Jennifer Chen and Jennifer Hudson

March 5, 2017, 3:40pm.  My grandson Wesley telephoned me a few minutes ago.  He telephoned me this past Friday but because the music was so loud in Starbucks (and I was really trying to finish posting some information) I asked him if I could call him back.  When I telephoned him he did not answer his cell phone. When he called me today, the music here (I’m still at Trinity Church center) is really loud but I did not ask him if I could call him back.  He told me the reason he didn’t call me back was because something or other the police were there (domestic violence of some sort or something or other with his girlfriend) and then I did ask him I could call him back, because of the loudness of the music here,and just as he and I finished out conversation, CIA Mormon Danite Jennifer Chen walked by.  A few minutes later, right now, 3:45pm, Jennifer Hudson is singing