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This Arab Muslim man was told to stand here for New York Islanders fans who’re members of the secret society of Anglo Aryan terrorists, a symbol of “confidence to proceed”, on their way to Barclays Center, March 18, 2017

pigeon, LIRR TRAIN INFORMATION, March 18, 2017

Thomas Spencer Monson was born on August 21, 1927, the first son and second child of G. Spencer and Gladys Condie Monson. He grew up on the west side of Salt Lake City. President Monson would be the first to admit that he was a typical boy. He relates this story about an experience in Primary:
“I remember that our deportment in Primary was not always as it should be. I had a lot of energy and found it difficult to sit patiently in a class. Melissa Georgell was our ward Primary president. One day she asked me if I would visit with her. We sat on the front row of the benches in the chapel, and she began to cry. She then told me that she was sad because the boys in particular did not behave during Primary opening exercises. Innocently, I asked, ‘May I help, Sister Georgell?’
“With a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye, she responded, ‘Would you?’
“I told her I would. The Primary’s disciplinary problems ceased that moment,” he laughs, explaining that he had been part of the challenge.
Pigeons and PPI’s
As a boy President Monson was fascinated by pigeons and began to raise them at home. Eventually he would raise prize-winning birds. When he was president of the teachers quorum in his ward, his adviser asked, “How would you like me to give you a pair of purebred Birmingham Roller pigeons?” The female of the pair was special, the adviser explained; she had only one eye, the other eye having been damaged by a cat.
(Mormon Church of Satan primary website, 
(President Thomas S. Monson: ‘Welcome to Conference’ (109 photos), Mormon church Deseret News photos: April 6, 2013; advertisement:  2014,
The New York Islanders are a professional ice hockey team based in New York City. New York Rangers are a professional ice hockey team based in New York City.

The Texas Rangers are an American professional baseball team based in Arlington, Texas, located in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.
… In 1974, the Rangers began to come into their own as a team. Under the ownership of Brad Corbett, … In April 1989, Rangers owner and oil tycoon Eddie Chiles, sold the team to an investment group headed by George W. Bush. …
Roland Whitney Betts (born May 25, 1946) is an investor, film producer, developer, and owner of Chelsea Piers in New York City. A classmate and Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) fraternity brother of George W. Bush, Betts was the lead owner in Bush’s Texas Rangers partnership.

Arlington County is a county in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is coterminous with the U.S. Census Bureaucensus-designated place of Arlington, which is the second-largest principal city of the Washington metropolitan area.[1] As a result, the county is often referred to in the region simply as “Arlington” or “Arlington, Virginia”. In 2015, the county’s population was estimated at 229,164,[2] which would make it the fourth-largest city in the Commonwealth if it were incorporated as such. …Due to the county’s proximity to downtown Washington, D.C., Arlington is the headquarters for many departments and agencies of the federal government of the United States, including the Department of Defense (DoD) at the PentagonDrug Enforcement AdministrationTransportation Security Administration (TSA), and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It is also home to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The many federal agencies, government contractors, and service industries contribute to Arlington’s stable economy. Arlington is also the location of national memorials and museums, including Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon Memorial, the Marine Corps War Memorial, and the United States Air Force Memorial.,_Virginia


Aleksei Navalny, Top Putin Critic, Arrested as Protests Flare in Russia
Not to be confused with Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Naval Station New York was a United States Navy Naval Station on Staten Island in New York City, closed in 1994., stock market close, March 27, 2017

NCAA FINAL FOUR PHOENIX 2017, March 27, 2017, 4:50pm
Nothing can prevent the impending stock market crash, worldwide.
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