[May 19, 2017.  I’m at Starbucks, Atlantic Terminal.  The time is now 9:56am. I should be sitting in the Assembly Hall in Brooklyn, That’s where I want to be, I desperately need the spiritual nourishment, but I need to finish posting some information.  I’ve not had time to make a schedule for my meeting attendance.  I don’t think I’ll be going to the Assembly Hall in Newburgh, not for the next two months or so. I do not yet know when I’ll be moving, or where.  I only know that, by this time next year, teeth or no teeth, each weekend I will be surrounded by Bethelites, and some federal agents who’re pretending to be Bethelites.  I’ve matured a lot since last summer, even since last I attended the Kingdom Hall on Third Avenue. I now fully realize that events are happening [Gog of Magog, Gog and Magog, the attacks on Jehovah’s people in Australia and Canada, and, Russia, and elsewhere including here in the U.S., the attacks, including the infiltration, and the mockery and irreverent dress and conduct at the Assemblies] exactly as events must happen, in fulfillment of Bible prophecy: the great tribulation which results in: ARMAGEDDON.  cc all Mormon barristers)


WARNING: One of the following images is shocking.

In the year 2003 or 2004 I used to go to the Mormon church in Harlem, when they were on 129th Street, around the corner from Lenox Avenue which is now also known as Malcolm X Boulevard. It was the Mormon church’s first church in Harlem (their first meetings in Harlem were held in Sylvia’s Restaurant).  After meeting in a restaurant (Sylvia’s Restaurant) for a year or so, the Mormon church purchased a building, a former Kingdom Hall, from Jehovah’s visible organization, Jehovah’s Witnesses—a new Kingdom Hall with two auditoriums was built on the other end of 129th Street, at 8th Avenue, which is also known as Frederick Douglas Boulevard.  I used to go to the Mormon church “Sacrament” meeting, and then I would walk crosstown and attend two of the meetings at the Kingdom Hall.   During that time, the Mormon church’s new church was being built, on Lenox Avenue also known as Malcolm X Boulevard, at 128th Street.  During the time the time the foundation was being laid, when there were wooden boards all around the construction, some advertisements were on the boards. One of the advertisements or posters was a picture of a white female with her lips sewn up.  It was shocking, really, shocking.  At that time or shortly thereafter, a sculpture of three monkeys, probably copper like the Monopoly figurines in one of the MTA subways, was showcased in the street island at Columbus Circle, where the new Time Warner building featuring Club Dizzy Jazz is located.  The sewn up lips poster was a message of psychological terrorism to any Mormons who objected to being assigned to Harlem or objected to any other aspect of their church’s hidden agenda (and also a message of terrorism to any Harlem residents with any objections to anything Mormon-related).  At that time, three of the Mormon families had infants; not one but two of the infants were born with birth defects, one had tubes in his nose—without question, a message of intimidation to the entire congregation.  (Both now healthy.)  The Mormon Church of Satan is ruthless.

I did  not have any fear that my lips would be one day be sewn together, for that would be too obvious.  It never occurred to me, that my gums could be sewn to my cheek, which is what happened to me this past Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at NYU School of Dentistry.  (My upper left palate is actually sewn to my left cheek!  I entertain no hope of actually having a denture fit in my mouth.) The following blond is willingly or probably forcibly wearing a Halloween “makeup” stitched up lips (I hope it’s makeup and not real!):

Yesterday while walking on Atlantic Avenue near Parlor hair salon (next door to Thor Equities Glenn Vogel) and Nunu Chocolates, I saw State Senator Velmanette Montgomery walking toward me. (I did not immediately recognize her because the glare from the “super technology” that’s now affecting the sun rays [the literal sun in the sky] was blinding.)

I said, “Hi, Senator.”  A male voice behind me said, “Hello.”  (Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty Genovese, Hello Moto.)  A male was walking behind me. I said to him,”You’re not the senator.”  Senator Montgomery looked troubled, perhaps even weary.  (I do not suggest that State Senator Montgomery might be lethargic, incapable of performing her duties.  What I mean is, perhaps she is weary of hearing about my “shenanigans”, my “mischief”.)   I am most certain pressure of some sort is upon her—and her staff, her office which is in the YWCA building where I live—because of me, the “nut job”.

