my chest, near my heart!   A sampling of Starbucks music while I am enduring this sadistic “super technology” torture: Oh my love my darling I need your love … lonely rivers flow to the sea … I need your love, God speed your love to me … sounds like a cowboy version.   A Starbucks customer is standing at the bar, across from where I’m sitting, tapping her foot on the floor, another sound that exacerbates the sadistic pain.  I would ask her if I could take a picture of her military camouflage cap-C9 ASPEN-but my camera is not working.


Another song (I don’t know the name and I cannot “shazam” because my  Google phone is not working properly): … easy button laser beam shock in my head.  Another song, “uhuh uhuh gonna get along without you now … fire engines drove past outside; inside, a customer who looks like she might be a dancer, wearing Orwell 1984 overalls, is at the counter, as is a man wearing French navy stripes. Another song, 2:30pm: … I didn’t mean to hurt you … I didn’t mean to make you cry … I was swallowing my pain ..I’m just a jealous guy … I was trying to catch your eye … I was shivering inside … I didn’t mean to hurt you … 


cc all Mormon barristers

Earlier I spoke with a customer; I asked him what is Kenai Riverdog, on his T-Shirt.  I told him I would like to take a picture but my camera is not working.


[I cannot find picture of Warren Buffett’s Brooks Running man or woman standing on a rock or a hill]



E-WALKS Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, parked in front of YWCA, June 15, 2017

Starbucks music, June 16,2017, 3:11pm, “I just wanna love you baby”, EXTREME pressure on my bladder, easy button laser beam pressure.and easy button laser beam freezing chill to the bones! Barista to customer, “No whip, right?” I cannot finish posting this information.