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June 7, 2017 
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June 8, 2017, 7am.  About Me.  I’m at Starbucks, 32nd Street between 6th Avenue and “Fashion” Avenue in Manhattan.

MarketWatch.com is advertising an advertisement for KNIGHTSCOPE INVEST IN THE FUTURE OF SECURITY featuring, in the background, Nasdaq building. Nasdaq with its “super technology” companies, CIA-DIA agent Orwell’s 1984 “how-to” manual: one worldwide police state.


The Fourteen Words is a phrase used by white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, and others. It refers to both the 14-word slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”[1], and the 14-word slogan: “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”[2] Both 14-word slogans were coined by David Lane, a member of the Neo-Nazi organization The Order. The first slogan was inspired by a statement, 88 words in length, quoted from Volume 1, Chapter 8 of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf:

What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe. Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility.

It can be combined with 88, as in 14/88 or 1488. The 8s stand for the eighth letter of the alphabet (H), with HH standing for Heil Hitler.[3] 88 can also stand for the book 88 Precepts by David Lane.[4]
2007 Living the Book of Mormon: Abiding by its Precepts: the 36th Annual Brigham Young University Sidney B. Sperry Symposium (Hard Cover Book) edited by Gaye Strathearn and Charles Swift (http://www.byubookstore.com)
MormonChurch/WarandPeace-MilitaryRelations.jpg Military Relations
War and Peace
Gordon B. Hinckley

President of the Church
I hope that the Lord’s people may be at peace one with another during times of trouble, regardless of what loyalties they may have to different governments or parties.

The Lord counseled them, “Defend your families even unto bloodshed” (Alma 43:47).
And Moroni “rent his coat; and he took a piece thereof, and wrote upon it—In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children—and he fastened it upon the end of a pole.
“And he fastened on his headplate, and his breastplate, and his shields, and girded on his armor about his loins; and he took the pole, which had on the end thereof his rent coat, (and he called it the title of liberty) and he bowed himself to the earth, and he prayed mightily unto his God for the blessings of liberty to rest upon his brethren” (Alma 46:1213).
(Gordon Hinckley, https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2003/04/war-and-peace?lang=eng)
For the Record. Mormon church deleted Marine image.  cc all Mormon attorneys

In Mormonism, the oath of vengeance (or law of vengeance) was an oath that was made by participants in the Endowment ritual of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints between about 1845 and the 1920s, in which participants vowed to pray that God would avenge the blood of the prophets Joseph Smith, Jr. and Hyrum Smith, who were assassinated in 1844 by a mob. The oath of vengeance was an addition made to the Nauvoo Endowment under the direction of Brigham Young by 1845 in the Nauvoo Temple, soon after the 1844 death of Joseph Smith, Jr..[1] Participants agreed to be bound by the following oath, or something substantially similar:

“You and each of you do covenant and promise that you will pray and never cease to pray to Almighty God to avenge the blood of the prophets upon this nation, and that you will teach the same to your children and to your children’s children unto the third and fourth generation.”[2]

“The prophets” referred to Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith, who were killed in 1844 by a mob while in jail in Carthage, Illinois. “This nation” referred to the United States.[3]
“were killed in 1844 by a mob” should be “were killed in 1844 by a mob of ex-Mormons”
“was an oath” should be “is an oath”
“between about 1845 and the 1920s.” should be “between about 1845 to the present.”
“vowed to pray” should be “vow to pray”
” ‘The prophets’ referred to” should be ” ‘The prophets’ refer to”
” ‘This nation’ referred to the United States.” should be ” ‘This nation’ refers to the United States
(FOR THE RECORD.  Mormom computer gremlins continue to change some of the parenthenses!; though for what Nauvoodoo reason, I do not know. The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.)
cc all Mormon barristers

Before I post some information from Knightscope website I need to post this:

My Kasual Kountry Weekend With the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

Filed to: ROADTRIP

From the outskirts of Harrison, Ark., take Highway 7 North about seven miles. Take a right by the Conoco, down Zinc Road, past the green cow pastures and the farmhouses and four low-slung churches. After seven miles, the road appears to head straight into a wall of trees, before veering left and plunging down a long hill. Over the railroad tracks, where the paving gives way to a dusty, rock-strewn rutted path, bear left on Lead Hill Road. Your pace will slow. This is a road for pickup trucks, not a rented Ford Fusion. Pass a few scattered mobile homes with turkeys and geese wandering, and some poor cows stuck navigating a farm placed on a steep hill. Mostly, pass scraggly trees. At three points, a tiny creek cuts across the dirt road, and you’ll have to gun it through a flowing puddle to move ahead. After a couple of miles of this, arrive at a steep, rocky driveway flanked by a gate and a lone American flag.

Welcome to the national headquarters of The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. I hope you’re white.

In the late 1940s, the author Stetson Kennedy went undercover in the Georgia Ku Klux Klan. It was a life-threatening activity. In a book, he included some of the Klan’s suggested punishment for “rats” in their midst: “Let’s take him out in the woods, fasten him to a log with a staple over his testicles, set fire to the log, give him a knife and tell him to ‘Cut or burn!'”

Things have changed. Over the intervening six decades, the Klan has morphed from legitimate terrorist force to daytime talk show trope—a shorthand symbol for despicable racist ignorance that is itself hated in a far greater measure than it can hate others. The Southern Poverty Law Center said last month that while right wing hate groups in America have grown “explosively” over the past three years, the Klan itself has “declined significantly,” with fewer members and far fewer chapters than in its heyday.

