Interior: Fitted Out Lovingly

[Mormon computer gremlins are again ILLEGALLY preventing me from editing my home page. I posted some new pages below this page, the Blog page.]
This weekend was brutal.  I did not post any information this past weekend.  I was suffering severe attack from satanic forces.  Jehovah God gave me the strength to endure.  Jehovah God is my Shepherd.  Today, Monday, May 8, 2017, I’m sitting in Starbucks, Barclays Center.

I asked this young Asian female if I could take a picture of her URBAN OUTFITTERS brand pink tote bag, however she did not give me permission to take a picture of her navel, nor she did not  give me permission to post this picture here at my website. Some of the Mormon CIA-DIA-FBI agents who’re pretending to be Jehovah’s Witnesses gave me permission. She is now a plaintiff in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Accenture, Bain, Citicorp, Verizon and many other corporations including and most especially the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon barristers

Song of Solomon 3
“It is the litter that King Solʹo·mon has made for himself from the trees of Lebʹa·non.+ 10  Its pillars he has made of silver, its supports of gold. Its seat is of wool dyed reddish purple, its interior being fitted out lovingly* by the daughters of Jerusalem.” [emphasis added]
[Additional Translations:]

When I came back to my computer after I went to ask two police officers if they’re twins (they’re not twins) and told then they’re both quite handsome and that we appreciate NYPD, I saw a straw jacket (the paper cover for Starbucks green straws [straw, to be continued]) on the floor so as I picked it up with a paper napkin as I asked the Asian female with the Urban Outfitters tote bag if she put the straw jacket on the floor but then when I saw another straw jacket on the floor I realized it was not she who put the straw paper jacket on the floor, it was one of the two young Asians, a male and a female, who were sitting to my right (she was sitting to my left) who put the straw paper jacket on the floor.  This is a picture of the Asian male’s jacket:

I asked a Starbucks customer, an Asian male college student, if I could take a picture of his Drexel University jacket, however he did not give me permission to post this picture here at my website. Some of the Mormon CIA-DIA-FBI agents who’re pretending to be Jehovah’s Witnesses gave me permission.  He is now a plaintiff in a legal case against Berkshire Hathaway, Accenture, Bain, Citicorp, Verizon and many other corporations including and most especially the Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon barristers


[The above information and all of the following information is interconnected; directly connected to the Mormon church’s illegal sting operation surrounding Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, and me.  The illegal sting operation that encompasses every human being on earth, and has resulted in the LEGAL CASE, unlike any other, ever.  The LEGAL CASE, headed to The Hague.  cc all Mormon attorneys]
Song of Solomon 3:4
Hardly had I passed on from them until I found the one whom my soul has loved. I grabbed hold of him, and I would not let go of him, until I had brought him into my mother’s house and into the interior room of her that had been pregnant with me.
[Additional Translations:]

Saturday morning, May 6, 2017, after I went grocery shopping at Stop & Shop (I purchased groceries; laundry/cleaning products; notebook/pens for Convention; Time magazine publication about John F Kennedy [yes, I am obsessed with the Kennedys]; and a book titled Nemesis by Catherine Coulter which I might not finish reading because it might be extremely satanic and I wish not to delve into the secret things of Satan), on my way back to my room I saw an employee of the YWCA maintenance department, Rosemary, sweeping the curb between YWCA and Zen Buddhist church or temple next door to the YWCA.  Why is Rosemary sweeping the street?  Rosemary is not a witch.  Who told Rosemary to sweep the street??  I wondered.  On the 11th floor on my way to my room, I saw Barbara Cutler in the bathroom. Barbara Cutler was standing at the bathroom mirror with her top up, playing with her navel. (I am not lying.) And that’s when I knew, Rosemary’s Baby, and the 80 times stabbing was a Wiccan ritual murder.  The murderer was mind-controlled and probably has no memory of committing the murder.  Molly, president of Brooklyn YWCA tenant association, knows all the details.  (to be continued)

I had planned to go to Starbucks or one of Starbucks’ subsidiaries, but I had no energy.  I slept a lot Saturday, and Sunday.  And I suffered terribly from easy button laser beam pressure on my bladder, and easy button laser beam shocks to my head.  Each easy button attack was accompanied by a sound, amplified sounds next door: mostly amplified thumps; also amplified creaky door “haunted house” sounds; amplified muffled talking; amplified simulated mack truck revs and motorcycle revs (supposedly outside); also latching sounds in hallway; sirens outside.  I am being tortured.  The resident in the room next door to be is being exploited.

