Happy Birthday from PL$

April 15, 2017.  About Me.  I was born on April 15th, 1945.  I do not celebrate my birthdate (the reason I do not is because, I know the truth, John 8:32); however, PL$ celebrated my birthday.

I’m not lying.

My mobile phone rang here in Starbucks.  When I looked at the number, a 212 area code number (212-563-5568) I assumed Brandon Ash the intern at NYU School of Dentistry was calling to tell me what day I am scheduled for the minor surgery to remove the bone in my gums. When I answered my phone, a young women told me PL$ was calling to wish me a happy birthday.  Really, I am not lying.  The call is recorded on my phone.  (I sometimes went to PL$ to send money to my grandson Wesley, via Western Union, however I never told them the date of my birth!)  I was shocked. And angry. Not at the young woman who telephoned me to wish me a happy birthday, as she had been told to; I was angry with the Mormon Danite/Danette scriptwriters. It was a torture technique, a psychological torture technique designed to intimidate me concerning the safety of my grandson Wesley, and other members of my family.  It might also be some sort of occult ritual concerning some future accusation, falsely accusing me of Western Union fraud. Coincidentally, the Mormon Church of Satan advertised Western Union two days ago.   cc all Mormon barristers!

Quick send. Quick pickup. 24/7.  … THIS IS WU WESTERN UNION 
Mormon Church of Satan Deseret News, April 13,2017, http://www.deseretnews.com)

(I’ve a feeling NYU School of Dentistry decided to drop me as a patient.)

Looks like Google celebrated my birthday today, too:

http://www.Google.com, April 15, 2017