(Gawker, April 3, 2012, http://gawker.com/5898493/my-kasual-kountry-weekend-with-the-knights-of-the-ku-klux-klan)

There’s a lot of deception going on.  An awful lot, all of which will be exposed, GUARANTEED.  cc all Mormon barristers

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[FOR THE RECORD.  I was mistaken. The Mormon Church of Satan Intermountain Drug Rehabilitation Hospital is not in Utah. The Mormon Church of Satan Intermountain Drug Rehabilitation Hospital is in Idaho.  Note the Adidas logo.] http://www.intermountainhospital.com/


June 8, 2017, 7am.  About Me, continued On the counter here in Victory Cafe, Starbucks, a flyer for BODY NOTES sponsored by KRYOLAN PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP, CIA-DIA agent Huxley’s Brave New World “how to” manual: soma drug induced hedonistic pleasure for everybody from infancy to old age.

[Note toddler, and Coca Cola billboard, coke (cocaine, weed, heroin, Molly and LSD):]

Our mission is to share who we are as human beings,

to build a community accepting of ourselves and each other.

 Through interactive public art events we follow our vision

to inspire human connection around the world.

Our History

Since 2007, Andy Golub has painted bodies in the public streets of New York City on hundreds of occasions. At first glance, these performances may seem innocuous, but they actually address a variety of societal issues:

– Contrast between art and advertising in the public space;
– Role of street art versus gallery art;
– Appropriateness of public nudity;
– Distinction between nudity and sexuality; and
– Use of the human form as an aesthetic versus personal identity.

These performances led to arrests in 2011, which were subsequently dismissed. In 2013, the NY Police Department acknowledged that public nudity is legal for the sake of art. One year later, with the help of many people in both the nudist community and from the body painting community, Andy organized the first NYC Bodypainting Day. By 2016, Bodypainting Day had expanded to Amsterdam, Brussels and San Francisco.

200 Naked People
Painted in Times Square!
You heard us right…

The 2017 US make-up sponsor is



June 8, 2017, 8am.  About Me, continued A few minutes ago I tried my best to ignore the distracting rap song that was playing here in Starbucks. The rap music was so loud, and so rapper sounding, I decided to “shazam” to see exactly which rapper was singing for these customers most of whom do not look like the type of people who enjoy listening to rap music, or any loud music at 8 o’clock in the morning.  I’ve come to realize, Starbucks’ constant rap music is widening the racial gap between blacks and whites. I decided to “shazam” to see which male and female rappers Starbucks customers have the pleasure of listening to: Party by Beyonce and Andre 3000.



Featuring André 3000 & Kanye West
Produced by Beyoncé, Jeff Bhasker & Kanye West
Album 4
Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young

[Intro: Kanye West]
You a bad girl, and your friend’s bad too (ooh)
We got the swag sauce, she dripping swagu
You a bad girl and your friends bad too, ooh
You got the swag sauce, she dripping swagu (ooh)
[Verse 1: Beyonce]
I may be young, but I’m ready
To give you all my love
I told my girls you can get it
Don’t slow it down, just let it go
[Pre-Chorus 1: Beyonce]
So in love, I’ll give it all away
Just don’t tell nobody tomorrow
So tonight, I’ll do it every way
Speakers knocking ’til the morning light
[Chorus: Beyonce]
Cause we like to party, hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Cause we like to party, hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Cause we like to party!
[Verse 2: Beyonce]
Your touch is driving me crazy
I can’t explain the way I feel
Top down, with the radio on and the night belongs to us
Just hold me close, don’t let me go
[Pre-Chorus 2: Beyonce]
So in love, I don’t care what they say
I don’t care if they’re talking tomorrow
Cause tonight’s the night, oh oh oh oh
That I give you everything
Music knocking ’til the morning light
Cause we like to party!
[Verse 3: Andre 3000]
Set the scene, 3000 degrees
I ain’t worried about them fuck niggas over there, but they worry about me
I got a homeboy named Butter and another homeboy there, nigga named Cheese
Fuck with me, baby, I’ll make it milk till it drip down your knees
Spit this shit for reallo, Brain Brillo
Kiddo say he looks up to me, this just makes me feel old
Never thought that we could become someone else’s hero
Man, we were just in the food court eating our gyros
Yesterday, that’s the way, every single morning I try to pray
Grandmom and them they never forgot and nothing else really mean nothing to me
I ain’t studying the beat
You talking to me? Girl, why you fucking with me?
Move on there ain’t nothing to see
Pshh, always something to saw
I’m the raw, off the rip, cause of him
All of them, will remem-ber the min-
Nute they fell in love with rap black, like having your cousin back
Blue like when that rent is due, cream like when I’m loving you, yeahPre-Chorus 2: Beyonce]
So in love, I’ll give it all away
Just don’t tell nobody tomorrow
Cause tonight’s the night, oh oh oh oh
That I give you everything
Music knocking ’til the morning light
[Chorus: Beyonce]
Cause we like to party, hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Cause we like to party, hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Cause we like to party!
[Outro: Kanye West]
You a bad girl, and your friend’s bad too (ooh)
We got the swag sauce, she dripping swagu
You a bad girl and your friends bad too, ooh
You got the swag sauce, she dripping swagu (ooh)
Advertisements: Audi Coupe; Sir Walter Chevrolet Camaro; Hawthorn Park Overlooking Lincoln Center Glenwood [Mormon Church of Satan New York City temple: Lincoln Center]

(Gawker, April 3, 2012, http://gawker.com/5898493/my-kasual-kountry-weekend-with-the-knights-of-the-ku-klux-klan)