Ray Charles is singing America here in Starbucks; the music is loud, very loud, but barely audible because of the loud talking and banging of utensils. Now Marvin Gaye is singing What’s Going On? We got to find a way to bring some lovin here today. Now Oh she may be weary them young girls do get weary wearing that same old shabby dress … try a little tenderness by Otis Redding is now playing.  “Tenderness”, in Brave Mormon World 1984 doublespeak lingo, is easy button laser beam head pain; “love” is hate.

(The wrath of Jehovah God is upon you, Mormon Church of Satan.  cc all Mormon attorneys!)

RH [Restoration Hardware]

Zayn Malik is quite the style star these days — and we’re not just referring to his MAJOR editorial feature with Gigi Hadid in Vogue. Just this weekend, he stepped out in a leather jacket that paid tribute to his favorite girl. And on Sunday, he went for a hike in what looks like an accidental shoe trend.

Hello Hijab is selling $6 head scarves for Barbie dolls
Victoria’s Secretmodel Karlie Klooss …
, March 31, 2017

Karlie + Kloss + Klaus = new and improved KKK/new and improved Nazis

Nikolaus “Klaus” Barbie (25 October 1913 – 23 September 1991) was an SSHauptsturmführer (rank equivalent to army captain) and Gestapo member. He was known as the “Butcher of Lyon” for having personally tortured French prisoners of the Gestapo while stationed in Lyon, France. After the war, United States intelligence services employed him for their anti-Marxist efforts, and also helped him escape to South America. The Bundesnachrichtendienst (the West German intelligence agency) later recruited him, and he may also have helped the CIA capture Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara in 1967. Barbie is suspected of having had a hand in the Bolivian coup d’état orchestrated by Luis García Meza Tejada in 1980. After the fall of the dictatorship, Barbie no longer had the protection of the Bolivian government, and in 1983 was extradited to France, where he was convicted of crimes against humanity. He died of cancer in prison on 23 September 1991.*–q8tIHTAhXhlVQKHVLDB8cQyjcIJw&ei=5aTeWP30DeGr0gLShp-4DA#imgrc=wHr39UzkeSUDTM:

March 31, 2017, approximately 1pm. One of the top anti-Christ/anti-Christian songs is now playing here at Starbucks: Imagine by the Beatles.


imagine there’s no heaven
it’s easy if you try

and no religion too

Mohonk Mountain House, March 31, 2017


Mount Olympus in the U.S. state of Utah is one of the most prominent and recognizable mountains viewable from practically every location in the Salt Lake Valley. Mount Olympus is not the tallest peak along the Wasatch Front, but its unusual form and location make it a popular hiking destination for locals. The mountain is situated immediately east of the center of the Salt Lake Valley (due east from Murray and Taylorsville). Distinctive features of the mountain are its twin peaks and other outcroppings, the highest of which is called “Summit Peak” and which towers above the valley to an elevation of 9,030 feet (2,752 m). Thus, the peak looms about 4,800 feet (1,463 m) above the valley floor.

In Mormonism, Heavenly Mother or the Mother in Heaven is the mother of human spirits and the wife of God the Father. Those who accept the Mother in Heaven doctrine trace its origins to Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. The doctrine became more widely known after Smith’s death in 1844.


Mormon cosmology is the description of the history, evolution, and destiny of the physical and metaphysical universe according to Mormonism, which includes the doctrines taught by leaders and theologians of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), Mormon fundamentalism, the Restoration Church of Jesus Christ, and other Brigham denominations within the Latter Day Saint movement. Mormon cosmology draws from Biblical cosmology, but has many unique elements provided by movement founder Joseph Smith. These views are not generally shared by adherents of other Latter Day Saint movement denominations who do not self-identify as “Mormons”, such as the Community of Christ.