I stopped in front of Mormon Church of Satan/CIA Jane restaurant and explained to two black males that I was not taking a picture of them; I was only taking a picture of the boxes:

GREAT WHITE POLY TWINER and RIVERSIDE STAR, Jane restaurant cellar, May 18, 2017. When I saw the twine, and the shark teeth, I of course thought about the long thread in my mouth, and how it took not just one but two dentists (Dr. Valentina Vellani assisted by Dr. Hezefa Talib) to have scissors in my mouth cutting the long long thread!

GREAT WHITE POLY TWINE, Jane restaurant, May 18, 2017.  Yesterday when Dr. Amritpal Kullar examined my mouth (my surgery was on Wednesday, I went back to NYU School or Dentistry yesterday to find out how is it possible that I can have an upper denture when my palate is sewn to my cheek) he had in his hand what looked like a pincer. I asked him what was he going to do with that, was he going to pull the stitches out?  He told me he was using the other side of the instrument, the flat end, to examine my mouth. (I should have asked him if I could take a picture of the dental instrument in his hand!)[As an aside, the following is some information about the Mormon Church of Satan’s “Atmit”:]
Atmit, an Ethiopian porridge mixture based on a centuries-old recipe, is a nutritious blend of oat flour, powdered milk, sugar, salt and supplemental vitamins and minerals. The mixture, verified by Brigham Young University nutritionists, helps children and the elderly who are so malnourished that they cannot digest whole grains and food made with coarse flour.
In 2003, the Church sent its first shipment of Atmit to Ethiopia to help relieve the starvation that 12 million people were facing. The first shipment comprised 80,000 pounds of the mixture.
Atmit continues to be produced in Salt Lake City at Welfare Square and distributed to people suffering from starvation in various parts of the world.

When I saw the shark and the twine, after I walked past Senator Montgomery, I wondered, who is waiting in the lobby?  Who will be coincidentally aligned with me in the elevator?  Who will walk out of the kitchen, carrying a knife or some twine and or a pair of scissors?  I wondered.

Georgia license plate number DP1MAO WHEELER, parked in front of YWCA, Third Avenue, Brooklyn, May 18, 2017, approximately 7:30pm
(Atlanta, Georgia is a “code word” meaning African Americans, similar to Harlem. Mao, is of course the name of a Chinese military leader. War.  The art of war.  Wheels I will write about, I must write about, as soon as I possibly can. cc all Mormon barristers)

New York license plate number BVV 5377, Yale University skulls and bones and black children, parked in front of YWCA main entrance, Third Avenue, May 19, 2017, approximately 7:30pm. I forgot to take a close up picture of the skulls decorating the license plate number.  cc all Mormon barristers

BVE5377 black truck, NYFD,and Cookies, May 18, 2017, approximately 7:30pm

black truck New York license plate number BVE5377 decorated with spikes, and a pair of pincers (I did not place this pair of pincers on this block of wood, nor do I know who was told to), YWCA main entrance, May 18, 2017, approximately 7:30pm

Watsontown Brick and pincers, YWCA main entrance, May 18, 2017, approximately 7:30pm

African American Vernacular English (AAVE)—also called African American English (AAE); less precisely Black English, Black Vernacular, Black English Vernacular (BEV), or Black Vernacular English (BVE)—is a variety (dialect, ethnolect and sociolect) of American English, spoken by urban working-class African Americans and largely bi-dialectal middle-class African Americans.[1] It is sometimes colloquially referred to as Ebonics, a term avoided by linguists due to its other meanings and connotations.[2]

It shares a large portion of its grammar and phonology with the rural dialects of the Southern United States,[3] and especially older Southern American English.[4] Several creolists, including William Stewart, John Dillard and John Rickford, argue that AAVE shares enough characteristics with African Creole languages spoken around the world that AAVE itself may be an English-based creole language separate from English;[5][6] however, mainstream linguists maintain that there are no significant parallels,[7][8][9] and that AAVE is, in fact, a demonstrable variety of the English language,[10][11] having features that can be traced back mostly to the nonstandard British English of early settlers in the Southern United States.[12]

As with all linguistic forms, its usage is influenced by age, status, topic and setting. There are many literary uses of AAVE, particularly in African-American literature.

