Father Son Dance

April 9, 2017. About Me.  Last night when I went to the Mormon Church of Satan Deseret News website, I saw a photo of a father and his son.  They two were posed in a dance pose, the Egyptian mummy dance hand/arm pose.  The man has no left hand. He is a burn victim, burned, if I am not mistaken, on 80% of his body. If I am not mistaken he was the victim of a blast in Iraq or Afghanistan.   I was not able to take a print screen of the photo, I do not yet know if images can be print screened on a Google phone.
(I had planned to post paragraph or two about Dance With my Father, Luther Van Dross, and scummy dross, but it’s too much information for one post.)

I went to the Mormon Church of Satan Deseret News website a few minutes ago, to print screen the photo. The photo/article is no longer there, or if it is, it’s well hidden.

This is the only father/son news I could find; it’s actually old news:

Dereck James Harrison leaves the courtroom after his initial court appearance for kidnapping charges at the Farmington Courthouse, Monday, May 23, 2016. He and his father, Flint Harrison, were both charged Tuesday with murder in the death of UTA employee Kay Ricks.
(Warrant: Father said ‘killer’ son kept bloody knives as ‘trophies’ – Investigators want hair samples from man charged with killing UTA employee, Mormon Church of Satan article/photo: August 1,2016; HersheyPark Springtime Getaways d advertisement: April 9, 2017, http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865659162/Warrant-Father-said-killer-son-kept-bloody-knives-as-trophies.html )

Last night, coincidentally the night the Mormon Church of Satan had a front page photo of a man who was burned on 80% of his body, three firemen,  probably more, were at the YWCA, I saw three.

This is what happened:

I woke up hearing the screeching alarm on the stairwell door, screeching nonstop.  I heard stomping footsteps in the hall.  I opened the door to my room.  I asked a fireman who was walking past my door if there was a fire.  He told me yes.  This is a picture of him leaving:

I asked Fireman ALBERT if there was a fire, he told me yes.

This is what happened:

Before I took the above picture I stood at my doorway and I watched two firemen walk down the hall. They stopped at room 1111. Another fireman stood a few feet from my door. Guess who was standing in back of him, at the end of the corridor? Barbara Cutler.

Barbara Cutler, the resident who was standing in the lobby near a police officer the morning of the 80 times stabbing, was standing at the end of the corridor, as though she was supervising the event.

I wanted to take a picture of Barbara Cutler but I did not, for two reasons: (1) I could not take a picture of her without including the fireman in the picture; and also because (2) I did not want the police to have to come to the YWCA there to arrest me for taking another picture of pink soap dish Barbara Cutler!  The residents in the corridor where I live had already had more than enough excitement for one night!

This is a picture of Barbara Cutler carrying her pink soap dish:

Barbara Cutler, pink soap dish in hand, 2015 or 2016. Barbara Cutler is not related to Stephen Cutler, General Counsel, JPMorganChase. cc all Mormon attorneys

This is a picture of Barbara Cutler coincidentally aligned with me at 5:45am this morning,

I tried to take a picture of Barbara Cutler this morning when I was on my way to Starbucks (coincidentally she was in the bathroom flossing, at 5:45am this morning; there’s a sink and a mirror in her  room) but she kept hiding behind a bathroom stall door.

When I went downstairs she was still on the phone talking to the security officer complaining about me, so, I don’t know if when I go back to the YWCA this eveningthe police will be there to arrest me, or if an eviction notice will be on my door.  If a resident stabs me with a knife or a pair of scissors (it’s already been established that YWCA houses “deranged” people), I won’t try to stab her back, instead, I will write about it.  Whatever happens to me, I will write about it, and post what I write.

One of the residents is here in Starbucks now. (The resident who wears the Sasha Fierce/Jeff Decker black leather motorcycle jacket although she herself is not fierce.)   She told me the firemen were also on her floor, the 10th floor.  Coincidentally, as soon as she and I finished talking about the fire alarms and the firemen, my cell phone began ringing; someone told my grandson Wesley to call me.  I did not answer my cell phone.  Another strategy: Two or three or four customers with names the same as members of my family, called one after the other, and the young black male in wheelchair is here.  If the Mormon Church of Satan decides to “randomly” have any of my family be victims of a fire, or any other tragedy, I cannot prevent it.  I cannot control anything that the  Mormon Church of Satan orchestrates. I can only write about it. 

I thought I’d taken a picture of the other fireman’s name, too, DANTI, but it’s not on my camera and it’s not in my picture gallery.  Everything happened so quickly. This is a picture of Fireman ALBERT or Fireman DANTI:

Fireman ALBERT or Fireman DANTI

After I took what I thought  was a picture of Fireman DANTI, I closed the door to my room and I looked at the time on my cell phone, 3:43am. The firemen left at 3:43am.  (I am not lying.)


Early yesterday morning an ALBERTSON supermarket mack truck drove by on Atlantic Avenue when I was on my way to Starbucks, The truck was traveling too fast for me to get a picture.

Albertsons Companies Inc.[1][2] is an American grocery company founded and based in Boise, Idaho.

Boise is the capital of the U.S. state of Idaho

Boise may also refer to:

People with the surname

  • Reuben P. Boise (1819-1907), former chief justice of the Oregon Supreme Court

See also


Early this morning a petite female Starbucks employee pushed a crate of paper that probably weighed one hundred pounds or more. I so wanted to take a picture but I didn’t. I cannot remember the paper brand.

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