Meet Bonnie, Bonnie and Bonnie

Someone here in Starbucks said to me “Hi, Sunshine.”  I did not return the greeting because my name is not Sunshine.   There are so many distractions here in Starbucks, it really slows down my ability to do my work. I did not yet finish documenting the Bonnie, Bonnie, and Bonnie information.

(It is very difficult to concentrate on what I need to type because the jazz music is so loud and another customer is even louder, talking on his cell phone something or other that he might have to “shut her down” and she’s “in one piece now but she might be in three pieces”—sounds like it’s something about child custody and his wife or girlfriend, and she has to be “held accountable”, he said; I suspect that he was told to have his conversation, and talk really loudly.)

(Bonnie Parkin, leader of the Mormon Church of Satan “Relief Society”,

(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary, )
a very special kind of sunshine that the stoned cat often deals
(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary, )

satan’s secret


DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY kitten fur, April 17, 017

(Mormon Church of Satan Urban Dictionary, )

(President Thomas S. Monson: ‘Welcome to Conference’ (109 photos), Mormon church Deseret News photos: April 6, 2013; advertisement:  2014,

We must stop concentrating on our differences and focus on what we have in common. Then we can realize our full potential and achieve the  greatest good in the world.
—Bonnie L. Oscarson—

(Bonnie Parkin,

Bonnie Plants, Third Avenue at Atlantic Avenue, April 15th (my birthdate), 2017, approximately 6am. I was born Leitha Mae Timmons on April 15, 1945, the day of the year that later became Income Tax Day.  While I long knew that the name Bonnie is Scottish, it is only recently that I read about the Water of Leith, in Scotland and also in New Zealand, and the River Leith in England.

Song of Solomon 8:6-7
6 “Place me as a seal upon your* heart,+ as a seal upon your arm; because love is as strong as death is,+ insistence on exclusive devotion+ is as unyielding as Sheʹol* is. Its blazings are the blazings of a fire, the flame of Jah.*+
7 Many waters themselves are not able to extinguish love,+ nor can rivers themselves wash it away.+ If a man* would give all the valuable things of his house for love, persons would positively despise them.*
Psalm 69:9
For sheer zeal for your house has eaten me up,+And the very reproaches of those reproaching you have fallen upon me.+

Photo by Tom Smart
Sister Bonnie D. and her husband, James L. Parkin, have supported each other in their callings.

Note military jacket:]

Brother Derek Cordon and Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, newly called as Second Counselor in the Primary General Presidency.  Photo by Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News.

Sister Bonnie Lee Green Oscarson, Young Women general president, and her husband, Brother Paul K. Oscarson, pose for a portrait at Church headquarters in Salt Lake City.   Photo by Ravell Call, Deseret News.