Tense and aspect

Although AAVE does not necessarily have the preterite marker of other English varieties (that is, the -ed of worked), it does have an optional tense system with four past and two future tenses or (because they indicate tense in degrees) phases.[47]

Phases/Tenses of AAVE[48]
Phase Example
Past Pre-recent I been bought it
Recent I done buy ita
Pre-present I did buy it
Past Inceptive I do buy it
Present I be buying it
Future Immediate I’m a-buy it
Post-immediate I’m a-gonna buy it
Indefinite future I gonna buy it

^a Syntactically, I bought it is grammatical, but done (always unstressed) is used to emphasize the completed nature of the action.[49]

As phase auxiliary verbs, been and done must occur as the first auxiliary; when they occur as the second, they carry additional aspects:[48]

He been done work means “he finished work a long time ago”.
He done been work means “until recently, he worked over a long period of time”.

The latter example shows one of the most distinctive features of AAVE: the use of be to indicate that performance of the verb is of a habitual nature. In most other American English dialects, this can only be expressed unambiguously by using adverbs such as usually.[50]

This aspect-marking form of been or BIN[51] is stressed and semantically distinct from the unstressed form: She BIN running (‘She has been running for a long time’) and She been running (‘She has been running’).[52] This aspect has been given several names, including perfect phase, remote past, and remote phase (this article uses the third).[53] As shown above, been places action in the distant past. However, when been is used with stative verbs or gerund forms, been shows that the action began in the distant past and that it is continuing now. Rickford (1999) suggests that a better translation when used with stative verbs is “for a long time”. For instance, in response to “I like your new dress”, one might hear Oh, I been had this dress, meaning that the speaker has had the dress for a long time and that it isn’t new.[53]

To see the difference between the simple past and the gerund when used with been, consider the following expressions:

I been bought her clothes means “I bought her clothes a long time ago”.
I been buying her clothes means “I’ve been buying her clothes for a long time”.
AAVE grammatical aspects
Aspect Example Standard English meaning
Habitual/continuative aspect[54] He be working Tuesdays. He works frequently (or habitually) on Tuesdays.
Intensified continuative (habitual) He stay working. He is always working.
Intensified continuative (not habitual)[55] He steady working. He keeps on working.
Perfect progressive He been working. He has been working.
Irrealis He finna go to work.
He is about to go to work.a


^a Finna corresponds to “fixing to” in other varieties.[56] it is also written fixinafixnafitna, and finta[57]
In addition to these, come (which may or may not be an auxiliary[58]) may be used to indicate speaker indignation, such as in Don’t come acting like you don’t know what happened and you started the whole thing (‘Don’t try to act as if you don’t know what happened, because you started the whole thing’).[59]

A large box was on display in the lobby, right beneath the YWCA sign on the wall.  A box containing a Whirlpool refrigerator, and of course because I’ve been diagnosed to be a paranoid schizophrenic, I thought about pools, of blood (concerning Jenny Santos: “There was blood”), even moreso did I think so when I saw who was coincidentally aligned with me, one of the Witches of the YWCA: Pat, the witch who was sweeping the hall on the floor where the 80 times murder happened. Rather than ride the elevator with a passenger who stayed on the elevator rather than exit the elevator, I waited and rode the elevator alone.  Nobody was coincidentally aligned with me in the 11th floor elevator alcove or in the hallway, no knife no scissors no pincers, only a hanger hanging on room 1171 door, and room 1173 door slightly ajar.

Room 1171, May 18 and 19, 2017
(I took a picture of a YWCA customer

Molly tenant meeting notice, bread and apples, 11th floor kitchen, State Street side of the building, May 19, 2017

Molly tenant notice and Community Board 2 Transportation Committee Meeting, YWCA mailroom, May 18-19, 2017