The severe painful pressure on my bladder, most especially at night, is symbolic.  (The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.)  cc all Mormon attorneys


Twin organs located in the lower back. Their function is to filter impurities from the blood. Regarding the Hebrew word kela·yohthʹ (kidneys), J. N. Oswalt wrote: “When used figuratively, the term refers to the innermost aspects of personality.” (Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, edited by R. Laird Harris, 1980, Vol. 1, p. 440; compare Ps 7:9, ftn.) The same is true of the Greek word ne·phroiʹ (kidneys).Re 2:23, ftn.

As with all the organs of the body, the kidneys were directly designed by Jehovah God the Creator. (Ps 139:13) In sacrificial animals, the fat around the kidneys was considered especially choice and was specifically mentioned as something that was to be made to smoke on the altar along with the kidneys in communion sacrifices (Le 3:10, 11; 9:19, 20), sin offerings (Le 4:8, 9; 8:14, 16; 9:10), and guilt offerings (Le 7:1, 4). In the installation of the priesthood, the kidneys of the ram of installation were first waved and then burned on the altar. (Ex 29:22, 24, 25; Le 8:25, 27, 28) In this significance of choiceness, Moses spoke of Jehovah as feeding his people Israel with “the kidney fat of wheat.”De 32:14.

Because of their position deep in the body, the kidneys are among the most inaccessible organs. With good reason, therefore, the Bible uses the term to represent the deepest thoughts and emotions of one’s personality. A wound in the kidneys would be a very deep wound, either literally or figuratively considered. (Job 16:13; Ps 73:21; La 3:13) At times kidneys are mentioned in close connection with the heart, which is used figuratively for the total inner person.Jer 11:20; 17:10; 20:12; see HEART.

Our Creator knows the makeup of man in the most thorough and intimate way. Therefore, Jehovah is said to test out “heart and kidneys,” even as his Son also searches “the kidneys and hearts.” (Ps 7:9; Re 2:23) Just as one refines silver, Jehovah can “refine” the kidneys and heart of a person so he may become right before God, being made more sensitive to Jehovah’s ways.Ps 26:2; 66:10.

At Psalm 16:7 David wrote: “I shall bless Jehovah, who has given me advice. Really, during the nights my kidneys have corrected me.” God’s advice reached the innermost recesses of David’s being as a worshiper of the true God. Because it had settled so deeply within, the “advice” was identified with the “kidneys,” and thus it could be said that the kidneys corrected David.

God’s Word, although it might be on the lips of the wicked ones, does not reach down to the innermost aspects of their personality. Thus, regarding the wicked ones, Jeremiah 12:2 says: “They keep going ahead; they have also produced fruit. You are near in their mouth, but far away from their kidneys.” This parallels the scripture at Isaiah 29:13, quoted by Jesus at Matthew 15:7, 8, which says the same thing about the heart of the wicked, thus showing that at times “heart” and “kidneys” are used in a corresponding way.

(INSIGHT on the Scriptures, Jehovah’s visible organization’s Watchtower Online Library,, some of the Mormon CIA-DIA-FBI agents who’re pretending to be Jehovah’s Witnesses gave me permission to post this information, with added emphasis, cc all Mormon barristers)

Somebody is pressing an easy button here in Starbucks Barclay Center; I’m suffering from severe churning pressure on my bladder. Jehovah God gives me the strength to endure the physical torture and psychological torture.   I’m going to Target ladies room and I might come back here and I might not. Because Jehovah God is my Shepherd I do not have to report to anybody where I’m going, and I certainly do not have to be told where to go, what to wear, what to say, what to do.