February 27, 2017.  About Me. The several times I saw the resident (YWCA Brooklyn) wearing the pajamas decorated with monkeys, I only thought about the racial slur: African Americans portrayed as monkeys, apes, gorillas. That’s what I thought about when I saw her this past Friday, when her daughter and grandson visited while she was a participant in the Portraiture event, at YWCA Brooklyn.  Never once did I ever think about “monkey on my back”: heroin.  I did not think about that until today, when I met Jimmy.

I met Jimmy here in Starbucks, on 23rd Street at Third Avenue, Manhattan. Jimmy is one of the kindest, most considerate people I’ve ever met in my entire life.  Jimmy is also a hardcore heroin addict. I’d never seen a middle age or elderly white male heroin addict before.  Jimmy was here for quite a few hours.  During that time two Albanian federal agents, nice men, were here for a while.  And the manager or one of the managers of Smith & Wollensky, who was talking with a 19 year old Irishman who was born in Ireland but he’s lived here most of his life.

Jimmy is, I assume, Irish. I also assume Jimmy is homeless.

This is a picture of Jimmy leaving Starbucks:

Jimmy, and Pink Hippo Party Rentals, 23rd Street at Third Avenue, Manhattan, February 27, 2017

Jimmy, and GIRLS and The Good Fight, 23rd Street at Third Avenue, Manhattan, February 27, 2017Like most people I used to look down on drug addicts but no more I don’t. Jehovah God opened my eyes to see that his wrath is upon the drug dealer much more so than the drug addict.  And I’m not talking about any drug dealers standing on street corners. I’m talking about the big boys sitting in corporate offices, and federal and other government offices, and sitting in pulpits and pews.Jimmy is a plaintiff in a legal case against Citibank the biggest drug money launder on the planet, Marlboro, Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorganChase, Verizon and other corporations including and most especially, the Mormon Church of Satan.

To the Mormon Church of Satan: Whatever you’re plotting to execute in Ohio, all of the details will be exposed, GUARANTEED.
cc all Mormon attorneysShortly before Jimmy left Starbucks, before Pink Hippo Party Rental truck drove by, Big Dawg Party Rental truck drove by, and also Abbey’s Locksmith[IT IS ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL FOR MORMON COMPUTER GREMLINS TO CONTINUE TO HIDE THIS PICTURE!]:

cc ASIS-CIA Geoffrey Jackson, cc Cole Schotz, cc all Mormon attorneys

This morning when I left the YWCA on my way to Starbucks, one of the residents, wearing just a towel around her body, walked into the bathroom, she and I were coincidentally aligned in the hallway, and also the resident across the hall from from me, wearing a white terry cloth bathrobe, so I of course thought about Pharrel Williams GIRL.   Abby is the name of one of the residents at the YWCA. She lives across the hall from the bathroom.  I like Abbey. I’m not sure but I think Abby is an FBI agent.  I am though quite sure about the fact that, whatever Molly has been instructed to orchestrate starring me and any other resident(s), it’s going to backfire, GUARANTEED.

cc all Mormon attorneys