According to Mormon cosmology, there was a pre-existence, or a pre-mortal life, in which human spirits were literal children of heavenly parents.[1] Although their spirits were created, the essential “intelligence” of these spirits is considered eternal, and without beginning. During this pre-mortal life, two plans were said to have been presented, one championed by God the Father, and another presented by Lucifer (Satan) that would have involved loss of moral agency. When Lucifer’s plan was not accepted, he is said to have rebelled against God and been cast out of heaven, taking “the third part” of the hosts of heaven with him to the earth, thus becoming the tempters.

According to the plan of salvation as described by God the Father, Jehovah (the premortal Jesus) created the earth, under the direction of God the Father, as a place where humanity would be tested. After the resurrection, all men and women—except the spirits that followed Lucifer and the sons of perdition—would be assigned one of three degrees of glory. Within the highest degree, the celestial kingdom, there are three further divisions, and those in the highest of these celestial divisions would become gods and goddesses through a process called “exaltation” or “eternal progression“. The doctrine of eternal progression was succinctly summarized by LDS Church leader Lorenzo Snow: “As man now is, God once was: As God now is, man may be.”[2][3] According to Smith’s King Follett discourse, God the Father himself once passed through mortality as Jesus did, but how, when, or where that took place is unclear. The prevailing view among Mormons is that God once lived on a planet with his own higher god.[4][5]

March 31, 2017.  About Me. I cannot remember the exact year (1989? or 1990?) that I drove up to Mohonk Mountain House, to meet Franklin West; he was considering Mohonk for a seminar or conference.  (I really wish not to harass Franklin West by repeatedly mentioning his name; he has suffered much as a result of me doing so, but I must because this information is much too much important for me not to.) Mohonk was a bit rustic at that time, but is probably now state of the art, probably owned by Marriott or one of Marriott’s subsidiaries.  We were at Rye Brook Conference center once or twice a year, sometimes the seminars were held elsewhere, for example, Hamilton Park Conference Center.

I will post information about Rhye, and Maroon, as soon as I possibly can. And information about 50 Shades of Gerry. Just very briefly, yesterday right before I entered YWCA building after spending all day at Starbucks, I took my glasses off and noticed that the lens were shaded, almost black. I do not know if my glasses were shaded while I was in Starbucks, or only just as I was about to walk into the YWCA. (Some sort of solution was on my glasses that was activated at the press of an easy button laser beam in someone’s hand. cc all Mormon attorneys) I saw Helen, who I wrote about, that her daughter reminds me of an Amazon-I have no complaint against Helen or her daughter.  Helen’s name reminded me of Helen of Troy and the horse and the Mormon Church of Satan’s bogus “Good Neighbor” Policy.   I never really thought about Mount Helena and goddesses.   When I went to my meeting last night, one of the congregants, an older black female, wore a plaid hat, the exact same plaid as Gerry’s belt sticking out from under her door, and the rim of the hat was the exact width of Gerry’s belt.  (I am being tortured; Gerry is being exploited.) I suffered terribly from burning stinging pain in my head, I do not know the identity of the “certified internal auditor” who was pressing his, or her, easy button laser beam device, however I am most certain it wasn’t the the female wearing the plaid hat like Gerry’s belt.  I witnessed one of my sisters (Sue Lawrence) being psychologically tortured before the meeting and during the meeting, and the emotional pain I felt witnessing her being cruelly tortured was just as painful as the physical pain I felt in my head.  I sensed that my brother her husband, Michael, tried to cheer her up.  They two are an example of the couples (and single ones) that I really look up to and admire, for their endurance, their remaining loyal to Jehovah for decades. I cannot document the torture I am currently experiencing because I really want to post excerpts that I typed from the book I just finished reading, Killing Kennedy-The End of Camelot by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, and a paragraph or two, or three, from a book I read several years ago, a book titled The Kennedy Curse by Edward Klein.

UPDATE: The time is now 5:47pm.  Today I will not be able to post the excerpts that I typed after all because I must first carefully proofread what I typed.