Russian Roulette

A customer, white female approximately my age, complemented me, my hair.  I told her, just today I was thinking about purchasing a shampoo that covers or dyes the yellow looking strands of hair. We talked approximately one minute. Evidently she’d never heard about shampoo that removes gray hair yellowishness; not the shampoo that actually colors the hair a fake looking gray, some other shampoo, maybe it’s no longer on the market.  Anyhow, when our conversation ended she pointed her finger at me in the gun sign (like the customer last week with the Coney Island Fun House clown helmet did), and that’s when I realized, some of the federal agents who’re pretending to be Jehovah’s Witnesses want me to stop dilly dallying and go on and post the Russian Roulette, Roulette, Barclay Center, three card monte and so on, information, including an excerpt from Cometh the Hour by Jeffrey Archer. 

I won’t be able to today, though, in fact today I won’t be able to post the Russia: Jehovah’s Witnesses information and the Russia: Mormons information.  Already the time is 5pm.  I must go home, to my room at the YWCA (I won’t be able to document until tomorrow or the next day the cast of people at the YWCA in the coincidental alignment last evening when I went back after spending all day here at Starbucks, or this morning on my way here).  I want to be well rested for my meetings tomorrow.


Elder Ruddy Duran
Mormon church Spanish ward, Malcolm X Boulevard at 128th Street, Harlem
cc CIA Mormon Danite John Ekrann, cc all Mormon attorneys